Breaking Bread for 3.3.20


Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you, as the Father sent me, so I am sending you.” CEB

John 20:21

“ Shalom aleikhem !” Yeshua repeated. “Just as the Father sent me, I myself am also sending you.”

Yochanan (Jhn) 20:21 CJB


Not all are called to do the same thing or to go the same places. We may come together and then have to go our separate ways. God makes no mistakes. He is never confused or absentminded. God knew exactly what was needed of Jesus, and what He would experience and be subjected to, long before Jesus was conceived and born to Mary.

That is why God spoke through others who prophesied of Jesus’s birth, life, influence, persecution, crucifixion, and ascension. What came to pass had to unfold exactly as it was told by God. It was to bring full circle what God was trying to get His people to see, realize, and embrace. Yet many didn’t and many still don’t.

God sent Jesus and before his ascension, Jesus called on his remaining disciples to go out to the world and do as they were taught. They had walked with him, learned from him, long enough. It was now time for them to demonstrate, without using him as a crutch, that they could walk, see, feel, and heal by faith alone. They would be strengthened in numbers to lovingly hold each other accountable, to be each other’s keeper, and to lock arms of conviction against the attacks of the enemy called satan.

Before our conception, God knew us and knew the plans He had for us. He knew that there would be distractions, interference, hiccups, and blunders along the way. He already knew the times we would stray, be tempted, give in to temptation, and be redirected. He knew then where and what we would be doing this day—seeing me typing this message and you reading and sharing it with others. God saw all of this before we were created. Embrace that reality.

God has called on each of us to do something that builds, strengthens, and solidifies His Kingdom as infinite supreme. How do you know your calling if you aren’t asking and listening to Him? Not casually but intentionally and intensely. It may be through prayer, meditation, or just lying in silence and listening for His voice.

Some of us are chasing, pursuing, and already involved in things, activities, and relationships that aren’t aligned with our purpose, mission, and calling. Some of us are intoxicated by the luring nature of the flesh, limited by human senses and reasoning—when we need to be tapped in, locked in, and operating from and in the Spirit of God.

What has He sent you to do here on Earth, in the human body that you have? What is your current assignment? How far have you deviated from the path and plan? Or are you right on target? If you don’t know, ask Him. He will answer you, guide you, and correct you. Just as He did Jesus!

The first step in knowing is believing. If you don’t believe then how will you receive? Make sure that your heart and mind are ready and open to fully connect and receive from God.


You are never not on time Father. You always show up and show out right on time. You always send signs and messages as reminders that You are here, listening, watching, and waiting.

Father, I was praying for more peace in my life. I was praying that I’d see what You have placed before me, and right when I needed reassurance it came in an electronic message, of all things. Your reach is limitless.

Thank You Father. Help me to see everything that You need me to see, exactly where, when, and how You need me to see it. Help me to embrace all that is for my use to fulfill the mission that You have placed before me. Strengthen and encourage me to go beyond my comfort zone, to be all that I was called to be. In Your son Yeshua’s name I pray to You today and always. Amen.



Copyright 2012-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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