Breaking Bread for 2.7.20


As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.

1 Peter 2:16 (KJV)


We are free people given the right to make decisions in our lives. We can either choose a life of dishonesty, deceit, maliciousness, and hate—or we can choose to live in God’s loving light. This is true whether you live in a developed or developing country, in a democracy or under the rule of a dictator. You decide your actions. You decide to love or hate, embrace or reject.

There is no reason to lie to or mistreat another person ever. Now let’s be clear, a person trying to harm you and your family should never be told the truth that brings you harm. I’m speaking of matters of the heart. I’m referring to ethics in life and profession. I’m referring to our daily walk. Looking through those lens, we don’t have reason to lie or mistreat other people.

There is no reason to live a life of deceit. You can’t be honest with one person about a situation and then tell another person a lie about the same situation. You are still being a liar, and are then working towards the enemy’s plan, not God’s. It is better to be honest and they despise you for a short time than to lie to them and they spend the rest of their lives seeking revenge.

If in your honesty they still seek the latter— then you are still blessed in knowing the true character of that person— that they don’t seek the truth, they only seek what will make them feel and look good. They are then walking in the lies of the enemy and have no desire to walk and live by God’s truth. By telling them the truth and not allowing either of you to live in the lie you have been blessed by God. Thank Him.

Seek out God’s guidance at all times, in all ways, through every circumstance. Ask God to speak through you. The truth should be delivered in honor, through respect and love.

Don’t dump truth on someone wrapped in a box of malice.

If you fear telling the truth, don’t lie, just be honest that you fear the truth would harm them, or that you fear their reaction. If they have a history of not reacting well to the truth, tell them this and explain that this is a reason for your hesitancy and resistance. You may have to agree to table a conversation until you both can handle it. Pray for God to guide you through those conversations.

Now let me say this, don’t play around using the mental gymnastics of semantics. We like doing this because we think we’re somehow working through a loophole in God’s statements. You can’t get over on God. There aren’t loopholes. Those, my friends, are traps that you create for yourself. Stop crawling around trying to be sneaky. Walk upright. Are you serving God or the enemy? Then act and speak accordingly.


Father, thank You for freeing me every time I allow myself to be shackled to fear and doubt, and to circumstances. Thank You for freeing my mind and heart that I might have discernment to see the truth in people— and a warmed heart that I might love Your children even when they don’t express love in return. And in this freedom, my mind and heart is always to be focused on You first— waiting for Your guidance.

Father, I never want to deceive You. I never want to deceive others. I only want honesty in my life. And in moments when I am swayed by the enemy to not be open, upfront, honest, and forthcoming with myself and others— stop me Father and redirect my path. Father, there is no such thing as being honorable when you are only honest and loving to a few, yet tell lies to (and treat harshly) others.

I want to always be loving and honest Father, even if in my honesty it hurts someone’s feelings. I pray for Your guidance in those situations. Keep me from dumping truth with malice. If my intent is not loving, then redirect me until I get there.

I know that the truth could hurt, and that the pain should be temporal—but it could take root and last a painfully long time. But I also know that lying to them could cause permanent harm, that I truly don’t want to inflict. Help me to lovingly navigate through these moments.

Show me how to always be loving and honest Father. In Your name I pray. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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