Breaking Bread For 7.3.20


You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did.

James 2:22


It is not faith alone, but your actions supporting your faith, that encompasses your true dedication and belief in God and what He can do to and for you.

Money and Resources

I can’t just have faith that God will deliver me the money that I need to pay my bills, take care of my business expenses, and the other provisions that I need. I have to be proactive, also making sure that I am receptive to potential blessings that may come in various forms. I have to get up each day and work diligently so that I am doing my part and showing God that I’m serious about my life, my family’s wellbeing, my career, and in serving Him. Coupled with my faith, my bills will be paid and all of the financial perks will be received.


I can’t just sit around praying that God will bless me with children, I must make sure that I am doing my part to be mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially healthy—and prepared to have, raise, and nurture those children. How else will God see and know that you and I are truly prepared? Coupled with my faith in Him, He will bless me with children, as He sees fit, in whatever arrangement that He defines. God has no time limits or boundaries. God isn’t concerned about my age and what doctors, science, or society says. God determines. My responsibility is to do my part and be patient.


I can’t just sit around and pray for a healthy, joy-filled, loving, honorable, impenetrable, and committed marriage— I must do my part to heal, nurture, love, commit, strengthen, protect, and grow within myself first. I must be supportive, receptive, nurturing, understanding, compassionate, nonjudging, trusting, forgiving, and loving of and to my partner to encourage—and receive—the same in return.

I can’t be hung up on the past, because God isn’t. He’s not still dwelling on what I should’ve and could’ve done, or what I did that disappointed Him. So why am I looking backward when the day is before me, and my future is ahead of me? What someone did to me, was done. Past tense. It doesn’t make sense to continue carrying around that weight. It doesn’t get me closer to healing, salvation, victory, or what God has planned for me. It’s just dead weight.

I don’t need to remarry to be happy and whole. I need to be in constant alignment with God. Whomever stands in accordance with that is one chosen by God to do so. It’s not for me to force or reconfigure a piece to try to make it fit some puzzle I’ve envisioned. When that piece is directed by God, it aligns without effort. Then there is peace.

With my faith and actions, I can put my trust in knowing that my relationship and marriage (if God so chooses) will be as God envisioned. I must demonstrate through thoughts, words, and deeds, the very things that I desire in and from a life partner.

Health and Wellness

My desire for excellent health cannot come from merely wishing or praying for it. What am I doing to reduce my risk of exposure to toxic things, environments, situations, and people? What am I doing to extinguish the toxic thoughts that creep in, with a seek and destroy mission?

Health is not just physical. It is spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial. It is inside-out and outside-in. It’s also the layers upon layers that we stand in strength or weakness. It’s the layers that we place or allow to be placed, by others, upon us.

Combining it All

My actions, along with my faith, encourage me to trust and believe that the health, money, resources, children, and marriage that I desire—and need— will be provided to me as God intends for me, and only when He sees fit. Faith, is not only the believing in something, it is also the patience to wait, for that which we desire, to manifest fully—on God’s time, not ours. While we wait we must work with the greatest of passion.

Now let’s put some action beside our faith!


Father, I thank You now for my blessings. I thank You now for providing me with the money that I need to take care of my expenses and to provide the financial foundation and layers that will support and help build my legacy. I thank You now for providing me with the resources that I need to grow and become a better person.

To show my faith in You and my dedication to serving You, I won’t just sit around lazily expecting You to do everything for me; but rather I promise to get up each day and work diligently in both my personal and professional life. If I say I want more in life then I need to show You that I can handle more, by first taking care of what is before me.

Jesus showed men how to become fishermen so that they could catch their own fish, not just wait around for someone to provide them with the fish. I want to be that metaphoric and symbolic fisherman, who works hard through Your grace and will to provide for myself and my family—all while giving to those in need, so that they too will rise up to be fishermen.

I want You to know and see that I’m willing to do my part Lord. I thank You for taking care of me Father, and for freeing me from the fear that kept and keeps me prisoner in my own mind and body. I love You Father. In Your son Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

I hope that each and every one of you have an amazing 4th of July. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, celebrate your life and everyone that you’re blessed to share it with.



Copyright 2011, 2019, 2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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