Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 11.28.16


John 5:8-17


Father thank You for this day; a day I was not promised and a day I did not earn, but only through Your loving grace did my eyes open this morning. It is only because of You Father. I am humbly grateful. You never cease to work and I pray for the strength and courage to never cease to work. Please fill me with Your light that I may be a reflection of You and not an embarrassment. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray. Amen.


Jesus was persecuted for doing what was right in God’s eyes; for healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, and making right the wrong. There will always be people who will focus all of their energy on taking you down, throwing you off course, destroying your reputation, and stealing your joy. There will always be ‘haters’ nearby. It’s what you do that matters. Jesus was a rebel. He wasn’t going to stand by and fall in line with the status quo. He wasn’t going to ‘sell out’ to fit in. Jesus was more concerned about doing right by God and not by man. Jesus wasn’t going to pray to the gods of others, be a follower of fools, or sell his soul for anyone or anything. He knew what he was called to do. He knew what his Father, our Father, told him to do–and he was determined to be obedient to those commands. He would not be bullied or left to feel ashamed. Jesus was the ultimate rebel.

What will you do each day? How will you live your life? Will you be a follower of fool or a leader of the tested and wise? Will you cower down to the status quo or rise up and rebel for progress? Will you allow yourself to be bullied and shamed, or will you tell the enemy to “bring your best shot”? Cowards are never celebrated in history. No one says “grow up and be like so-and-so the coward”. The weak bully others. The weak use the little power that they think they have to rule with an iron fist over you. The weak make threats. The weak try to intimidate you with their size. The weak are not the meek. For the meek are the strong ones and they shall inherit the Earth and all of God’s riches. Jesus confronted those weak-minded who thought they were strong, and he revealed their inadequacies, ignorance, ineptitude, shallowness, abusive nature, inferiority, and ugliness. 

Don’t let a bully steal your joy. Don’t let a bully slow you down. Don’t let a bully stop you from doing what God called you to do. Rise up and rebel just like our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Questions of the Day

1. What would you like to add to today’s prayer and/or reflection?

2. What are your thoughts about today’s message?

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