Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 11.7.12

The Lord is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous.

Proverbs 15:29 NIV

Father I pray to You daily and throughout each day. I pray for patience, love, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, discernment, strength, courage, and more. I pray for Your other children, those in pain who lash out in anger, and those in pain who yearn for You. I never stop believing, dreaming, hoping, and praying. I never will.

Father today my prayer is no different than any other day, help us. Help us to get out of our way. Help us to see, feel, embrace, and share Your love. Remove the ugliness that plagues our lives and hearts. Remove the pettiness that causes people to fight. Remove the fear that causes people to hate. Let Your Truth shine through the lies. I pray to You as a follower of Christ. Amen.

We still have not learned to love fully. We haven’t learned to come together. We keep creating and encouraging division. We keep spreading lies and hate. We keep pushing each other away instead of embracing one another.

Great examples of this are the twisted game of politics and the pseudo practice of religion. Look how much ignorance, fear, and hate is spewed out of the hearts and mouths of so-called religious people. Look at what people have said about the President of the United States, his wife and daughters. Look at what so-called Christians have said about this family, done to turn the world against this family, and done to serve their own self-interests.

Look how quickly our nation and other countries have turned on Muslims after September 11th. Before September 11th we all lived side by side, we didn’t care how many mosques were built, how big they were, or where they were located. We didn’t forbid our children from associating with other children who happened to be Muslim. We didn’t stare at Muslims on airplanes, public transportation, and at shopping centers. Before September 11th probably more than 95% of the people who now live in fear of Sharia Law, knew nothing of it. Before September 11th the only people racially or ethnically profiled were African Americans, since September 11th, every person with an Islamic or Hebrew name or dressed in clothing that “looks Muslim” is profiled.

Does this not bother you? Does this not cause you sadness?

So-called Christians want people to “prove” they aren’t Muslim, and “prove” they are Christian or some other ‘acceptable’ religion. What kind of Christian is that? What kind of Christian ridicules and works to destroy a person’s reputation and life? What kind of Christian humiliates children? What kind of Christian spends their time spreading lies?

Christian and racist, isn’t the placement of those two words together an oxymoron? Love and hate can’t coexist within you, no different than darkness and light. You may not agree with another person’s religious beliefs, but you have no right to ridicule them for it. It gives you no right to judge an entire people. God is the Judge. If God didn’t want and love Muslims don’t you think He has the power to get rid of them? Or do you think He’s too busy?

I pray for each person who passes judgment on others. I pray for each person who says the words, “I hate” when referring to another person, and especially when they still call themselves Christians, lovers of God, and have the nerve and audacity to praise and worship in church.

You voted yesterday or days earlier in the 2012 Election. However you voted it doesn’t matter to me, the fact remains that we have a leader of this nation and we are to respect him as Jesus commanded. We have other elected officials that work locally, statewide, and on a federal level. This election wasn’t just for picking the next President, it’s about representation for your street, neighborhood, city, county, and state. If you want to see positive change in this nation and the world, then be that positive change! Stop spreading hate.


Copyright 2012. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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