Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 5.6.16


Proverbs 16:9


Father thank You for this day, a day I did not earn by winning a race or passing a test, but simply because of Your love and grace. You have plans for me and I don’t want to disrupt what You have envisioned for my present and future. You have instilled magnificent qualities in me, one of which is a desire to excel and achieve greatness in Your name—but even with the plans I have for myself, I understand that You and only You order my steps. 

So I will work on being more patient, relying on the gift of discernment blessed by You, and open my eyes to see and experience all that You have planned for me. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray and give thanks to You Father. Amen. 


My husband always laughs when he says to me and others (and even himself), “If you wanna make God laugh, tell Him your plans,” translation…God’s plans for us supersede our own. He orders our steps. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish by a set date, God determines the who, when, where, and how.

Things happen on His schedule not ours. Blessings come when He determines, not just because we want them. This means that we must be patient in our walk. The length of our journey is unknown to all but Him, but we shouldn’t try to rush through it or we will most definitely miss out on great lessons and experiences, and face many failures that could’ve been avoided through patience and discernment. 

Take each step, making sure to look down and around at your surroundings. My maternal grandfather (“Poppa”) taught me the lesson of always looking where I walk. He used to say to me as a child, “don’t walk around like city folks with your head up in the air, you won’t be able to see what you’re stepping on or what’s about to attack you below“. You don’t know how these words of wisdom have saved me from snakes, fire ants, potholes, open man holes, construction nails, broken steps, toxic substances, broken glass and other sharp objects, slippery surfaces, and even that dreaded bubble gum some careless person left on the ground. It sounds funny, but some of those things could have led to serious injury or possibly death. 

But those words from my grandfather have also saved me in my personal and professional dealings. They have reminded me to look around at all times, at the people I associate with, at my business colleagues, and complete strangers on the street. 

When you walk making sure to also look down, and not just up, you can’t help but to see the people that are working to get to your level in life. You then are faced with the options to reach out your hand to lift someone up, hold the elevator for them so they can walk in, or send it back down if it closed too soon; or you have the option of turning away your eyes and looking up to where you’re trying to go. 

I personally refuse to do the latter. 

By looking around me and down, I’m more inclined to show others the stepping stones I chose, and direct them around the ones that I fell through. There’s a sense of selflessness, humility and humbleness that comes with being centered this way. 

When I walk around each day I hear my Poppa’s voice, like a guardian angel. I can’t help but to smile brightly. 

So my brothers and sisters, please remember for each step that you take to look around you and below. Also remember with each step, to be mindful of your past while fully embracing the present, and remaining hopeful for the future. Be obedient with each step. If God says, “take one” don’t attempt to take more because in your mind you think, “I can do more than one“. Do as God says. 

Oh that is the most difficult and frustrating thing to do. 

Our disobedience causes us so many delays in life, I can attest to that, as I’m so hard-headed that I know God has to have a sense of humor. If He didn’t, I know I would’ve been snatched off of this planet a long time ago. But God has more patience, love—and yes, even humor, than all of us combined, and I’m so grateful for this. I’m so grateful for my life and the people that God has blessed me to know and love.

I pray that today’s message has put a smile on your face. Enjoy today’s steps on your amazing journey!

Questions of the Day

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Love always,


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