Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 4.23.18

Audio Message

Note: Today’s message is a deep one that some of you may not be ready to read, hear, and digest. So I’m letting you know upfront that if you are one who is clearly naive to the majority of things around you, or extremely stubborn and close-minded, this message may be difficult to take in and run with. Today’s message is also not a quick paragraph per section, so don’t think that you will zoom through it. I just want to make this perfectly clear. Today’s message is long. I’m serious. It will take far longer than normal to take it in. But if you’re ready to break bread with me, then I’m ready to share.

Are you ready? Okay let’s do this…


“This, then, is the judgment: The light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. For everyone who practices wicked things hates the light and avoids it, so that his deeds may not be exposed. But anyone who lives by the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be shown to be accomplished by God.”

John 3:19-21 HCSB


There are a lot of wolves in sheep clothing and there are a lot of wolves walking around in plain sight. Pray for negative people, greedy people, self-serving people, toxic people— and let those that you associate with know that you are praying for them. Lovingly keep your distance from those who refuse to embrace God’s Love, but don’t stop praying for them. Your prayer is your faith in God and your belief that He will always be with these troubled souls, even if they aren’t fully open to Him in their lives.

Entertainment with Negative Ulterior Motives

There are entertainers and athletes who either wholly embrace or find it fashionable to worship, advertise, and/or promote the enemy and those that serve it. Either they are motivated by those executives that pay them, motivated by peers, or always found it fascinating growing up—they have taken to subtly or overtly displaying signs of darkness for the public to view.

It is not fashionable to walk around with satanic or cult symbols and words. It is not fashionable to say you are possessed by demons, spirits, etc.

It is not fashionable to have music videos with images of demons in it, unless you are showing the Light casting out those demons. Even in horror movies, the focus is on destroying evil not surrendering to it. No one in the movie is turning to Freddy Krueger and saying, “okay Freddy I’m ready to hang with and be like you!

To uplift and celebrate darkness shows a person’s character and their allegiance. The line in the sand has been drawn.

I’m not referring to an actor pretending to be a character in a movie, I’m referring to actors who outside of their roles in movies (who in their everyday lives), wear images and throw up hand gestures that are symbolic of the occult. In their daily walk they are clearly saying “I’m team satan” but in your idolatry you just say to yourself, “ah their just throwing up a cool symbol”. Wrong. They are sending a message to others that also follow the darkness, to reinforce who they are and who they serve. It’s not just actors either, I’m also talking about musicians, singers and rappers who cleverly and creatively massage demonic and satanic propaganda and messaging into our minds.

Our minds are like sponges. You must be mindful, you must be careful of, what you absorb.

There’s nothing cute about putting up hand signals or displaying any other element of darkness that are symbolic of and represents the enemy. Doing so clearly signifies your allegiance against God, as you most definitely are not a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or any other peaceful and loving religion. You are not a believer and follower of Christ. Christ has never been on satan’s team. Your practice of darkness means you do not walk in and reflect the Light. You instead have pledged an allegiance to the enemy.

Don’t tell me it’s just a marketing ploy, because you can’t explain that away to Jesus or God. You can’t justify it, rationalize it, or outline any logical reasons why one would freely promote evil.

Children and adults are naively listening, watching, and purchasing music and clothing from people who have chosen to serve darkness. Every cent that goes towards that purchase endorses this belief system, and indirectly gives relevance to the enemy—because your money continues to pay for the marketing and promotion of this nonsense.

I have made a decision to destroy and delete all music that clearly or subliminally glorifies the enemy and darkness. I don’t have it in my catalogue. I will no longer support these artists on any level. My hard-earned money will not be invested in their dark campaign.

I don’t care how attractive they are (and many of them are very attractive) or what songs they include on their albums that appear to be positive, I will not knowingly support a lie. I will not pay for a ticket to an event or film they are participating in. I will not knowingly support the enemy.

Pay attention to what you are listening to, singing, dancing to, reading, reciting, mimicking, reposting, and retweeting. This is not entertainment it is a battle for your mind, heart, spirit, and soul.

I don’t say this to scare you but to empower you to think, question, research, and to pray for discernment.

