>Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 3.28.11

>To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy—to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.

Jude 1:24-25

Father there are times when I am so self-consumed that I obviously must forget Your power, greatness, and omnipresence. I forget that when I am stressed out and fearful that You are watching and listening to me as I cry out. There are moments when I forget that I'm not alone, that I'm not lost, and that there is a solution to every problem and a straight pathway no matter which way I turn…and You provide the means to all I need.

Through Your son Father You have provided the perfect example of how to deal with sickness, sin, strife, fear, pain, doubt, anger, envy, ridicule, and temptation. You provided Your children with a life manual for us to read, study, practice, know, and live by. Father You have placed angels to watch over me, to steer me out of harm, to magnify Your glory. Lord You have placed people in my life to grab my hand when I need a lift after stumbling, embrace me when I need to feel Your warmth, push me when I drag behind, and share words of wisdom when I need encouragement.

Thank You Father. Amen.

God is always there and always provides a way to help us whenever we need it, before we need it. We are not to analyze the why, what, where, and how- but be present in the 'is' of our life. Be grateful for those loving people in your life who are constantly encouraging and uplifting you in prayer and praise. Thank God for those people who want nothing from you but to see you be the best expression of God's love. Be thankful for your life and all you have experienced, and for what is yet to come. What more can you ask for?

Love always,


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>Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 3.24.11

>Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.

Jude 1:2

Father I pray for Your continued mercy, and for the ability to show and give mercy to others. I pray for Your peace and love to fill me so that when I am faced with situations that are troubling I can be filled with a calm that quiets my restlessness, and allows me to be more receptive to You and less bothered by what someone else does, says, or fails to do or say.

Father when I am faced with people who are self-consumed and selfish let Your love and peace bring a smile to my face. Let me find the peace within to walk away without conflict, and without disappointing You. Not everyone sees themselves as others do and because of that they are less willing to change their ways to be more like Your son, Jesus Christ.

I want to be more like Jesus Father and I know that the only way this is possible is to obey You at all times, doing what You ask of me and not making my own decisions because I feel uncomfortable. That discomfort is the molding process I must undergo to be transformed into the perfect example of You. So I humbly accept what I must in order to become what I am destined to be. In Your name I pray. Amen.

We go through ups and downs. We try desperately to swim through troubled waters. We must face people who can sometimes be selfish, bitter, cold, mean, unfair, and unkind. We must endure situations that seems to tear away at us. God never intends for us to be in situations that don't make us stronger, wiser, braver, and more focused on Him for guidance. It is when we try to make up new rules, re-arrange and re-write His rules, and participate in His plan when we see fit do we feel the friction that is caused from us going against His grain.

If you truly want mercy, peace and love then you must freely give it to others. You must pray that people receive them even when they are not showing you mercy, dealing with you peacefully, or embracing you and reflecting God's love. We must show mercy, work to bring peace while walking in it, and love people wholly for who they are as God's children- and not for who you want them to be.

There is no human below or above us; we reign over no one except ourselves. We are to worship no one other than God. We are His servants and He is our master. Jesus is our Savior and the example we are to follow, and God is our heavenly Father-Mother who reigns supremely over all. We have difficulties controlling ourselves and our own behavior, so who are we to try to control and manipulate others?

Once we learn to let go and let God handle things, situations, and people- we will stop trying to do His job and just focus on doing our job. We must walk the walk and not merely talk the talk. We must stop placing labels on ourselves and others and believing that these labels somehow have meaning, relevance, and importance- because they don't mean a thing to God- so they should not mean anything to us. When you have a genuiune relationship with Jesus and our Father then you know this and you live your life accordingly.

Have an incredible Thursday. Seek and show mercy, peace, and love.



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>Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 3.23.11

>I will not fail you. I will keep my promise.

Hebrews 13:5-6

Father God, thank You for bringing me back to that place of peace. Thank You for never failing, and never letting me down. I will not be discouraged by what I don't see.

I know You're my helper and You will make my crooked places straight. I know that the strength of the wicked is being cut off and the strength of the righteous will endure. In Jesus' name. Amen

Things may come your way, especially during the times when you feel like you can't handle one more issues; but trust and know that God is there for you, guiding and protecting you, and showing you the way through paths of despair, heartache, turmoil, and inconvenience.

Special Message from Natasha:
I took some time away for myself to reflect and look at life from multiple lenses; to see what and why I have been so moved to share these messages with all of you; and to make sure that I am on the same page that God placed before me.

I needed time for solitude as I have been grieving the loss of loved ones this month. I needed a super private walk with the Lord and I appreciate all of you for your patience, understanding and care.

A friend sent me this scripture over a week ago and I saw it again today and decided to share it with all of you. Hopefully it will help you during moments of doubt and when you question what moves to make in your life.

In the upcoming weeks you will see some changes to the delivery of these messages, that should be an exciting experience for all of us. I can't wait to share. Wow, God is good…all the time…

Have an incredible evening everyone!



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>Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 3.4.11

>Sing to the lord with grateful praise; make music to our God on the harp.

Psalm 147:7

Father I praise Your holy name. I praise You for the blessings You grant me. I praise You for the lessons You teach me and the people You bring into my life.

I love You Father. I sing and dance in Your name. No matter what comes my way I know that You are always here for me. No matter who steps in my path, You always push them to the wayside. I worship only You Father. I trust You Father. In Your name I pray. Amen.

When life gets you down, holler out and praise the Lord that you are here to experience one more moment. Crank up the music and sing songs that honor Him and make you want to rejoice the life He's given you. Clap your hands as you dance to sweet harmonies inspired by our heavenly Father. Feel the love. Feel the vibe. Feel the Spirit running through you and smile.

Love you all!


Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

>Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 3.1.11

>"Peace be with you, as the Father has sent me."

John 20:23

You are never not on time Father. You always show up and show out right on time. You always send signs and messages as reminders that You are here, listening, watching, and waiting.

Father I was praying for more peace in my life. I was praying that I'd see what You have placed before me, and right when I needed reassurance it came in an electronic message of all things. Your reach is limitless. Thank You Father.

Today's passage truly found me. My friend sent me the above-referenced passage with the prayer that you will see quoted below, and I just had to smile and let those tears flow because her timing…no, God's timing was impeccable. I was just praying for peace.

Read her prayer below:

"Father God, thank You
for the peace that fills my life. I will remain faithful and peaceful whenever the storms of life come, because I know it's just a test, and I will pass it. I will continue to renew my mind and not let any negative seed take root. Thank You Father for a clear path and new surroundings. In Jesus name Amen…"

Wow, isn't God amazing?!?

Embrace your Tuesday and the fact that today begins a new month with new experiences and opportunities.