Breaking Bread For 8.7.20


Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

Hebrews 12:14 NIV


It hurts to hear and see people with so much anger and hatred inside of them yet they call themselves God’s servants. God is Love, Joy, Peace, and Light. There is no hate, chaos, or darkness with or in God.

Jesus, His son, was clear in his speech that the babies, children, and our most elder are to be treasured and taken care of—and no harm is to come to them.

Jesus said that loving our neighbors as we would love ourselves is most important in our daily walk as followers of Christ. Which means that he obviously meant for us to love ourselves—and pour that same love into others, not pour our insecurities, fear, and pain upon them.

Unfortunately there seems to be a great deal of people with low self-esteem and self-worth in the world subjecting others to their personal image issues. They don’t love themselves and don’t possess peace within so they can’t conceive of living peacefully with others. They must disrupt and destroy the outside world so it resembles their internal world.

We need to pray for them as much as we pray for ourselves. Pray for your fellow humans’ sense of peace, comfort, and contentment as much as you pray for your own.

I truly believe there is more love and goodness in the world than hate and evil, more tolerance than intolerance. We just have to pray, believe, and do our part to love everyone—and I mean everyone—even those who hate you, or are different than you.

It can be difficult to love someone spewing words of ignorance and venom. You don’t have to like them to love them. You don’t have to spend time with them to love them. You don’t have to buy them a gift to choose to love them despite their foolishness. You could never meet them in life and still love them as you would want to be loved—especially if you were acting a fool just like them.

You have done or said something cruel before. Did people stop loving you? They probably didn’t like you but hate wasn’t part of the equation. To hate is to be running in close second or third to the person doing evil things. To hate is to be influenced by the enemy. To hate is to choose to ignore God and instead tune solely into the enemy’s frequency.

You have to remind yourself that they are still God’s child, His creation, even if they have been tainted and their mind has been perverted. You know that they are under the influence of the enemy and its crew. You know that God hasn’t given up on them. You know that God is using them to reveal truth that is hidden and distorted. Even if they are spreading lies, realize that God will use their wickedness against them for His plan. Look at the scandals that have been uncovered, the crimes that were revealed, by God’s doing.

This one is a biggie because it requires you to walk the walk. Whatever label you proudly wear, as a Christian, servant leader, whatever—you have to walk that walk and put the lip service to the test.

Yes, they may do and say some stupid and cruel things, but that’s God’s job to handle them. You need to handle yourself. You’re not equipped to change hearts or heal souls, He is. Focus on keeping your heart and mind aligned with God. So look at these individuals through that lens, say a prayer, keep your distance from the stupidity, and allow your heart to choose to love them anyway!


Father, there is so much hate and intolerance in the world today, but I truly believe that there is more love and tolerance that outweighs the negative speech and actions of people out there—many of which are committing acts of cruelty in Your name. Father give them peace. Help them to see all of Your children as You see them. Rest the minds and hearts of Your children who have used Your Word and twisted it to do wrong to others, and to hate others based on their sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, skin color, and other identifiers.

Father I also pray for the men, women and children who have been negatively impacted by these hate mongers. May they find peace in Your Love and Light. May they find comfort in Your Arms. I pray that Jesus keeps them connected to Your Kingdom and believing in You forever. These things I sincerely pray. Amen.

Love you always,


Copyright 2012-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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