Do not be a slave to the system that believes you are too ignorant, dumb, or busy to pay attention to what they are selling you.

Yes, Question So-called “Christians”

Question everything and everyone. Yes, even so-called “Christians” need to also be questioned because they could very well be serving two masters knowingly or unknowingly. You have folks preaching one thing and then sneaking off doing the exact thing that they told others not to do (or worse).

You have preachers, pastors, ministers, elders, bishops, deacons, priests, and so-called prophets who are adulterers, child molesters, abusers, drug users, alcoholics, rapists, porn addicts, participants in prostitution and human trafficking, those who are into beastiality, and other things that they preach against in their pulpit. Yes, they are hypocrites. Yes, they are serving two masters. Yes, you are to question them.

Remember that they are not your Master or Wayshower, but they are merely servants who have claimed a commitment to serving God and spreading His Word, to build His Kingdom. They are not to be worshipped or showered with expensive gifts, etc.

Read your Bible and recall how appalled Jesus was at how religious leaders had taken advantage of the people, taken the money of the poor instead of serving the poor.

Yesterday, my sister visited a church where the pastor bullied the congregation to give all that they had, without a care if they overdrafted their bank accounts, without a care if it put them further in debt, without a care if they could end up destitute. He stood in that pulpit and told them that they should give everything that they have in faith, in trusting that God would take care of their needs. He guilted members to come forward with an offering of $500—he wanted them to each walk forward with $500 in their hands—a number that he claimed he just randomly thought of. My sister said that several people actually walked forward with what appeared to be their $500 offerings. This pastor refused to let the church services move forward until he was satisfied that enough people had given all that they could.

That is plain foolishness. That is blatant financial, psychological, and spiritual abuse. This is more darkness than it could ever be perceived as light.

This isn’t the only church engaging in this sinful practice. I know of churches that have allowed members to take out second and third mortgages on their homes to help finance the building of a larger church or to build the pastor a home. I know people who have lost their homes and cars while trying to help their pastor, their church, reach some financial goal. That is sinful. That is the enemy manipulating things and sadly no one sees what is happening.

We have people going financially broke to ensure that their pastor has a private jet, an estate, vacation homes, and a life of luxury. Now this is acceptable if 100% of your congregation also is financially wealthy; if it’s a millionaire church life with billionaire-focused dreams—then it’s basically a flock of birds hanging out together. But this is rarely the case. In most houses of worship, the poor, far outnumber the financially wealthy. While the church leaders are flossing their designer clothes, the majority of their church members can’t even keep the utilities on in their homes—let alone walk around in high-end clothing and footwear.

It’s bad enough that churches are abusing the tithing practice and using it to benefit the church and the church leaders, not the poorest of congregants—as outlined in the Bible. But we have these wolves out here, draped in religious garments, claiming to be the mouthpieces of God, and telling blatant lies to people who are most vulnerable—most likely to surrender to the enemy’s temptations and manipulations, just to ease the temporary pain. These so-called religious leaders are out here manipulating people to bankrupt themselves in order to build larger buildings and finance these leaders lifestyles. You have some religious leaders pimping their congregation, telling them that they will become wealthier if they give more to the church. God said to care for the least of His children.

Do you recall the story in the Bible where Jesus made note of the poor woman who gave the most that she could, while the wealthy members gave what they had in excess? Jesus said that the woman actually gave more than the wealthy contributors, because she didn’t have more to give, while the wealthy were merely giving the excess of their riches—they had plenty more to give, invest, throw away, or lose if they wanted.

I think back at the church that my sister visited and I think of his call to action for members to parade to the front with their $500 offerings. It was psychological manipulation to motivate others to do the same. It also made the poorest congregants feel bad that they don’t have that kind of money to give. So then the message that becomes embedded in their minds is, “if you give all that you have then God will provide for you so that one day you too can have $500 or more to give to the church“. It plays a trick on the mind to believe that the wealthy somehow give and have given most or all of what they have and that is why they are blessed with more financial wealth.

