Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 1.23.17


Matthew 6:25


Father thank You for another day. I went to sleep last night, hopeful, but like every day before it—unsure—but Your grace woke me yet again and I’m so humbly grateful. I know that there are thousands of people who did not wake today, did not live to see the end of yesterday, and so I pray for them and their loved ones. 

Thank You for my daily Bread. Without You and Your Word I would not be here and I definitely would not be the person I’ve grown to be. Thank You Father for Your love, protection, guidance, molding, and correction. I give You all of the glory. Praising Your name today and forever. Amen. 


As humans we tend to worry about a lot of things. We have fears and insecurities, responsibilities that seem to increase, and we’re walking around a world that we still know little about—in bodies that we aren’t sure how to care for while we scrutinize the imperfections we would love to fix. 

We’re told since childhood that we need food, water, clothing, and shelter. But let’s never forget the foundation of our life and the Provider of the things we need and want in this life. 

While we stress over whether or not we have ‘enough’ food, clothing, material things, and friends—let’s reflect and ponder whether or not we spend ‘enough’ time speaking with and praising God. Are we spending enough time becoming better servant leaders? Are we investing enough time in our households, caring for our family? Are we disciplined enough to be the Christian that God has called us to be?

 If a total stranger observed you for several hours, days, or even months, would they be more inclined or less inclined to call you a Christian? Would they want to pray with you or flee, and pray that you get all of the help that you need? 

I have to honestly say, that there are some days an observer would question my claims and my faith. Thank goodness there aren’t any reality tv show cameras following me around for 12 to 18 hours per day. I laugh typing that, but honestly, I need to work on walking through each day as though there are cameras recording my every move. I would then learn to pause and think deeply before I speak in anger or out of fear. I would learn to consider my words and actions beforehand, and be quicker and more sincere with my apologies. 

My days are filled listening, praying, and boldly speaking aloud knowing that He is listening. Trust me, life is so much calmer for others when I’m left alone to speak to myself (and God). I’ve experienced some of the best problem-solving sessions when I’m alone speaking aloud all of the variables that are frustrating me. I’ve had some long moments in tears. Even last night and this morning, I cried, and spoke through how I was feeling and fearing.  

As I speak, I listen, just like I would a conversation with another human. I’m sure that God, just like His children, gets frustrated with me interrupting Him, but He let’s me learn the longer version of that great lesson. Then at some point in my ramblings, there are moments of silence where I say nothing. I just listen. The goal is to tune into God’s voice and tune out the voice of the enemy. The more time you spend with God, the more you begin to learn how to discern His voice from the enemy’s. 

Let me stop you now before you even finish forming that thought in your mind…

No, I haven’t mastered this skill. Yes, I too struggle and fail (frequently and sometimes miserably) with distinguishing between these two voices. It’s usually after I blunder do I say, “Natasha, what did you do? There you go with that foolishness“. I don’t say it exactly like that, but you get my drift. I’m working on learning to tune out the enemy so that I can significantly reduce my blunders in life. God willing, I will have the next 60-plus years to try and master this. 

There’s always a person who believes that our decisions in life are all or mostly steered by self, not God or the enemy. Basically, “I solve my own problems,  and I’m a success because of my hard work and efforts“. Maybe a foolish decision they made they will “blame it on the alcohol”, but they may not ever take ownership in saying that they were weak, chose to listen to the enemy and the flesh, rather than listen to God. So after a tango with hangover, they may not reflect on the decisions they made earlier, beyond of course the superficial layers that we have to choose to dig through. 

Those “problems” that we think we solve on our own, we find ourselves saying, “I was thinking about ____ and it just came to me to do/say ____” Or “I came up with a solution“. No, it didn’t just come to you as though you are the source of solutions and the originator of ideas. That was, is, and always will be God guiding, speaking to and through you. It’s not ‘luck’, it’s God’s grace. 

Do you have enough food and water in your home? Do you have enough clothes in your closet to wear? Those should not be your daily or even frequent questions that you ask. Ask yourself, “am I spending enough time listening to God?” Ask yourself, “am I being obedient enough?” 

If you believe that God is your provider, then ask yourself if you are praising God more than you are praying to Him to solve your problems?

Ponder that, while I continue to “check myself”. 

Questions of the Day

1. What would you like to add to today’s prayer and/or reflection?

2. What are your thoughts about today’s message?

3. What issues are you fighting to protect from the enemy’s attack?

4. What cares, worries, and fears are you ready to turn over to God?

5. Who would you like to pray for today?

6. Do you have a testimony that you would like to share? Please do.

Feel free to share your answers, prayers, comments, and reflections in the comment section below. You can also send me an email at:

Please also feel free to share this post with others. We’re never quite sure who needs to hear and see what, and when! It would be awesome if whenever you run across a prayer, message, or scripture that moves you, you would kindly share it with the rest of us. You can post it on this blog or send me an email.

Love always,


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