Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 2.15.18


1 Corinthians 10:12-13 NLT


Father I want to thank You for this day, another day of life, health, wealth, and an abundance of blessings.

Even when I don’t see how awesome my life is I know that it is, because even if in my mind I can visualize it being “better” I can also see clearly how bad and horrific it could be.

That is why I choose to put my trust in You to always guide and guard me from my foolishness and from the temptations that would lead me to believe that I can have “better” at a faster pace than what You’re providing for me. My Foundation should always be You and Your Son Jesus should always be the Cornerstone of that Foundation.

I want to celebrate each and every day. I want to awake and praise You before I do anything else. I want to remember to thank You throughout the day for not just the big things but the small things, like when I’m looking for something and I find it—I want to pause and say “thank You Father“.

Today and every day I will love You Father. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray and give thanks. Amen.


Earlier this morning I inadvertently published the outline of today’s message. I wouldn’t call it an accident because as my paternal grandmother, Dorrisene, used to say, “there are no accidents“. It was meant for me to publish the outline for it:

  1. reminded me to slow down
  2. reminded me that it’s been too long since I last posted
  3. showed my viewers the early steps of how my posts are written, and
  4. helped to frame today’s message, as I wasn’t sure what I was going to write.

Yesterday morning as I babysat my nephew Logan, I was watching the TBN channel and I can recall clearly a message that said our days should begin with God—not checking and replying to text messages, emails, social media, etc. If we want God’s guidance throughout our day then shouldn’t we honor and respect Him by beginning our day aligned with Him?

You don’t know how many of my Breaking Bread messages are created in my bathroom. Yes, you read that correctly. What I’ve discovered over the years is that the bathroom is the one place in your home that for the most part you’re left alone. That’s not to say you don’t have children, pets, and maybe even your significant other waiting on the other side of the door—but no one is inside the bathroom with you pulling at you for immediate attention.

So I enter, close the door, and while I temporarily disconnect from the world, I tune in and fully connect to God. He doesn’t care that I’m in the bathroom. He just wants to know I’m locked in and ready and willing to talk.

When I selected today’s scripture I decided to include a visual, and of the images that I found the waterfall was the most moving in my opinion. Why? Because imagine being on a lazy river or even one with rapids, what you can see around you and ahead begins to compute in your mind your confidence to handle these things.

It’s the waterfall that we don’t plan for.

We haven’t a clue where it is, how steep it is, what’s at the bottom, and if we can survive the fall.

That is life.

My life for many years was a river, sometimes a smooth ride and then there were moments of roaring rapids. Then in 2017 I found myself approaching a waterfall. I didn’t plan for the waterfall. I didn’t see how close it was until I was already nearing the edge.

That waterfall was my divorce.

No matter how hard I tried to swim in the opposite direction or swim to the banks of the river, the powerful water dragged me to that waterfall—and over the edge I tumbled.

I didn’t know how steep the fall would be, what was at the bottom of the fall, if the water was shallow or deep, or if I would survive the entry into this pool below. I had a piece of debris that I clung to as I tried to keep my head above water. My eyes grew bigger and bigger as I approached the waterfall. I was so focused on my ability or inability to swim, but quickly I had to remind myself that it’s less about me and more about God.

I had to put my confidence in God because I know that although I’m a decent swimmer, I’m only capable of doing what I do because of Him, and I can only get better through and by Him. I also know that when I panic my only thought is how to get to safety and out of the water, and I’m sure that in my panic I make the process more difficult because I’m focused on self, not on God.

God brings calm. He brings clarity. He brings strength and determination. God makes a way out of no way.

I went over the edge of the waterfall and although fearful I’m confident that God will always protect me. I’m confident that all of the bumps and bruises in life can and will be healed by God. I’m confident that He has greatness waiting for me and all I have to do is remain connected and faithful.

It’s important to try and ignore the temptations that lure us from God. But understand and believe that God’s Hands are still upon you and can save you from those temptations—He will show you a way out. It is always our choice to take the way out or remain in the snare.

So as you journey on your river are you solely relying upon your abilities and self-confidence, or are you secure with God-confidence (or as my friend Marshawn Daniels calls it, “Godfidence“)?

You will know for sure when you approach the waterfall.

Love your sister in Christ,


Copyright 2018. Natasha Foreman Bryant. All Rights Reserved.

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