Breaking Bread For 8.31.20


When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow.

Ecclesiastes 5:4


We cannot move slowly on our vows and promises to God, yet have expectations of His blessings arriving on our time. Stop giving God less than what you expect from Him. Stop cheating on Him with the world. Stop betraying Him with false promises.

Stop treating your relationship with God in a way that you wouldn’t tolerate in a human relationship. We read stories, watch shows and movies, listen to gossip, and we declare all of the things that we believe to be untolerable and unforgivable, yet if we look closer at our relationship with God we would see all of the ways that we misuse, abuse, and neglect it. The very deal-breakers we speak of we commit against Him. Think about it. Really think about it.

Our lack of communication, commitment, honesty, care, trust, trustworthiness, faithfulness, humility, remorse, closeness, intimacy, appreciation, and love—are all of the areas that we would find offense if we weren’t receiving it from a human partner. If we aren’t giving these things to God yet we give them to His creations, are we not being unfaithful to Him? Yet we want from Him what we won’t give. That’s hypocritical, entitlement, and selfishness.

If we’re also failing in these areas within our human relationships, then how do we expect to receive what we don’t give? Think about it.

Some of us are procrastinators, others are just outright self-serving, and then there are some who don’t feel they deserve the goodness that God and humans have to offer, so put out little to nothing because that’s what they expect in return. We have to stop these self-destructive tendencies towards procrastination, self-serving, and self-deprecation. Our continued behavior destroys our relationship with God.


Father, I pray to rid myself of my affliction of procrastination; putting off for tomorrow what I can do today is ignorant, foolish and costly. I also pray for the right thinking to keep my vows to You and not procrastinate or slack off on fulfilling them. I don’t want to disappoint You Father.

Procrastination is connected with laziness and I know that You don’t like the former and detest the latter. So I will make every effort to focus on fulfilling my vows to You with a sense of urgency, as I would hope and pray that You would in blessing me. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I don’t want to block my blessings. I also don’t want to weaken my relationship with You. I want to keep my word. Let my “no” be a no and my “yes” be a yes, on Your time not mine.

Help me to work through my self-image issues so that I see my value and believe myself to be valuable, and worthy of love and blessings. Then I won’t hesistate to give that which I also feel worthy to have. I apologize for my foolishness and fear-based antics. I thank You now Lord for the healing and blessings. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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