Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 3.1.18


John 14:27 HCSB


Father thank You for another day. I opened my eyes, took a breath, and moved my body because You made that possible. Your gift to me.

Father You sent Your Son, Jesus, to demonstrate the spiritual walk hoped for all, expected of many, and experienced by few. His teachings were directed at even fewer so that they might witness, learn, embrace, and commit to the walk as teachers of the Truth.

Jesus said that He is in You and You are in Him, that You speak through Him so whatever is asked in His name shall be granted for He is the way to You, the truth when there is question, and the life that only You can provide.

Father I ask for peace in chaos, confusion, pain, loss, and disruption. May Your peace bring me comfort so that my heart is not troubled, fearful, or doubtful. May my faith be stabilized in what I feel and know and not in what I see, because I cannot see the future, have only condensed memories of the past, and my present is too close in my face for me to focus and see what’s before me. So I’m choosing to walk steadily, guided by the feeling You have placed in my heart, the feeling that rests in my gut.

I pray for these things in Jesus’ name, as a believer and follower of Christ, as your servant-in-training. Amen.


A fearful, troubled, doubtful heart and mind cannot then be faithful—for both are always conspiring to find an exit strategy, a better way out, rather than patiently waiting on God.

We do this in our personal and professional lives, so how shocked can you be to read and accept that you aren’t walking by faith, working with faith, standing strong in your convictions rooted in faith, and speaking with a clarity that only comes when you are filled with and cloaked in the peace that comes from faith?

You can’t be shocked. More like embarrassed. I know that I am. Especially those of us that are labeled by religious affiliation. You call yourself a Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or whatever—but have no faith in the One that created you (no matter what name or names you call Him).

It’s because we’re ruled more by fear than by faith. We react we don’t respond. We’re impulsive rather than patient. We’re easily offended and feel the need to fight back rather than letting go and letting God.

Fear is a beast but it is not more powerful than God. We give it the fuel to masquerade itself to be more than it is. But we have a God-given weapon to combat fear. It’s faith!

When I become anxious I have to work to declutter my mind of the thoughts that frantically scatter about looking for an exit door. I try to center myself to focus on praying. To center myself I say silently and then aloud (if needed) “Calm down. Breathe. I said calm down and breathe.” I repeat this until my heart rate is at an acceptable level and I’m no longer feeling frantic. I then begin speaking to God.

The amount of time that I need to speak before the calm covers me and comforts me varies on how freaked out I am. The more astute I become at identifying the seeping in of the fear, the faster I can catch it before it multiplies and grows. I want to learn to nip it in the bud the moment it rears its head, much like a skilled asthmatic can feel the signs of an attack and quickly use their inhaler to blast it before it becomes a full attack.

I want to squash my fear when it is only a mere spark not when it’s a full raging fire, blazing and destroying everything in its path.

We are not ourselves when we operate out of fear. We are not good representations of God when we operate out of fear. We cannot fully serve Him because our heart and mind is captured by fear, and not focused on Him. Faith keeps fear in check. Faith is the fire extinguisher.

We say that we want internal peace yet it can only come through our faith and outreach to God and His Son. When you cry out in fear for peace, any comfort that you may receive is the “calm” but it is as temporary as your faith. It is a blanket that you remove and you say “okay I’m good”.

Peace is long-lasting and envelops you when you walk boldy, speak confidently, see clearly with faith! Peace emanates from you. It leaves positive imprints on others that magnifies God’s light. It inspires others to pay it forward and spread the joy.

Fear does the opposite.

Our world has no external peace because we individually have no internal peace.


Copyright 2018. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Some Rights Reserved.

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