Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 9.9.16


Leviticus 19:18


Father turn me away from the darkness that celebrates inflicting pain on others, and the constant self-infliction that comes as a penalty. I do not need revenge, I just need You. I don’t need to hold grudges, I just need You. Help me Lord to let go of the grievances. Help me to love others with the same depth and intensity of love that I have for myself. Fill my heart Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 


A trigger pulled may lead you to pull one in return. A blade cuts deep, both ways, and you have a choice between letting go and pursuing with the intent of gaining the upper hand on your enemy. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. Modern man says with a smirk, “Jesus didn’t say what to do after that other cheek was slapped”. It was implied, that we’re to keep turning the other cheek–I guess until the person slapping it grows tired and stops. 

I’ve been weak in this area. You slap me and I defend to prevent the next slap, or we’ll just be two slapping fools. But I know what Jesus taught and I know what God expects. 

I always remind people that I’m a Christian-in-Training, a mound of clay that God’s constantly molding. Perfect I am not, except in God’s eyes, as His reflection. But my walk has at times been reckless. Thank goodness He loves and forgives me anyway. 

I used to hold on to grudges for years until my dad opened my eyes to a reality. He said something to the effect of, “while you’re busy holding on to a grudge, the person you’re fixated on doesn’t even remember or care about the issue you’re still harboring resentment over”. I reflected on that for quite some time, and then I gradually began to let go of grudges I had been holding on to, and I reflect on those words now to keep myself from holding on to grudges. 

In love relationships I adopted the saying, “the best revenge is living well”, so I was never the type of person to seek revenge as the scorned lover. If someone doesn’t love me I move on. I’m not about to destroy property, act a fool, and risk jail time or my life trying to get revenge.

The question of crime always comes up when we discuss revenge. If a person commits a crime against you and/or a loved one, when you call for justice, what is the justice that you seek? If a death occurred do you expect death as the penalty for the crime? Will it really bring you peace within? It definitely won’t bring back to life the person who was slain. But somehow we think it evens the field. But if you still don’t have peace, the scoreboard still has you behind by one or more points. 

What would you want if the tables were turned? That’s something to think and pray about, and work towards. 

Questions of the Day

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