Breaking Bread for 3.2.20


Let me warn you now, today’s message is going to take you there, and “there” may be past your comfort zone. But it’s necessary to bring light to what causes us to not have and live in peace. This is a lengthy message, but if I didn’t type what I did then I wouldn’t be obedient to God. This message is for those who want to walk in truth and light, not fear. If you’re ready, let’s begin!



Too long have I lived among those who hate peace.

Psalm 120:6


We have people who claim to be spiritual, religious, and God-loving, yet they are filled with so much hate that you have to strain to see and feel God’s light within them.

They have placed so many walls up and deflected and rejected God on so many levels, in so many instances, that you wonder why they even claim to be a servant of God. Why do they even profess a commitment that they don’t clearly demonstrate?

It is 2020 and we are surrounded by even more hate, fear, and pain than when I first wrote this message in 2012. When hope starts looking like doubt, this is when we must pray more, remain focused and determined, and continue to strive to do better and be better servants in our daily walk. It is through our daily demonstration that people see God or see the enemy in us.

It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or anything else—if you are being unloving then your religion means absolutely nothing.

And honestly, it is not man’s religion, but the deeds and speech exemplified that carries the spiritual weight of humankind. We hide behind religion. We use religion as a force. We don’t do this for our Creator, we do it for ourselves. We are glorifying man and masking it as something more, as though we are glorifying God.

The erected structures, rituals, symbolism, and fancy robes and titles we use, mean nothing to our Creator. The potter wants the clay to look and be as it was created.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, yet we have perverted this life to appear to be the opposite. Humans have hijacked spirituality and tried to force human layers and components within and atop it, to form what we call religion.

We keep trying to play God, and then we wonder why this pseudo engineering keeps failing.

Separation of Church & State

The separation of church and state is a paraphrase of Thomas Jefferson, taken from his statement on the First Amendment to protect the people from the government, whereby the people would not be subjected to laws that created or governed religions or imposed upon the free practice of one’s religion.

It protected the people’s rights to speak freely about their government and country, and how they felt as citizens of the country. It protected the press, so that journalists could research and interview, and report their findings without government interference.

James Madison (the framer of the US Constitution) said that the future of the country was staked on the capacity of each person to govern themselves based on the Ten Commandments.

Our laws come from the Ten Commandments. So you can’t separate God from politics. We are to hold politicians accountable to the laws of man that were created on the laws of God. What did Jesus say and do concerning the Jewish politicians and leaders? What do you think Jesus would say and do today when looking at the political climates in the US and elsewhere?

To say he would be displeased would be an understatement.

Let’s examine and address our individual, collective, and political roles in influencing and attacking other people and nations—while calling ourselves Christians. Let’s look what we are doing to God’s children. Let’s look at what we’re allowing ourselves to take part in.

9/11 and Muslims

Before September 11, 2001, our country really didn’t have any issues with Muslims specifically, or those of Middle Eastern descent, in general. We felt that Muslim concerns were theirs alone, and we mostly saw disturbances between Muslims and Jews, not Christians. We specifically felt that Palestinian concerns were issues between them and Israel.

We pretty much remained neutral because we benefited greatly to neutrality. That didn’t mean we weren’t meddling in affairs that could further benefit us (because we did and do) and it didn’t mean we weren’t placing our hands in every Middle Eastern cookie jar (because we did and still do). We had our squirmishes and political conflicts such as Desert Storm and others. But we weren’t publicly badmouthing Muslims. It wasn’t every day talk.

We definitely weren’t attacking the Islamic faith. Before 9/11, those with direct and indirect roots to the Middle East did not live in fear in the United States. Now they do. People who aren’t even Muslim, like Sikhs (from India) have been victimized simply because of the color of their skin and they wear head wrappings. If only people knew that Sikhism was a religion created due to religious persecution because they would not convert to Islam.

Just like Christianity came from the labor pains of separating from Judaism. And just like people persecuted Jews and Christians for their religious beliefs and refusal to convert, Christians did the same to people all around the world. How can you torture and kill people because they don’t want to worship your God or your way? That’s not what Jesus taught.

But interesting enough, Islam is the closest religion to Christianity, as both believe in judgment, heaven, hell, spirits, angels, and a future resurrection. And both highly regard Jesus—a savior to Christians and a prophet to Muslims. But for the most part, both groups allow the devil to manipulate them into hating each other. Something Jesus taught against. The irony.

What happened on 9/11/01 was evil, demonstrated in a series of events that killed and harmed many innocent people. Don’t let the actions of a few convince you to be a judge of all, nor should you use that or any other event as your excuse to exchange evil for evil.

Islam is not your enemy. Muslims are not your enemy. Middle Easterners are not your enemy.

Satan is the enemy and you must discern when it uses a few people to have a massive impact on the most people. The person is not evil, for God created the person— he or she is merely a puppet of the enemy. Call out the enemy for its works and pray for the souls it used and discarded.


Prior to 2014, we didn’t have any real issues with Mexico or their citizens. Yes, Arizona and Texas hemmed and hawed about a few things. California passed some propositions, such as 187, circa 1994, but we didn’t have a nationwide, collective, position against Mexico.

