Breaking Bread for 1.20.20


All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the lord.

Proverbs 16:2


If in your walk you have reason to question whether what you are doing is right in the eyes of the Lord then you already know the answer. If there’s a possibility of harm, negative disruption, and having to repent—stop what you’re doing right now.

You’re not walking in God’s light. That’s a flashlight aimed over you by the enemy. The enemy is giving you a fake accent light and you think it’s God.

Open your eyes and see that you are being led to the darkness. Stop right now before a domino set of dysfunction comes tumbling down in your life.

But if you care not to even weigh your decisions, if you casually do and say whatever you want without consideration to whether it is of God— then God will of course weigh things with and for you. I’m just trying to help you steer away from the drama that awaits you.


Father, You know my heart and I pray that my motives are aligned with Your expectations and plans for me. If they are not, I pray that You swiftly and lovingly re-direct me so that I do not have to learn the hard way. Save me from the painstakingly and extremely long way. Help me to discern and be clear through Your clarity. In Your name I pray. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved.
All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman

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