Breaking Bread for 2.27.20


To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.

Proverbs 8:13


You have choices in life. You can choose to:

  • do right or wrong
  • lie or tell the truth
  • cheat on your significant other or be faithful for as long as you remain together
  • be abusive or be loving
  • be controlling or supportive
  • pursue a person who is in a relationship or find someone who is single and available
  • curse at someone or choose other words to express your disappointment or anger
  • lash out in anger or walk away in love
  • be prideful and suffer, or open and receptive
  • steal things or earn what we want
  • gossip or refrain from such chatter
  • be arrogant or give glory to God for all that we have.

We all have a choice.

Making Clear Perverted Speech

Over time people have only thought of perversion to mean something sexual. In the time period and context of the Bible and specifically of this book known as Proverbs, the Aramaic and Hebrew word that was translated by Greeks and later Romans to be the words duplicitous or perverted, meant to be deceitful, corrupted, or distorted from its original state. Such as, “You perverted the truth“. So when you speak with perversion you are being deceitful or distorting truth.

When you read Proverbs 8:13 in the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB), the word they use is duplicitous. In NIV and AMP they use the word perverted. In the CEB the word they used was corrupt. And in the King James Version (KJV) the word is froward—which means contrary or difficult to deal with.

We have lazily rested our minds and speech solely on the commonly referenced definition of being a pervert, which means being sexually abnormal. And because of this we have perverted the intended meaning in the Bible, and made the choice to judge and abuse countless people in our desire to play God, by thinking that we know what He thinks and believes about every single sexual act, as well as every act that could be perceived as sexual in nature. We do this with all things in which we form opinions.

Which interestingly enough is pure arrogance—another sin. We sin while judging and punishing others for sinning. The irony.

This leads me to the sin of pride.

Pride is a Beast

We choose to be prideful and withhold requests for help from others. Our pride blocks our blessings. We know that we’re afraid, in pain, drowing in debt, can’t figure out our next steps—yet, our pride holds us back from reaching out to others and asking for help, guidance, relief, or a listening ear.

Our pride tells us that we can figure it out ourself, do it on our own, or any other number of foolish rationalizations that keep us from getting the help we desperately need.

Pride keeps us from seeing the people and opportunities that God has placed before us. Pride mutes our prayers, because pride makes it all about us, when we need to be all about God. Pride will even delay us from asking God for help, or when we do, we only ration to Him what we think we need help with. There is nothing that we don’t need His help with.

Sadly, we’re too ignorant to remember that He already knows our problems, fears, issues, etc. He’s just waiting for us to come to Him and ask for help. He’s waiting on us to come to Him to ask to walk in partnership with Him. He’s waiting for us to surrender and let go, acknowledging that which we have no control over. You have to be willing to be transparent and vulnerable with yourself and with God. He already knows all. He wants you to be open and willing. He wants you to choose Him and a relationship with Him.

No Person or Spirit Forces You

No one and nothing is forcing us to make a decision in life. Good or bad, right or wrong. It’s a choice.

We choose the words and actions that we engage in each day. We entertain the thoughts that later become things. We entertain thoughts that turn into our speech. You can’t get away with the excuse, “the devil made me do it” because although you are always under constant attack by “it”, the decisions you make are solely yours, as are the repercussions.

So what choices will you make today? What will you relinquish so that you can have a better relationship with God?


Father, thank You for this day; another day to express my gratitude and joy. Father, I want to be more like Jesus. I want to be the essence of what I was at birth, before human interference. I want to walk with the sense of dignity that comes from doing right, living right, speaking and acting in love, and placing You as my first priority—each and every day.

I rebuke evil, pride, arrogance, infidelity, and other sinful ways. When I face these things Father, warm my heart but turn my body away—that I may lovingly walk away. In Jesus’ name I pray to You. Amen.



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