Breaking Bread for 2.19.20


In you, lord my God, I put my trust.

Psalm 25:1


There is no other truth, reality, comfort, or source of reliance except our heavenly Father. Trust in Him and put everything else to the side. When you doubt someone close to you, trust that God will always reveal the truth and bring you out of harm’s way.

When you doubt your ability to accomplish or overcome something, trust that the Lord is there to help you. When fear tries to take ahold of you, turn to God for comfort and courage. He will show you the lies that fear hides.

When you’re being a hypocrite there is no better source to realign you and get you right, than God. There is no shame with God, just truth, love, acceptance, and an understanding that freedom is only in and through Him. He forgives us before we forgive ourselves. That’s why we carry guilt and shame. We think we’re unworthy of forgiveness. God tells us that He is the only judge that can rule on that. We just have to trust Him.

When envy or jealousy rear their ugly heads, don’t hesitate to tune into God’s voice, to overshadow and pull you away from the enemy’s lure down those toxic snake dens. There is nothing meant for you given to others. Comparing yourself and your life to others is a trap of the enemy. And God reminds us that all that we have, entertain, and spend time with, is on loan to us. It is not ours. It is God’s. From relationships to material items. God loans to us for our growth and development, to help us be better stewards and ambassadors, and to give us opportunities to serve Him fully and with great appreciation. So trust Him to know what is best for you. Trust Him with what comes and what goes, short-term and long-term. Trust Him with your present. Yes, it is a gift!


Father, when I can’t put my trust in man I know that I can always trust in You. When man has betrayed me and caused me to question their honor, loyalty, and truthfulness I know that You will never fail me and let me down. When I’ve been disloyal or dishonest, I can trust that You will realign me. You will make me face the truth one way or another. It may not be swift but it will be impactful. You humble me.

Father, I know that You will never lie, deceive, mistreat, or hide anything from me. I know that in You Lord the truth is always revealed and for those reasons and more I humbly and always will follow You and praise Your holy name. Even when I stray from Your path, I will return, because I know that there is no better here or there than with You.

You make it possible for the enemy to exist. That way the truth can always be revealed, and we will believe You when You say that not everything that appears to be good is right. Without temptation we would abuse even more our relationship with You, breeding contempt for familiarity—another trap of the enemy. It’s sad that this is the only way we recognize You as our salvation, is through enduring trials and tribulations. But I thank You for loving us enough to be there whenever we need You, even when we don’t realize we need You. You are here through our ignorance and into our enlightenment. I give You all of the glory. Amen.



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