Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 8.5.14

The Lord does not delay His promise, as some understand delay, but is patient with you, not wanting any to perish but all to come to repentance.

‭2 Peter‬ ‭3‬:‭9‬ HCSB

Father I realize that my biggest downfall is trying to figure You out, trying to figure out Your plans for me, and trying to figure out when You’re going to answer my prayers. While I’m overly-obsessed with accomplishing the impossible, I’m missing out on the lessons that You’re trying to teach me. I’m missing out on the preparation needed to receive my blessings, and ultimately I end up missing out on seizing my opportunities to be blessed.

I thank You for Your patience as I slowly come around to realizing and embracing my true role in this relationship as Your child and servant–not the person who merely sits back requesting things from You (and expecting to receive them), and definitely not Your partner or Your equal. Your delays whether perceived or actual are to make me patient, so that I gain the full experience of knowledge, wisdom, and growth. I humbly apologize Father, and I thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Your time does not matter in life or in the after life. Your perceptions, goals, and even false sense of reality aren’t the big picture. We are too egocentric and self-centered, and thereby not God-centric, which means we don’t understand, embrace, and live in our role as He intends. We keep trying to manipulate things in our favor, and so while we make complete fools of ourselves trying to do the impossible God waits patiently on us to get a clue, apologize, repent, and fall in line with what He has planned for us.

We have to be willing to march as His soldiers without knowing the plan, the strategy, or the outcome. It’s the ultimate sacrifice but with the greatest gains. In no other relationship is this evident except in the relationship of mother and child.

When that baby nestles in the mother’s womb for nine months relying upon her to feed and protect him/her each day, that is how our relationship is supposed to be with God. The baby has not seen a face, has not been touched, but has only heard sounds, and received nutrients that helps it grow stronger and bigger each month. We don’t see God, we have not physically felt His touch as we would a human or other animal. Most of us aren’t even tuned in to recognize His voice over all others. Many of us don’t even associate the delivery of our food, gifts, and blessings to Him. We have a true disconnect. We have forgotten our place, our role, our natural position in life.

The mother-baby example is the only experience, the only relationship that we can somewhat associate with the relationship we have with God. But even with this example, it is limited by months, and extended at most by only a couple of years. Eventually the child focuses on “self” and outside influences. Our relationship with God has no number attached to it, it is not confined by time, place, or distance. But we do weaken it with our fixation on self and outside influences. We sacrifice our relationship with our Heavenly Father to chase dreams and other people.

We have to learn to trust just as we did as babes, that all of our needs will be met on time, even when we don’t know the exact time, or where it’s coming from. Only then will we succeed.

Questions of the Day
1. What do you think about today’s message?

2. Did you have any “a-ha…I didn’t consider that” moments? If so, please explain.

3. What do you think that you need to do to relinquish your false sense of control over your mind and actions, as it pertains to God?

4. What do you think you need to do to let go and be free like the baby?

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Love always,

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