Sunday Sermon Share Day: Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 4/14/13

Welcome to Sunday Sermon Share Day for 4/14/13

Today’s Scripture selections from are:
2 Samuel 9:1-14

Highlights from Today’s Sermon:

The story of Mephibosheth

There’s a pain of separation. If you haven’t felt it, keep on living

We’re caught up in the cycle of living and dying

He lost his father Jonathon and grandfather Saul. Mother not mentioned but assume she was already deceased. So his early beginnings was without a family.

He knew suffering and separation

You may be trucking through life but still trying to negotiate the pain of a traumatic childhood

Some people crippled psychologically, spiritually, emotionally

When people question what’s wrong with today’s children forgetting that they are their children. If they are broken it’s because they are trying to negotiate through a broken system.

You have made promises but have dropped the ball many times.

Sometimes the worst damage is unintentional damage.

In her zeal to protect him from the battles of a previous generation she disabled him and prevented him from being a soldier in the upcoming battle of life.

He knew suffering, separation, and stigma

His name translates to “From mouth of shame”

Lo-debar literally means “nothing” the translation means “nothing”—Lo means “no” and debar means “thing”

You may be going through a lot. You may be in a lot of pain but…

The promise is more powerful than your pain

His purpose is greater than your pain

David asked was there anyone still in the house of Saul and Jonathon that he could show favor to and Ziba told King David about Mephibosheth.

David never forgot where he was from. He didn’t forget he used to work in the fields. So even though he was now a king living in a palace, he was still humble.

How many of you pray that God would bless you and claimed you would bless others. But the more He blesses you, you keep asking Him for more yet you don’t bless others?

You may be broke and disgusted but the King is calling you

You may be sick and tired of being sick and tired, but the King is calling you

It doesn’t matter where you start out it’s where you’re going

So David remembered his promise to the houses of Jonathan and Saul, and when he made good on his promise, Mephibosheth was so defeated in his thinking and was so focused on what he had been through he couldn’t initially embrace the blessing David intended to give him. Mephibosheth had bought in to the lie that he was shamed and worthless. He equaled himself to a dog and asked David how he could conceive of doing anything for him.

Some of you are so used to failure that when opportunity falls in your lap, you sabotage it.

God puts you in a place to lift you up but you say “I’m keeping it real”…when you can’t put a sentence together properly but say “I’m keeping it real”. You aren’t keeping it real, you’re keeping it real ignorant.

You must rise, stand, and walk as a child of God. You must reflect His light.

Let your haters keep hating and just keep saying to yourself, “I’m the blessed beneficiary of divine nepotism”

Stop focusing on the pain

David told Mephibosheth that he could come sit with him at his table. Mephibosheth was focused on his infliction and inability to walk due to his lame feet. David was focused on lifting Mephibosheth to a level to be honored as he sat at the king’s table.

That’s how our relationship is to be with God.

When you sit at the King’s table all of your limitations are covered.

Never mind what you have done in your past, come sit at the table

Your marriage, job, prospects may be dead but God is not dead.

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Love always,


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