Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 4.19.19


Good insight brings favor, but the way of the faithless is their ruin
Proverbs 13:15 CEB

Jesus matured in wisdom and years, and in favor with God and with people
Luke 2:52 CEB

I fear God. Period. I do not fear what man or woman may or may not do, as much as I fear God being saddened, displeased or angered with me. In my moments of desperation to cling to humans or gain their approval, I sacrifice my relationship with God. It is not through them that I reach and form a relationship with God, but it is through God that I form connections with humans.

There are people around me who I know seek to see me fail, and I am fine with that. There are people who want what I have, envy does that to weak and misguided people. I understand this. They do not know I know what’s on their mind. They do not know that I see them. It is not my purpose or plan to boast to them that I know their intent and desires. That is a waste of time and not what God has called on me to do, nor is that how He tells me to live my life. He tells me to sit, watch, observe, listen, and obey Him—for He directs my steps. I get antsy at times and want to react, but instead I try to remain still and obey.

I have been betrayed countless times in my life and will probably be betrayed many more in my lifetime. I understand that through my faithfulness to Him, the weakest links attached to me will fall off because their faithfulness is to self first and foremost.

One thing that I do know is that every single person who has done me wrong has never had to feel the wrath of my revenge, because in my wisdom and maturity I have learned that God handles all, balances all, corrects all, and all I have to do is continue living well and remaining faithful to Him.

Satan has tried to and succeeded at uppercutting and roundhouse kicking me plenty of times, including recently, and in my experience all I can do is laugh (sometimes through my tears), and say, “you won’t break me you liar. My Father comes with a force that you can never contend with you coward!” With that, the pressure subsides, and then I prepare myself for the next round of tricks, games, lures, and attacks—all the while, focused on what I must do as a servant for the Lord.

Today I share two scriptural references from the Bible. This was not an accident, but very intentional. They work well together and bring balance to today’s message.

People oftentimes reference Jesus and the sacrifices he made when they want to excuse themselves from their responsibility to their family—the family that was a gift from God. These individuals do not understand the life and legacy of Jesus Christ, nor do they understand the examples that he set for us to follow. What they know are the often regurgitated catchy sayings and verses, but they do not put into context his life and lessons that are comprised throughout the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. They also fail to see his connection and closeness to family—look closely to those individuals, besides his disciples and followers, that were always with him for the most part.

Read and then let’s have a discussion.

Let us not confuse doing good work for the least of these as our only proof of servitude and faithfulness to God. Our first and most important priority is Him. If we are faithful and obedient to Him then we will not only find but receive balance in our lives. When we are confused and busily working at trying to play Him, and do His job, we then see a life filled with chaos, despair, and ruin—the playground of satan.

Do not attempt to hide from God by doing good deeds in His name. Either you form and nurture a genuine relationship with Him built on obedience and faithfulness, or not, but unlike the rest of us, there is no faking it with Him.

Your mission when properly aligned with God, His mission, and purpose for you, will always lead to a life of greatness—and especially within your family. You must ask God to show you the way, and then you must obediently follow.

Learn to have first a fear of God, then work to balance this fear while upholding your responsibility to family, and then by gaining favor from friends and associates from work, church, and the community.

God first, family (which includes self) second, career third. In that order is balance, out of order comes chaos—satan’s playground. Which will you choose?


Father I pray for a balanced life between work and play, between serving You and being in service of Your children. I pray to always be faithful to You, to Your Kingdom, and to my mission and purpose. While I also pray to be faithful to my family, whom You brought to me so that we might all be in service and gratitude to You. Father please continue to nurture my insight and discernment, and mold my level of patience through observation and an understanding that in time all things will happen as You plan. Block my enemies from standing in the way of fulfilling my mission in Your Kingdom. Block my enemies from their attempt to dissuade, manipulate, deter, or cause me to fail. I humbly pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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