Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 11.8.16


Proverbs 27:5-6


Love is work. Love is saying “no” when necessary. Love is about redirecting wayward steps. Love is speaking up and out about righting the wrong. Love is accountability. Father thank You for loving me. I pray that I am always receptive to love and a giver of it. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


If we’re always wanting life to be sugary sweet, we’re bound to end up with a horrific ache and it won’t be in our teeth. The most loving thing that you can do is call someone out on their mess, hold them accountable, tell them when they are being a fool or dropping the “ball” in life. When you see someone figuratively “setting themselves on fire”, do you sit by and watch or do you douse them with “water” and smack them upside their head (figuratively of course) and tell them to wake up and walk right? If you truly love them and want to see them thrive, you will smack them back into reality. Love is about active engagement, it’s not passive or timid. Nor should you be. So when someone you love, respect, or admire is “out of line” or getting there, you need to passionately wake them up. Love is intentional. It’s both feet in, not just one foot or one toe. Imagine if God was half-committed to us. Imagine if He just passively sat by and did nothing. 

At the time I received them, I couldn’t stand being punished by my parents. But as I grew older and wiser, I can say that I deserved those punishments. I learned a great deal about myself and what I did wrong. I also learned how much my parents truly loved me. If they didn’t love me they would’ve let me do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and wherever I wanted. Their love kept me from being reckless and destructive. I used to envy certain childhood friends who seemed to have the best life, free of any real adult supervision, and a fast track to being a “grown up”. Some could even speak to their parents like they were peers or siblings, not a child speaking to a parent. Now that I look back at their childhood and peek into their current life, I see that the lack of structure and discipline actually backfired on them. Some fell in with the wrong crowd and confused that attention for love. Some of them currently lead very chaotic, undisciplined, and unfulfilling lives. Just existing. At least that’s what the world sees. If it’s a life not wallowing in misery, then they have done a shotty job of representing themselves and their life. Their pain comes through loud and clear. They seem angry with themselves, their family, and maybe even the world. With social media giving you the opportunity to reinvent yourself and be your best public relations rep, some of my childhood friends didn’t seize this opportunity to “fake it until you make it”. I can respect them for “keeping it real” even if that means their drudge and dread pictures and posts zap energy from the rest of us. 

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