Breaking Bread on Hiatus…Is it Over Yet???

It’s been three months since my last Breaking Bread post. Oddly enough, it doesn’t feel that long to me, although it may feel a lot longer to a few of you. 

I can’t put it any simpler than these four words…I-needed-a-break.

I needed to step away to breathe, reflect, unpack, and unwind. 

I needed a moment to ponder my next steps and to weigh the options of a move I’ve been contemplating for years, one that many people have lovingly urged me to do. 

I’m at the doorway of a decision. Upon entering the threshold I know that I will have to share my decision with all of you, which means I won’t be able to run and hide once I make the announcement. Hence my hesitancy [*smile*].

Today I won’t be making that announcement. However, I will be posting my first Breaking Bread scripture, prayer, and reflection. I’m currently on a much-needed work retreat, so it’s a tad bit awkward that I’m picking this moment to return from my break–rather than waiting until my retreat ends. But now that I’m more rested, I’m also less spiritually cluttered and more receptive. So let’s break bread shall we?!?

Oh yeah, and stay tuned for more details about my big decision…

Your sister in Christ,

Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. Natasha Foreman Bryant

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