Why I Share More Than Just MY Prayers and Reflections on This Blog

If you have ever visited my blog or received my messages via email and said to yourself, “I came here to read your messages not the Osteen’s,” then you missed the point and need to read what this blog and these messages are all about.

It’s not about me, even though when I first started in 2009 it was just about me finding scriptures, and then praying and reflecting on them during my journey. My heart was soon touched to share with others by text, then email, and then through my blog. I will post and share anything loving, inclusive, and representing God’s loving Light.

If you have ever sat back and said, “Why doesn’t Natasha share other loving and powerful messages from others besides the Osteen’s,” my response is simple, I share what is sent to me. Every single day I ask my readers to share a scripture, prayer, or reflection that moves you. If you don’t share then you don’t get to experience multiple reflections and prayers from different people, from different backgrounds, with different experiences, but with the same common goal—loving and serving God.

I would love to share messages from others called to serve our Heavenly Father, so please share the links or exact messages, so that I can share it with everyone here. You can email me at BreakingBreadWithNatasha@gmail.com

If you come to my blog to only receive something, then you also have missed the point. The purpose of my blog is about reciprocity. We are coming together to share, to give, to love. As you receive something you should be leaving something with the rest of us, and then sharing something with others who have yet to become a member of the Breaking Bread family.

I pray to one day write a book to share with the masses. I pray to one day provide the environment for all of us to come together, to interact freely, and discuss the things that (should) matter most to us: God, our service to Him, our families, our calling, and what we can do to help change our world for the better.

All of this will only be possible through your support and engagement. If I only hear from a few people, yet I know how many people have subscribed to my blog, and can guess how many view (yet don’t want the commitment of a subscription), then how will I know that what I’m sharing is worthy of a book, or worthy of going a step farther?

I need to hear from you. I need your feedback. I need to be pushed, because God never wants me to be comfortable with just doing these blogs and making minor changes here and there. This entire process is molding me as I hope it is molding you. I’m now committed to doing this blog, and making no excuses for when I miss one or more days due to illness, poor time management planning, or anything else.

The blog has grown a great deal since I first launched it in 2010. It started out as a Monday through Friday commitment, then we tip-toed into Saturday, then Sunday, then an online chat feature was added (which I’m ready to nix, overhaul, and supersize), sharing of other messages from other servants, you now have the ability to email me, and now we have taken another step with the daily questions (which are also shared during the Saturday Recap).

God is molding me to do more, to be less and less comfortable with my status quo, and to stretch myself to points and places I have yet to imagine. What I have done, what I’m doing, and what God has intended for me to do takes a great deal of time, energy, and commitment. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into in 2009, but I’m beginning to see things clearer. I’m not trying to be a preacher, minister, or any other religious official, I’m just trying to serve and love.

I want to grow, I want to change, I want to serve God fully, and I want to give as my cup runneth over. Please share with me your thoughts and feedback. Please share any scriptures, prayers, reflections, and sermons that move you. Please share. God bless you all!

Loving you always,


Copyright 2013-2014. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha Foreman Bryant, unless otherwise noted. Prior posts from 2009-2013 are copyrighted under the name Natasha L. Foreman. breakingbreadwithnatasha.com

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