Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 3.19.13

“…He sends forth [rains], and they overwhelm the land or transform it.”

Job 12:15, AMP

Father thank You for the change. Whether or not I see and embrace its immediate or long-term need, You know my heart and know that I understand its importance. So once again thank You. Amen.

Yesterday out of no where there was a nasty storm that hit parts of Georgia, and in the Metro area we went from drizzle to sprinkle, to a hail storm in less than 10 minutes—all in 78 degree weather.

We were on tornado watch as I saw hail that fell the size of dimes, nickels and quarters outside of my home. I was grateful to be inside and that my car, and home appeared to be okay. I did dread having to go outside again, for anything. I didn’t want to be bombarded by chunks and pieces of hail. Who really wants that?

What I didn’t know was that maybe 30-45 minutes away in Stockbridge, Georgia a contractor I know was under attack by hail that measured at 2+ inches. He sent a picture of approximately 5 pieces of hail and they were huge. This hail dinted his car, caused damage to his roof, knocked a squirrel out of a tree, and knocked trees down. There weren’t any high winds by his home, just lots of rain and hail.

I was fascinated and alarmed by what I thought was large pieces of hail, and this man had hail that looked like golf balls. That sure put things into perspective.

Yesterday’s storm will either overwhelm people and the area, or it will help to transform it and them. But hopefully no matter what, there will always be a chance to learn a lesson about our perspectives on how bad things really are—what you are going through may be nothing in comparison to others.

Just as the metaphoric “storms” we face in life—either they overwhelm and devastate us or they help to transform our lives into something better and stronger. We will all face storms, real and imagined, severe and minor, it is how you respond before, during, and after that matters.

How do you deal with pain, loss, disappointment, betrayal, etc?

How do you deal with change?

How do you deal with life’s storms? I challenge each of us to do what I did last night during a real storm (knowing that I had somewhere to be) —I say dress for the weather, put on rain boots, slap a hat on your head, and get out there—because last night I went to the Philips Arena to see the Dallas Mavericks beat the Atlanta Hawks—and guess what? There was no hail getting there and absolutely no rain coming back. The storm had passed. When I returned home and I walked in the backyard last night with my man and our dog, everything was calm. The storm I witnessed and experienced wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

Today it’s bright and sunny. The birds are chirping. I hear the water flowing in the creek in the backyard. The darkness and wildness is gone, and peace is restored. Have there been some changes? Yes, indeed. But they are transforming ones.

How can that same approach be applied in the metaphorical “storms”? Instead of burying yourself under the weight of what life throws you, instead of hiding and balled up in fear, step up and out of the mess (being sure not to cause collateral damage of your own), and each day take a step forward and beyond that “storm”.

You have a choice to exist in the grey or you can live in the splendid colors of light. It’s a choice.

Think about it and share your thoughts and experiences.

Love always,


Copyright 2013. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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