>Welcome…Are you Ready to Break Bread with Me?

>Today is my first day sharing inspirational messages with the world. I’m not here to preach, pass judgment, convert, recruit, highlight a church or religious leader. I’m simply sharing words of love and peace inspired by the word of the Bible. 

There will be no advertising, soliciting, promoting, or the like on this blog. I welcome your loving and kind insight and reflection. We are not gathered here to debate, argue, point fingers, take sides, or smack the mess out of our Bibles. The Bible can be used for good and evil, to spread love or hate, lift people up or tear them down, free or enslave, punish or condone, instill hope or stir up fear and doubt. 

All comments are moderated and will not be posted if they don’t express love, goodness, kindness, respect and acceptance for all mankind; tolerance, understanding, dignity for all, and hope for a better world where we’re all embraced as brothers and sisters despite our differences. 

Since I have been sharing my daily messages for well over a year now, I will find a creative way to post those archival messages for those of you interested in reading and sharing them. Any time a friend or family member sends me a great scripture, I love to read it and then from there I allow my prayer to flow as I type, ending the message with a deep reflection. I don’t go for length, I go for depth. It’s about me connecting with something greater, more powerful, and wiser than myself. God knows my heart and that’s all that really matters to me. If you get something from the message then we both received an extra blessing that day.

My next post will be “Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection” for today. I hope it touches your heart and moves you to be your loving self with those you adore as well as the stranger walking by you on the street or standing next to you in the elevator. It’s as simple as smiling, holding a door, saying “thank you”, or letting someone go ahead of you. Let’s see how much love and respect we can share today. Want to join me?

Warmest wishes and hugs,


Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved. 

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