Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 1.10.17

Today’s message comes from a Breaking Bread post that I wrote in June 2012. I’ve added a scriptural image (for visual “pop”), but other than that there were no other edits to the original message. As you will see, there weren’t any Questions of The Day listed, so come up with 3-5 of your own (or just recycle some from my previous messages). 

As I’m currently dealing with a great deal of anxiety (sometimes feeling as though I need to go to the hospital), today’s message touches on some concepts and facts that are helping to calm me, and remind me that God is ALWAYS in control. I just need to let go of the steering wheel (completely), show up and do what He says when He says to do it (being obedient consistently and without question), and He will handle the “what-ifs”that we tend to ponder out of worry and fear. 

Yes, I will struggle, suffer and feel some pain (as I am right this very moment), but when God says the time has come, He will restore, support, strengthen, and place me upon a firm foundation. I have to change, things have to change, in order for my life to be placed right side up. Right side up may not be where and how I imagined it, and I have to face that reality or endure more suffering as I go against the coarse and rugged grain. 

I hope today’s message helps you or someone you know, in some way. 

I love you all!


Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 6.9.12 **Special Weekend Edition**

But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.

1 Peter 5:10 NKJV


Father there are days that I’m flying high and carefree, and then I have moments when life burdens my back and shoulders with a weight that seems unbearable. There are days I am courageous and can stare any obstacle down to its nothingness. But I also have days where my fear builds up and manifests physically.

Father I know that I am in control of all of this. I make the decision to either soar with You and let You take care of every issue and circumstance, or I make the decision to worry and contemplate how I can achieve something regardless of Your perceived or actual role in the process. When I waste my time wondering and worrying I don’t see the opportunities You have placed before me–so I suffer.

Each day let me see and embrace the possibilities and opportunities. Let me not worry about today or tomorrow. Let me not contemplate if I made the right decision. Let me not question. Let me simply trust that You will take care of the details and provide all of the answers. In Your name I give all glory and praise. Amen.


Sometimes life’s lessons require us to endure some pain and suffering. Because we are hard-headed we don’t learn the lessons and quickly move on to a new lesson. No, for some odd reason we think that we know it all, and in our feeble attempt to prove this we fail miserably.

We also have a bad reputation for worrying about things. What we forget is that our perception of a big problem, issue, or situation, is minuscule to our Father-Mother God. I truly believe that He has to have a sense of humor when dealing with us, because we can do and say some of the most idiotic and childish things, yet He continues to love us fully and with a patience and grace that none of us can measure (or find elsewhere).

When we don’t obey, when we choose to do things our way, when we take short cuts, when we procrastinate, and when we don’t believe and put our full trust in Him–we end up suffering. We end up having to take the longest route, re-do work, and face scenarios where we are forced to either have faith in Him or be drained by the darkness.

I didn’t want to make this message long, but let me share one story with you that may be helpful and then I will wrap it up:

Around 5:30am today I resubmitted a portion of my doctoral comprehensive exam. I hadn’t passed this portion, and the only way for me to proceed to the next step (my dissertation) is to pass this exam. I procrastinated early last week and did not immediately begin rewriting what needed to be edited. So this week I felt the mounting pressures of worry, doubt, fear, and the acknowledgement that had I started sooner I would have more time to double-check my work. I went to bed this morning wondering if I covered everything, if I had cited my sources correctly, and if I had done a good enough job to pass my exam so that I could proceed with my dissertation research.

I ran downstairs around 11:45am sifting through my papers and notes, questioning myself, and wondering if I should have waited until later today to submit my paper. I then got an email from my school that it could take up to 10 days for me to get my results (which would be the last day of the semester). I started to wonder and worry, “If I don’t pass it this time I will have to pay for another semester, just to complete my exam, and then I still won’t be able to proceed with my dissertation immediately after.” All of the “what ifs” started running through my mind and the guilt from procrastinating–and not investing more hours (the past few days) to work on this exam started to get to me. I began to feel anxious, and my chest started feeling tight, so I forced myself to sit down.

I sat down and prayed. I cleared my mind of all those thoughts that were running around and draining me. I reminded myself that I have busted my tail for over two years in my doctoral program and God has blessed me with the knowledge and wisdom to surpass my goals. God has made a way out of no way, cleared paths that were blocked, carried me over mountains, and lifted me out of valleys. I reminded myself that I am God’s child and that I will leave all of this to Him–and so I will.

I hope and pray that you also leave all of your cares, worries, and frustrations to Him. God bless you and have an awesome weekend!


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