Breaking Bread for 2.25.20


The wise in heart are called discerning, and gracious words promote instruction.

Proverbs 16:21


Pray to see, hear, feel, and know how, where and when God wants you to be somewhere—and doing something. Even if you don’t know the why. Let your faith guide you.

Those with discernment are wiser than the most notable geniuses, for that discernment connects you directly with the highest of intelligence, the Infinite Mind— God—and there is no mind, presence or power greater, fairer, more loving, or wiser than He.

Tap in, tune in, dial in, connect with Him from the start to the finish of each day. Speak with Him and listen for Him. You will begin to tell the voice of the Spirit compared to the voice of the flesh. You will learn to tell the difference between the voice that protects you and the one that tempts you.

How many times while reading this did you hear a voice that said, “stop reading” or told you that you had something else more important to do? Do you think God would redirect you from a message that is encouraging you to strengthen your relationship with Him? Do you think God would try to convince you that there is something more important than praising and praying to Him?

So then who’s voice was it?

There are countless tricks and traps waiting for you in the world. You need discernment to avoid and get out of them. You were born connected to God. The enemy just spend its time looking for an outlet to plug into you and drain your energy. It uses tricks and traps to convince you to allow it to plug into you.

It has to have your permission. Which means you either know you’re collaborating with the enemy, or you’re totally clueless— until all hell breaks loose in your internal world, and then you realize that you signed up to be hoodwinked by the enemy.

That’s why discernment and remaining in constant communication with God is important. When you’re too busy with God you don’t have time to be distracted by the enemy.

The stronger your relationship with God, the more the enemy tempts. Do you recall some of the times when the enemy tried to tempt Jesus to turn from God? Do you remember the enemy’s terror streak through Job’s life? Recall how David dishonored himself and God through his adultery, betrayal of his closest friend, Uriah, and his attempts to cover up his sins. The enemy didn’t make him do it. It just tempted him by timing perfectly the opportunity for David to see his friend’s wife, Bathsheba, bathing. David didn’t turn away. He didn’t rebuke the thoughts that came to him. No, he gave in to them. He entertained them. With that the seeds of temptation were planted. The more David gave in the more those seeds were watered and fed, until the grew roots and broke soil as a tree. David had his friend murdered so he could be with his friend’s wife. The enemy didn’t make David do it. David made those decisions.

You can’t blame the enemy for the decisions that you make. The enemy is just the dealer, you have to buy the product and use it. The dealer can’t sell what you don’t buy.

Where does your faith rest?

Just as God knows your strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs—so does the enemy.

Knowing that your desire is to be closer and more faithful to God, you need some sound-cancelling adapters to tune out the enemy so you are only tuned in and influenced by God.

As the saying goes, “not everything that glitters is gold” and with that, not everything or everyone that looks good, is right. Some things and people are tricks and traps used by the enemy. You need discernment to tell the difference between God’s blessings and words, and the enemy’s counterfeits and lies.

You need some God goggles and headphones!


Father, I pray for discernment in all ways and in all things. I pray to always hear Your voice and be able to tell the difference between Your voice and that of the enemy’s, or any other voice. I pray to be obedient to Your voice, direction, and command.

Father, let me discern the steps to take and the decisions to make, so that I am not distracted by the superfluous. My desire is to honor, obey, and glorify You. Please lovingly correct my course when I stray.

Strengthen me so that I can push past the temptation. In Your name and Jesus’ name I pray and I praise. Amen.

Love always,


Copyright 2012-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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