Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 12.22.16


James 4:7


Father, the devil is busy and I can tell, because it is causing so much drama in my life. Father I’ve been caught sleeping on the job. I know the devil never rests, but I treated it as though it takes vacations like me.

Lord give me strength and courage to put on my armor, and stand firm against the enemy’s attacks. It is powerless against You, so it attacks me thinking that I’m too weak and distracted to turn to You. It thinks that I don’t have a strong relationship with You. But I want to make clear to the devil that You are my God, my strength, my Protector, and my Comforter.

The devil doesn’t want this over here Father. I’m going to make sure to do my part, so it knows it has no place, no jurisdiction, no influence, and no power in my life. Guide me Father. I release my cares, worries, fears, and stresses to You. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray to You, with love, Your servant in Christ. Amen.


Last night I finally watched the movie, “War Room“. God had been speaking through other people for more than a year, telling me to watch this movie–but I kept putting it off and forgetting, choosing instead to watch entertaining movies based on humor, romance, and violence. I didn’t realize I played right into the enemy’s hands.

The devil didn’t want me to watch that movie, to hear God’s Word delivered in a way that would rock me to my core. It didn’t want me to internalize those words, those examples, those testimonies, and use them to strengthen me. The enemy wanted me to stay partially disconnected and confused about my present and my future, and questioning my past. The enemy wanted me to feel lost and alone as I dealt with professional and personal roadblocks.

But the enemy, although one to never sleep, keeps forgetting about the omnipotent, omniscient, All-in-All God! God never stopped speaking through His children to me.

Two days in a row, my friend and neighbor Belinda mentioned this movie. Last night when she mentioned it to me, I declared I would not just put it on my wish list–I would watch it. So as soon as I got home and settled, I ordered War Room and was bound to my seat with a force so strong that I wouldn’t resist it even if I wanted to. God wanted me to see that movie, to see the ways He heals and makes whole. He wanted me to see His Word in action and hear those words ring in my ear. He wanted me to see that I wasn’t trying as much and as hard as I thought I was in my life.

God used this movie to further plant a seed inside of me that the devil was trying to convince me would never work. God used this movie to remind me that my survival is only possible through submitting to Him. God used this movie to remind me how much He loves me and that I’m never ever alone. He is only a thought or a prayer away.

If my life does not revolve around God then it must be reserved for the devil. If my decisions in life aren’t brought first to God, then that means I must be bringing them before the enemy. If I have time for social media posts, emails, text messages, phone calls, watching tv, sleeping, eating, or sitting on my butt and daydreaming—but I don’t have time to devote to prayer and studying God’s Word, then I’m clearly not His servant, I must be serving the enemy.

God wanted me to watch this movie to reveal in me what I’m supposed to be doing with Breaking Bread, and to silence the devil who convinced me to do less and less. God wants a strong Kingdom, not a conflicted one. We can only serve one master, either God or Satan.

I choose God!

God spoke to and through my friend Belinda so that I would watch the movie “War Room” and see why it is imperative that I step up and serve as a true Prayer Warrior. This battle is not for the passive at heart. You must be willing and able to put on your armor and stand up to the enemy and it’s attacks. For every attack you counter attack through prayer and mindful speech and behavior. Your rebuke of the enemy weakens it’s footing in your life. It forces the enemy out of your family, your home, your workplace, your place of worship, your community, your life, and this world.

Rebuke the enemy’s attack on your job, your career, your health, your marriage, your family, your neighborhood, your church, and every other aspect and place in your life. Render it powerless, knowing that God is the all-powerful, and only God can provide you with your needs.

The enemy will tempt you with money, perceived power, sex, drugs, land and other property, and all sorts of other things. Tune out its voice and tune in to God’s voice.

As my prayer partner, Shasta used to tell me all of the time, “God doesn’t deal in chaos, only peace. When it is of God then a peace comes over you” so when there is no peace then that is Satan working double time to destroy you and all that God has in store for you.

Satan doesn’t care who or what it destroys. It’s envious and jealous of you and your place, and will do whatever it takes to take you down and destroy your connection with God. If you’re ignoring and cursing God, then the enemy has won. Every unloving, selfish, vindictive, spiteful thing that we have said and done has been in the name of Satan, not God.

We must stand as warriors in and for Christ. We must fight for our lives, for our marriages, for our families, for our jobs and careers, and for our communities. We must stop attacking each other, and start standing up against Satan. It wants to see us childless, jobless, divorced, alone, impoverished, spiritually bankrupt, sick, weak, broken, in pain, and blaming God.

Don’t you dare give the enemy a millimeter of space in your life. Close every entry point, triple-seal all spaces and gaps, and stand watch.

We have a choice: Submit to God and rebuke the devil so that we can live eternally in peace, or give in to the devil’s twisted plan and forever be lost and in pain.

I choose to be with God. I choose to turn my cares and worries over to Him. I choose to fight and win on God’s team.

How about you? What choice will you make?

Watch this trailer for the movie War Room, and then go rent or buy it. Just buy it. It’s worth every cent:

Questions of the Day

1. What would you like to add to today’s prayer and/or reflection?

2. What are your thoughts about today’s message?

3. What issues are you fighting to protect from the enemy’s attack?

4. What cares, worries, and fears are you ready to turn over to God?

5.  What prayer partners can you turn to for prayer and support?

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Love always,


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