Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 9.9.19


Never mind about your belongings, because the best of all Egypt will be yours.’”

Genesis 45:20


Some of us are hoarders of the past; hoarders of junk, clothes, furniture, trinkets, trophies, and do-dads that are of no real use to us, especially not in the future. They are merely taking up space. We can’t receive the blessings God has in store for us because our hands and rooms are filled to capacity with ‘stuff’.

Some of us are hoarders of past and present failures, hurt, and pain. The more that we hold onto the less hope and faith that we can embrace. We are consumed by what happened to us. This prevents us from learning the lessons from each experience, and moving forward.

Some of us are hoarders of past successes that keep us in the nostalgic state of what once-was, but prevents us from living fully in the present. Our past successes block us from creating new ones, as we are always comparing what is to what was. Maybe you’re hung up on your teenage years, your twenties, the before-I-became-a-parent era, a previous career, or some other time long ago that you think was the best time of your life. Whenever you get a chance to relive your heyday years, you do. For you, the small period of time is the highlight of your life so you hoard every memory and keepsake so that you always have it near to rehash and fantasize about the good ole days.

Some of us hold on to past relationships or to relationships that have long expired, but we desperately want to keep them around. We don’t see that all things have a life cycle, and that by holding on to someone you prevent them from having experiences, learning lessons, and receiving blessings—and you do the same in your life. You’re selfishly trying to keep them to yourself, which imprisons you both, and creates an even bigger void that can’t be filled.

In all of the scenarios that I’ve provided here, we are so consumed by what coulda, shoulda, and woulda been that our vision is blurred and our mental space is congested.

The only way to receive our blessings is to make space for them by de-cluttering our lives, getting rid of the excess, walking away from the baggage, and cleaning our mental and physical houses so that nothing is blocking the way.

Let go! Your best and brightest days are still ahead of you.


Father, I want to let go of the excess, let go of the past, and move forward in my present so that I can have a rewarding future. I want to move forward on the path that You have placed before me, so I understand that I must be willing to leave behind or let go of belongings and experiences that I have acquired over the years, because You have planned to provide only the best in abundance for me elsewhere. I am ready Lord to let go; to sell, donate, and give away that which I don’t need, to lovingly end what needs to be ended, to walk away that which doesn’t bring You glory, and to leave behind what belongs in the past, so that I am free to receive the new blessings that are in store for me. In Your name, the great I Am, I pray. Amen.

Love always,


Copyright 2011-2019. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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