Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 5.31.19


Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”

Matthew 4:10


There is no room for fixation, worship, or service of anything or anyone but God. We cannot be consumed by our material possessions or the desire for them. We cannot worry or contemplate about what we have or had, what we lost or gained. Each moment of each day we are told by God, Jesus and the Bible, that we should be centered around and on God.

No, I don’t want to lose my car, go bankrupt, or be homeless—at the same time I am learning to pray and leave things to God, rather than obsess and still get nothing accomplished. These material possessions are His, on loan to us. So we should learn to pray to Him and ask Him how He wants to handle His possessions. We should ask Him about the pending late payment or collection notice, and how He would like to handle their resolutions—as we are stewards of His possessions—not the other way around.

Worry won’t stop the bill collectors, repo man, or banks attempting to foreclose on your property. But prayer and unwavering conviction, and faith in God’s ability to do all and resolve all, can change your circumstances for the better. God can get rid of the bill collectors, repo man, and foreclosure by supplying you with the resources that you need to get those debts off of your back, and silence the enemy who calls you a failure. God can place you in a position where you can provide for yourself and your family, without added struggle or sacrifice.

The blessings, in many forms, will come through disciplined service and worship of God. But if we invest our time and energy in the material and not the spiritual, we will surely lose those things we possess and admire–-and never gain those things we are focused on attaining. The material is and always will be temporary, but the spiritual is everlasting and boundless.

I have lost more material possessions than some people will ever have. It was a crushing blow each time, but it also humbled me and reminded me that I put more value in what I possessed materially than my spiritual relationship with God. I valued things more than I valued Him. Even though I was a steward of those things, I wasn’t being a faithful and honorable steward. I was forgetting that everything I thought that I owned, I merely was leasing from God—and I wasn’t showing my gratitude on a regular and consistent basis.

I had to be reminded that there are no ‘things’ without Him. There are no cars, jewelry, furniture, clothes, art work, accessories, home, high-balance bank accounts, investments, or anything else—without God.

Just as He gives He can take away, and believe it or not, He does both with love. We cannot benefit from Him and then serve another. It is all or nothing. I choose to dedicate my life to serving God, to work each day to purge my body and my life of impurities, and live transparently for Him so that He may fill me with His goodness—and bless me accordingly.

What are your thoughts? Where do you see yourself in your walk? Have you been struggling with speaking, thinking, and doing right? In what areas can you improve so that you can be a better ambassador for Christ?


Father, I will only worship and serve You. I bless Your children through service as Your ambassador, but I serve only You as You are my Creator, Master, Husband, and Father-Mother. I work each day to resist the enemy’s plot to tear me down, manipulate me into doing its work, and convince me to destroy myself. Each day I try to watch and control my words, thoughts, and actions. There are moments when I may slip, and say or think something negative, or react negatively, and I try to catch myself immediately to make right the wrong. I ask for forgiveness, for those moments when I fail, and instead give in to the temptation to think, speak, and behave negatively and recklessly.

Father, help me to shield myself with Your light, to protect myself from the darkness. I pray for Jesus’s guidance to show me how he consistently rebuked the enemy and forced it to get out of his way. I don’t want anything or anyone distracting me from reflecting Your love and light. Touch my heart and mind Lord. Remove all darkness and fill me only with Your light. Amen.

I hope today’s message spoke deeply to someone. As we all struggle with the temptations that will always lead us astray, let’s not only pray for ourselves, but for each other.

Enjoy your last day of May, reflect on the obstacles that you overcame and how God guided and protected you. Then embrace the possibilities that June can bring! Think of all the ways that you can be open in service to our Father. Isn’t that an awesome feeling?

Love your sister in Christ,


Copyright 2012-2019. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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