Back then we saw our issues as our issues. Our lack of jobs was because we were closing locations and businesses, relocating, or outsourcing for cheaper overseas labor. We pointed the finger towards businesses and our government, not people.

Now we blame Mexico and Mexicans for our lack of jobs—even in industries that barely have Mexican workers. We blame them for our crime rates, growth pains, influx of other immigrants, and for white Americans slowly losing status as the racial majority in the US (according to census records).

Mexico only borders four US states (all of which used to be Mexico’s territory before 1848) yet we hear and see people in the majority of our states demanding the building of a wall to keep out Mexicans and other Latin and Spanish people who could enter through those four states. Shouldn’t northern states be begging for a wall to keep Canadians out? Since they too freely cross the borders of roughly 11 US states. Ah, but they don’t look Mexican so they’re fine.

I heard someone in Georgia say how their state needed the wall, obviously not realizing that Georgia doesn’t border Mexico. It borders Florida, which borders the ocean. They obviously failed geography in school.

Some people have had limited to no contact with Mexicans, yet to them, they are their enemy. They see other people who appear to be of Spanish descent, and they call them Mexicans.

People who are brown-skinned are being attacked, bullied, and mistreated for no other reason than because they’re different and they heard a politician say and do things that gave them the greenlight to do as they please.

Fear and ego are clouding our minds. The true enemy (satan) is feeding on this and it’s killing us.

Jesus said build bridges not walls.


The only reason we now (in the past 6 years) see China as our enemy is because while we were sitting back on our hunches, being lazy and entitled for the past 30 years, China was hitting the books (education), learning from us (replication of our products), and focused and determined to get out of the shadows of Japan and the United States (through trade, business, innovation, etc.)

While we re-routed money to our military budget so we could be the biggest, baddest, bravest military force on the planet, China poured resources into educating their people, and helping to finance their education in European and US colleges and universities, to then return and empower others.

While we soaked up the luxuries during the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, they dug deeper to be better, faster, and more relevant. While our companies tried to avoid taxation by outsourcing and offshoring to China, the companies in China took this influx of opportunities and leveraged it to their benefit—creating millions of jobs, starting competing brands, and being the number one exporter of consumer goods in the US and other countries.

In doing so, China grew wealthier, stronger, smarter, more confident, more competent, and more competitive. And now, the US has even bigger ego, greed, and pride issues. Now our fear of no longer being number one is causing us to lash out in anger.

Well, heck, we clearly weren’t concerned with being number one in public education. We plummeted down that list so far and so fast that we’re a laughingstock in other countries. As of 2018, the US education ranking was 38th in math scores and 24th in science. That’s why students are more inclined to come to the US for college, because their primary and secondary education runs laps on ours. And, even with that, we’re ranked number 6 in the world for adult education. Canada, Japan, Israel, Korea, and the UK take spots one through five respectively.

Our country has the 12th highest obesity rate, we rank number 5 of highest cancer rates, number 3 in diabetes, and we’re killing our people off through the foods and toxins that we have knowingly polluted them with. We come in second place behind China as the world’s biggest polluters.

We lost focus of what was said to be most important to us, our people.

Now we arrogantly want to act as though the people are our biggest priority—as we line our pockets with mass incarceration (modern day slavery), keep increasing military funding (and putting our soldiers in harm’s way), and continue raising salaries of politicians (who are supposed to be elected public servants receiving modest pay).

We are slashing funding to public education (pushing us farther down the list), continue raising tuition at public colleges and universities, and are attempting to do away with social security, medicaid, medicare, and public K-12 schools. But our people are our number one priority.

Bull hockey!

Our number one priority is chaos. So, chaos we create. Chaos we stir.

And sadly, China’s desire to compete and win, has also caused them to join in on creating chaos through pollution, human rights violations, contaminated food, counterfeit products, and unleashing bioweapons, such as the SARS and COVID-19 CoronaViruses, that they “accidentally” released on the public. This my friends, just stirs up more chaos. None of which is of God. That’s the devil’s rollercoaster ride.

Now the US has one more reason to battle China—another box checked by satan.

Our Ugliness Revealed

Since 9/11 our country has shown what level we have cowardly lowered ourselves to, and how far we will go to make others feel our pain and despair. Even when we are perpetrators of others, we feel inclined to marginalize their pain and elevate our own.

We attempt to extricate ourselves from the proof of our inhumane, ungodly, egregious acts. And justify and rationalize what we can’t get away from. Then we wonder, in total shock, why our victims would retaliate. It is clear that we don’t want peace. We thrive on conflict.

Our politicians seem to think and believe that only in proving our power through brute force, can we maintain a dominant position as a world leader. Chaos over peace. So they take what is not theirs, interfere in matters not their own, weaponize and train others to fight our enemies, create more enemies, turn on our own citizens, breed fear and ignorance, and make promises that we can’t or won’t keep.