The truth is, those individuals who walked to the front with their $500, if that’s actually what they did—and not what they wanted the congregation to believe they did—these individuals were presenting their excess. They weren’t giving their all. They weren’t giving all that they could. They weren’t overdrafting their bank accounts, risking their homes and vehicles.


Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that these individuals were not so manipulated that they would rather shine in the eyes of the congregation than in the eyes of God.

But group peer pressure is an amazing crockpot that can sadly produce the worst and least valuable outcomes.

Wouldn’t it make better sense for a church to tell its congregation, “provide us with one-tenth of your earnings to cover the cost of operating this facility and so that we can afford to provide resources and food to our members and the community who need the most; and then we encourage you to give one-tenth of your earnings to the poor, shut-in, rejected, sick, hurt, and overlooked people within your community.

Wouldn’t that make better sense?

Wouldn’t it make even more sense to say, “and if you can’t afford to give the church one-tenth and the community one-tenth, then please give your one-tenth to the community, and then volunteer one-tenth of your time every month to help us meet the needs of our congregation and others outside of our church doors“.

Doesn’t that sound more aligned with Jesus’ teachings?

Let me share something else with you.

Why not allow congregants to provide resources during the time of offerings? What if the church posted a list of the supplies that it needs replenished each month, like printing paper for the programs and bulletins, ink for the printers, envelopes for the monetary contributions, light bulbs to keep the facilities lit, staples, tape, pencils, and anything else that the church uses in bulk—and then allow the congregation to help cover the costs by actually bringing ink cartridges, reams of paper, spools of tape, so that members are not just digging into their wallets every week to pay for things that they simply can’t see.

What if I don’t have an extra $5 dollars to give but I have two reams of printing paper that value over $5 dollars? Does that paper not have the same value? If you say that you need money to keep the church operating, then can my offering not be whatever that I possess that I believe the church can benefit from?

We need to question and put in check any and all people who stand before us, claiming to be called by God to lead us. You must always remember, that even with their fancy robes and degrees, even with the titles that they were given, they have no hierarchy over you and are no closer relationship to God—we all can talk to God, some of us just choose to serve Him in greater and grander ways. Their so-called commitment to Christ should place higher responsibilities on them and hold them accountable for what they practice versus what they preach.

Check Yourself

We all should be held accountable for the labels and titles that we give ourselves, accept, and proclaim.

Just like you shouldn’t take on the title of Chief Executive Officer, President, or Chief Operating Office, without expecting to be held accountable—do not call yourself a minister, preacher, prophet, prophetess, or any other name and then feel like you should not be held accountable to walk the walk.

The moment you take on a title or role the world is watching, and if we’re watching don’t you think that Jesus and God are also? Think about it. You will be held accountable on Earth and in Heaven.

This is guaranteed!

Whew. Now take a breath. I know it was a lot to read, hear, and take in.

Today is a deep, real-talk message because I think from time-to-time we need to rock the boat, check each other, and check ourselves. Sometimes we get too comfortable and we then begin to overlook things that God really needs us to see, defend ourselves from, and fight against.

I pray for each of you and hope that you also pray for me. We must always stay ready so we don’t have to get ready. Before you start your day, pause for a moment and pray to God to protect your mind, heart, body, spirit, and soul. You are constantly under attack. Your prayer is just you verbalizing to God that you’re in this to win this!


Father I pray for discernment to see clearly those who would rather turn to darkness than Your Light. May I see them and keep my distance if they chose not to embrace Your Love.

Those who rebuke You and Your son Jesus cannot be a part of my inner circle. Let me lovingly put them in a separate category and pray for them, but not be subjected to their negative energy. I will not hate them but I will love them from afar, and allow You to work on them.

I pray for the discernment to see the intent and heart of those who are paid to entertain the world. May I see the Truth in their words, images, and behavior. For there are some people who boldly serve another master—the enemy–and there are some who are torn between serving it and serving You. Let me see Father so that I do not invest one penny or one moment in their lie. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have a blessed day and be a blessing to others!



Please Note: This message was originally written and published on April 17, 2013. It has been modified to align with current standards and formatting, it also now includes an audio message that may provide more or the same amount of content as the written message.

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