Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 2.26.18


Psalms 23:1 HCSB


Father, today I opened my eyes and took a breath because of You. I am humbly thankful for I know there weren’t any actions or words that can guarantee that I will receive this gift each day.

Everything that I’ve ever had and that I currently have are only because of You. Thank You Father. Everything that I want and need can only be provided by You. My eyes can wander for other sources. My mind can be tricked into believing that I am the source. But my heart knows the truth; it feels the connected pulse shared with You, my Creator—and the truth is that until I align my mind, heart and spirit to seek only You as my provider, I will continue to struggle facing the uncertainty of highs and lows.

You are the source of all that I’ve ever wanted and needed, and that will never change. I turn to You Father in Jesus’ name. Amen.


We torment ourselves each day seeking solutions through all of the wrong sources. We feel insecure and inferior when we can can’t achieve the things we want, when we can’t attain the things that we pursue. That’s because there is no security in trying to do this alone, and it’s because we are indeed inferior—because all of our strength, knowledge, and wisdom can never add up to the level of the One who created us.

We’re trying to climb the steepest, sharpest, most intense mountain sides with bare hands and feet, and without equipment and sustenance. It’s what one would call a “suicide mission” yet most of us who attempt it don’t even realize it. We’re so busy focused on ourselves and pumping up on self-affirmations, that we don’t see how we misaligned our lives and the natural order of life. Our center should be God not self. We should be turning to Him for guidance, confidence, tools and resources, strength, and anything else that we need.

Every step forward and every step back we should be pausing our thoughts to say “thank You Father”, for even in stepping back we grow mature enough to see the lesson and see the misstep, so that we learn and move past.

Most often in our rush to get somewhere fast we miss the details around us. Think about how many times you have taken a route but overlooked your surroundings because you’re too focused on getting where you need to go. It’s only when you’re casually driving or riding through the area, looking around and observing do you see details that you never noticed before. That’s when you ask, “wow when was that put there?” and then shock sets in when the answer returns with “for quite some time now”. How is it that you never noticed? It’s because you had on blinders. It’s because you were moving too fast to care.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having sharpened focus; it prevents you from being distracted and deterred. What I’m referring to is having a type of tunnel vision that prevents you from seeing the other tools and resources that God has along the path that can best serve you now and in the future. You don’t have to stop your forward progression to take note.

Some of us are going out of our way to get to resources, or being deprived of access, simply because we’re not looking around us, and that’s only possible when you let God navigate.

You can make all of the excuses that you want but they will still be excuses. Even piled up they have no value.

I’m in a slump in my life right now because of excuses, because I didn’t let God guide me, and I didn’t look around at the nearby tools and resources that could assist me. Those are facts. When we’re in pain we have a tendency to close our eyes and close out everything and everyone around us, including God—even while crying out to Him we still somehow close Him out. If He wasn’t closed out we could see clearly those things and people that He’s placed around us to help us through our situation. But being closed off and focused on self we cannot see or hear anything but self.

There are times that life spirals out of control to remind you that you are not in control, God is; He’s just waiting on you to let go of the wheel so He can steer you where you need to be.

When we do this then we are truly embracing and living the life of God as the shepherd; and there aren’t any unfulfilled wants or needs because He is the Provider.

Imagine a driving school instructor who steers and controls the brake and throttle at the same time as the student. The car is jerking, stalling, malfunctioning, and it isn’t making progress. That is an example of our life. God guides us and tells us when to brake, turn, slow down and speed up, reverse, and park. When we listen the ride is smooth and we reach our destination on time. When we don’t listen…well you get the drift (pun intended).

So every time you speak or think in the context of self, be sure that it leads, ends and is reinforced by the Source. For you are, you have, and you can be, only through and by Him.


Copyright 2018. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Some Rights Reserved.

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