Breaking Bread For 9.11.20


Grace be with you all.

Hebrews 13:25


We all have the ability to handle situations in life gracefully. This is not merely a characteristic assigned to women, but to all people, and it is obvious that even women need to work diligently and with great focus on living, being, and reflecting God’s grace.

Society as a whole needs to stop seeking revenge, plotting to “get even”, and focusing all or most of our energy on negativity and drama. There are so many shows, movies, songs, and books about the evil plots of man and woman. Our culture has bought into an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but have forgotten that it will leave all of us blind and toothless.

I have lived my life believing that the best so-called “revenge” is living well.

I don’t have to pursue someone in an attempt at paying them back for wronging me, because I am too busy and focused on living my life, celebrating my blessings, being thankful to rise each day and have new experiences to value and treasure. I am too focused on what God has planned for my life and what new adventure awaits, than to be caught up in what someone has or hasn’t done to me or a loved one. It’s not to say that I don’t mourn or struggle with pain. I do. I just don’t let it morph into a scornful quest for payback. I let go and let God handle those battles, and guess what? He always has and always will win those battles.

There has not been one person who has wronged me or a loved one who hasn’t somehow reaped what they sowed, or later recognized and repented for what they had done, and regretted taking that negative walk; and it didn’t have to come from any effort on my part or the part of one of my loved ones. It was the prayer of freedom from the drama and negativity that kept us out of the battle, and allowed God to take charge, fully, without interference.

Every ex-boyfriend, business partner, colleague, friend, associate, and anyone else who spent their time hurting me on some level, eventually had a “shoulda, woulda, coulda” moment. I had already forgiven them, but had also moved on and forward in my life. It was now for them to forgive themselves for their sins. Just as I had to forgive myself of the guilt and shame I carried for being taken advantage of, hurt, etc.

I never had to badmouth, spread rumors, “attack”, gain allegiance from others, or attempt to destroy anyone’s reputation or character, and I never would—because I choose not to embrace that darkness. I choose to walk as God’s child, in a light that knows who I am and to Whom I belong.

I try my best to walk cloaked and filled with grace, letting go of childish ways, walking upright, and with dignity as a woman, and child of God. I’m not the Proverbs woman, but I strive to be. The pettiness and drama I used to involve myself with in my teens and twenties, I evolved and began growing away from into my thirties; and now in forties, I smile gladly at the deeper level of growth that will come as I am faced with more challenges, opportunities, experiences, and realities.

When in pain turn to God, turn to love, turn to His light, and seek forgiveness and healing. Get the help you need from studying, learning, knowing, and living through His Word. Allow His messengers and angels to point you in the right direction, to help you when you need it—not just when you want it (put your pride aside).

Remember it is not what people did or didn’t do to you that God will solely concern Himself with. He will examine how you reacted, responded, and handled the situation. God deals with each person individually. Let Him deal with those people without your interference, and you just stick with doing right and demonstrating His goodness, and mercy in your life.

I pray that each of you take some time out to pray, reflect, seek out God and come to a place in your mind, heart, and life to forgive yourself for taking part in your drama. Forgive yourself for seeking revenge for being harmed, and then forgive those you believed wronged you. Forgive yourself for the guilt and shame you carry around as dead weight.

True freedom is letting go. True healing comes from freedom. Darkness and light cannot be one, for light always pushes out the darkness. God gave us night and day (not just one or the other) for a reason. Embrace your light. I love you all.


Father, the dictionary defines grace in a multitude of ways, but the one I pray to address today is defined as the “disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency”.

Father, I pray for grace in all circumstances in my life. Grace under attack, pressure, pain, frustration, embarrassment, and loss. I pray to be kind, courteous, and offer clemency to those who wrong me now and in the future, and for those who have done so in the past.

I forgive them for their ignorance, for the darkness that fills their hearts and minds, and the dis-ease that eats away at them. I pray that Your loving light touches them, fills them, overwhelms them, and flows through them—that their cup runneth over with goodness, mercy, love, patience, and the kindness, courtesy, and clemency of Your grace.

Father there are people who are in so much pain that they spend their waking moments plotting and planning how to make other people hurt the same way they do; they spend their sleeping moments living out their pain— waking with vengeful venom spewing out of their mouths. Father touch them with peace. Let them see the err of their ways. Let them see the path to forgiveness of others and themselves, so that they may continue forward in healing. Prepare them to be more like Your son Jesus.

In Your name and his I pray humbly today. Amen.

Lovingly your sister in Christ,


Copyright 2011-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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