In 2019, The United States had the highest prisoner rate in the world, with 655 prisoners per 100,000 of the national population. Like I said, modern day slavery. I won’t share the data on how many prisons use inmate labor to make and assemble the products you and I buy. Yet our government admonished Burma and China for their use of prison labor. There we see more hypocrisy.

How is That of God?

People in our country have verbally, emotionally, and physically attacked others in the name of God and Christianity. Some even stoop desperately low, and attempt to create legal ways to attack people of various races and religions out of fear. Our history has been built on these acts. Does that look like something of God, or of the devil?

We have taken five steps forward and four steps back since the civil rights movement. People challenged President Obama to prove he’s American and Christian, and then still doubt the authenticity of his birth certificate and the declaration of religious leaders who vouch for his Christian upbringing.

Nobody cared about his nationality and religion until he ran for President. That was all fueled by the anti-Muslim rhetoric gifted by satan and administered by his puppets. Before President Obama was nominated and later elected, religion was never a heavy point in politics (it wasn’t a lasting issue for John F. Kennedy).

There’s no way the vileness and filth we heard and saw came from God. It was and is pure wickedness, with one goal—chaos. Not peace. Never peace. That is the goal of the enemy that we call satan, the devil, lucifer, and so on.

Yet these same men and women walk around professing to be Christians. Some going so far as to make clear their demarcation, as being evangelical Christians. Talk about stepping eyebrow deep in hypocrisy and blasphemy.

Does this make them any more Christian? Does this make them “good” Christians? How are we following God’s commands when we’re too busy making up our own rules as we go along? How are they walking like Jesus?

The Bible tells us we are not to serve as judge and question the faith of a person who declares to be a follower of Christ, for it is their actions and character that is most important in proving their walk and devotion to God.

Jesus Denounced Exactly How We’re Living Today

Jesus spent his days denouncing religion, religious leaders, and the perverted practices that re-worked God’s laws and intent to better serve man’s conveniences. The clay pretending to be the potter.

Jesus didn’t create and form Christianity. He was teaching how to live in the absence of man’s constructions, to live fully and free in God’s. It was Jesus’s followers who more than 100 years after his ascension, that started calling this new way of living and being, Christianity. They did this to distinguish themselves from those of Jewish upbringing. And in doing so, we have since corrupted and mangled Jesus’s teaching and practice, millennia after millennia.

Supposedly we want people to be Christian, yet we act like four-legged savages waiting to attack anything that doesn’t look right to us. Who would want to be affiliated with a group who hates others because of their names, color of their skin, where they live or where they are from, their beliefs, and how they worship?

Supposedly we want people to be Christian. Supposedly, the way we walk and talk is a reflection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Absolute blasphemy!

One thing is clear, God and Jesus are not in the hearts and minds of people who walk around with evil intent.

There are probably more conditional Christians than true followers, so who is fit to measure the ‘Christian-ness’ of people? Especially politicians who feel entitled to serve as judge of these and other things. Politicians who raise their hands as a sign of their faith, and then use those same hands to sign away the fate of thousands of lives.

Jesus said, taught, and practiced building bridges, not walls. He loved people yet hated the evil practices they knowingly or unknowingly did with the influence of the enemy. He worked to free people from that influence, from the grip they allowed the enemy to have over them.

Jesus took the cross for our sins, to rectify the wrongs, to serve as the example for us to follow. And here we are, still sinning and acting like fools and savages!

So-called Christians are walking around spreading hate in the name of Jesus and God. Burning crosses, spreading lies, and doing other evil things, yet they have the audacity to call themselves Christians, recite God’s Word, and compare themselves to Jesus.

What does God and Jesus think of our country and our world? What does God think of the racists, child molesters, abusers, slave traders, murderers, religious zealots, false prophets and pretend followers? What would you do if you were God? What would you do if you were Jesus?

Family, We Must Pray!

Pray for each other and pray for ourselves. Pray that God shows us mercy and grace. We can live in this world but not be a product of it. Let’s do our part each day to walk and speak in love, and to reflect God’s light through our words and actions. Catch yourself before you speak harsh words to or about others.

Pray for people, even the people who do the most harm. Pray that God touches their hearts in a way that changes their thoughts and behaviors, and frees them from the vice grip the enemy has on them. They are under an influence that they clearly can’t resist and fight on their own. Some may have even agreed to sell their souls or give up something else God-given, in order to achieve or acquire something of the flesh. They don’t know what they don’t know. Ego, pride, and greed are deadly sins. The darkness and pain around the world are led by these three, and fueled by fear. And who is the dealer of fear? The enemy.

So pray for each and every person on this planet. Each life impacts the next.


Father, I pray for Your children who spew hate from their lips yet claim to be Your faithful servants. Father heal them of their infliction for they are blinded by ignorance and fear. Father, heal the greedy, prideful, and egocentric. Heal those who stand proudly in hate, and those who hide when the light shines their way.

Father heal those who always seek war and vengeance, and those who do so in Your name. Heal those who conditionally want to acknowledge You and use You for personal gain, but then reject You when in their twisted mind the moment doesn’t serve them.

Touch their hearts Father, and touch mine any time it isn’t aligned with Yours. This I pray humbly and sincerely. Amen.



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