Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 7.15.15

“Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied:”

‭‭Indeed, you have instructed many and have strengthened weak hands. Your words have steadied the one who was stumbling and braced the knees that were buckling. But now that this has happened to you, you have become exhausted. It strikes you, and you are dismayed. Isn’t your piety your confidence, and the integrity of your life your hope? Consider: who has perished when he was innocent? Where have the honest been destroyed?”
“See how happy the man is God corrects; so do not reject the discipline of the Almighty. For He crushes but also binds up; He strikes, but His hands also heal. He will rescue you from six calamities; no harm will touch you in seven. In famine He will redeem you from death, and in battle, from the power of the sword. You will be safe from slander and not fear destruction when it comes. You will laugh at destruction and hunger and not fear the animals of the earth.
You will know that your tent is secure, and nothing will be missing when you inspect your home. You will also know that your offspring will be many and your descendants like the grass of the earth. You will approach the grave in full vigor, as a stack of sheaves is gathered in its season. We have investigated this, and it is true! Hear it and understand it for yourself.”
Job‬ ‭4:1; Job 4:3-7‬, Job 5:17-22, Job 5:24-27‬ ‭HCSB‬‬

Father let me see in me what You see. I pray to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Let me use the words that I share with others to strengthen and pick myself up when I stumble and fall. Let me hear, listen to, and embrace Your words no matter how You convey them; let me fully embrace Your words conveyed through one of Your servants when they remind me of who I am and to Whom I belong. Amen. 
Many of us realize that we have friends like Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar–but how many of us listen to these friends when they try to snap us out of our “funk” that clouds are thinking and blocks our blessings? How many of us sit back and find ourselves arguing with friends who see God within us at a time when all we see and feel is a growing darkness?
Shame on us. 
When you are blessed to have even one of those friends, we are to praise God for providing us with yet another portal to Him. When we are blessed to have all three friends, well, that right there is priceless and words can’t describe how we should feel and what we should be doing to embrace those relationships and our amazing reality. 
These people see something in you. They are drawn to you. They thrive with you. Because within you they feel, see, and hear God—except when you are fearful, negative, and unloving. You trouble them when you aren’t radiant. You may be the only Bible that they encounter on a consistent basis or ever, yet in your times of wary and worry you exude an energy and speak the words of something unGodly. Your emotional crumbling makes them look in the mirror and question self. 
Rays of light aren’t ever darkened, even when eclipsed. Keep on shining. This test is almost over. 
Questions of the Day
1. What do you think of today’s message?
2. What would you like to add to today’s prayer and/or reflection?
3. What do you think about what Eliphaz said to Job?
4. Have you had an Eliphaz in your life? Did you listen to that person or ignore them? What happened when you listened to them or ignored them?

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Love always,


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