>Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 3.1.11

>"Peace be with you, as the Father has sent me."

John 20:23

You are never not on time Father. You always show up and show out right on time. You always send signs and messages as reminders that You are here, listening, watching, and waiting.

Father I was praying for more peace in my life. I was praying that I'd see what You have placed before me, and right when I needed reassurance it came in an electronic message of all things. Your reach is limitless. Thank You Father.

Today's passage truly found me. My friend sent me the above-referenced passage with the prayer that you will see quoted below, and I just had to smile and let those tears flow because her timing…no, God's timing was impeccable. I was just praying for peace.

Read her prayer below:

"Father God, thank You
for the peace that fills my life. I will remain faithful and peaceful whenever the storms of life come, because I know it's just a test, and I will pass it. I will continue to renew my mind and not let any negative seed take root. Thank You Father for a clear path and new surroundings. In Jesus name Amen…"

Wow, isn't God amazing?!?

Embrace your Tuesday and the fact that today begins a new month with new experiences and opportunities.



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