Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 1.2.17


Proverbs 20:5-7


Father thank You for another day to demonstrate Your Goodness, reflect Your Light, embrace Your Love, and speak Your Truth. 

Father You know that I am under constant attack by the enemy. You know that it never stops plotting and planning against me and my family. My only defense is prayer to You. 

Father I pray for understanding, discernment, and courage, to seek and embrace good counsel from Your chosen children. Let me see clearly those who share deception, so that I may pray for them as I turn and walk away from their influence. 

Father help me to remember the importance of keeping my word, speaking the truth, and forgiving even when it hurts. I must remember that You keep Your word, are the Truth, and forgive me even at my lowest points. You bless me with grace and I don’t deserve it. So I strive to walk as You have been teaching me. Help me Father. In Jesus’ name I humbly and passionately pray to You. Amen. 


My integrity has to be more important to me than my pride. Pride stands in the way of countless blessings. Pride confuses us to believe that we are bigger, better, smarter, and more important and valuable than we actually are. 

We are what God makes us. We stand where He places us. We have what He gives us. We need to stop confusing ourselves as the creators and realize we are the creations. We are not better, smarter, more important, or more valuable than anyone else. 

What we do possess we can quickly lose in a blink of an eye. Pride makes you doubt that. Arrogance makes you act on that doubt, and eventually you’re left to look the fool. 

When you have an awe-inspiring reverence for God, which places Him as All-in-All in your life, you then know your place in this world, and you stop thinking it’s higher or somehow more important than others. You then realize that your mission is not greater or more important than others. 

When God becomes your All-in-All, you then fill your day turning first to Him through prayer before every meeting, conversation, and decision. You don’t just pray to Him when you need something, you learn to pray to Him as a natural conversation between the Father-Mother and child. 

When God is your All-in-All, you praise Him at all times and through all circumstances, good and bad, when you’re dancing in the Light, and when you can’t see a thing in the dark. You learn to smile and praise Him because you know He’s always here, always watching, always listening, and always waiting. 

Pride and arrogance encourages the fool to jump head first. Being in touch with the Lord encourages you to ask God to lead as you follow. 

When your life is centered on God, your discernment is clear not cloudy; you see those who share words of Light versus those who share words manipulated by the enemy. A God-centered person knows that they are under attack even more because the closer you are to God, the more aggressive the enemy works to derail, destruct, and destroy God’s plans for you. 

The enemy will try to lure you, tempt you, confuse you, and anger you. When you feel pulled in a direction that feels awkward, too good to be true, painful, or just not right—pray passionately for God to make clear all things. 

Don’t let the enemy take from you what God has blessed you with. Don’t be trapped by greed, lust, fear, insecurities, or pain. Your pride will take you there. Arrogance will keep you there. Pray for escape, freedom, and renewal in Jesus’ name!

Questions of the Day

1. What would you like to add to today’s prayer and/or reflection?

2. What are your thoughts about today’s message?

3. What issues are you fighting to protect from the enemy’s attack?

4. What cares, worries, and fears are you ready to turn over to God?

5. Who would you like to pray for today?

Feel free to share your answers, prayers, comments, and reflections in the comment section below. You can also send me an email at:

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Love always,


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