Breaking Bread for 3.12.20


He also said to them, “Is a lamp brought in to be put under a basket or under a bed? Isn’t it to be put on a lampstand? For nothing is concealed except to be revealed, and nothing hidden except to come to light.

Mark 4:21-22 HCSB


God is our light. Follow the light and all Truth is revealed. Everything done in the dark comes to light, for error cannot hide from Truth, just as nothing can hide from God. Open your eyes.


Father, may I always see, even when my eyes are shut. Always reveal the truth to me at the level that You know I can handle, and when You see fit. As I get stronger I realize that my yoke adjusts, but never too light where I don’t understand hard work, and never too heavy where I can’t bear another moment.

Help me to understand and learn that my missteps and failings due to ego, pride, greed, and operating out of lack, will always weigh me down because I’m not putting my trust in You. Thank You Lord for always keeping me balanced and directing my path. I promise to listen for that small voice, knowing that You are always here.

Love always,


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