Breaking Bread For 11.16.20


…and when a prayer or plea is made by anyone among your people Israel—being aware of their afflictions and pains, and spreading out their hands toward this temple— then hear from heaven, your dwelling place.

Forgive, and deal with everyone according to all they do, since you know their hearts (for you alone know the human heart), so that they will fear you and walk in obedience to you all the time they live in the land you gave our ancestors.

2 Chronicles 6:29-31


Before we get started with today’s message, I have to step in with some personal celebrating. Today, as I shared in my earlier post, is the day my beloved mother was brought into this big world to bless me, our family and friends, and countless others. I am so grateful for her and for what she has done for me. She is not only my mother but she is my friend and mentor. I will always love her, respect her, adore her, and look up to her.

Father forgive me for any and all moments that I am not 100% respectful of and to my mother. Touch her heart so that she knows my true heart and that I never want to or mean to dishonor her in any way. I pray that she forgives me the moment I displease her.

I pray that God heals and blesses my mom spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. I pray that He provides her with the financial abundance to live comfortably so that she can provide a way for others as she has always dreamed. I wouldn’t trade my mom for another mom, for anything. I hope that she lives long, enjoying many more healthy, vibrant, joy-filled years, and enjoying each day like it’s her birthday! I love you mom!!!!!!

Let me also say “Happy birthday Jack”. He is the son of some dear friends of mine and he entered the world today, nine years ago. He was and is a blessing to his family and I believe one day even to this world; he’s bound to make a positive change for many generations.

Okay so let’s pivot to today’s message..

Father-God, it amazes me that many of Your children do not take the time to read, study, learn, and gain wisdom from Your good book; to see and realize that the stories from thousands of years ago which were recorded and compiled in the Bible can also be found represented today. As Your children today face many of the same tests, trials, perils, and situations as did Your children in ancient times, we struggle to see those parallels, and seek atonement and reconciliation.

We struggle in this world because we don’t know the world, we don’t know the behind-the-scenes action going on, the lead and supporting characters, and we don’t see and understand the plotting and planning that goes against us each day. We don’t know our enemy and how to fight it, yet our enemy has known us for thousands of years.

Every solution to every problem and issue can be found in God and through the Bible, Jesus Christ, and within ourselves—when we connect to God. Jesus is the way to salvation. Jesus is the shepherd, the puzzle box cover, who shows us the right way to walk, talk, act, think, and live.

We don’t need interpreters or guides to have a conversation with either Jesus or God. Yes they serve a purpose, but we’re already connected to God and Jesus, we just need to tune in. We need to stop what we’re doing and speak plainly, through prayer or conversation. The answers will always come, you just have to be receptive enough to listen, see, and then respond.

We have to pray without ceasing, not pray a one-and-done, and think it’s good enough. Look at the numerous examples in the Bible of God’s children repeatedly and consistently praying to, speaking to, asking questions of God. Read of the praising that took place long before the blessings manifested.

We’ve transfigured God and Jesus into these theatrical figures and completely lose the Truth of Who and What they are, and who and what we are in and of them. We’re confused and lost in the religiousness when we should be flourishing in the richness of the rawness, the peeled back layers of true authenticity, that you can only see and experience when you get out of your way and let God in.

We say we want more but are we truly prepared for it? Are you prepared to walk in your true self, your spiritual self, not restricted by the illusion we’re currently in?

Be prepared for your blessings or they will come and you will be so self-consumed that you won’t notice them, and then later cry out that God didn’t answer your prayers—when He did so in the most beautiful of ways.

When life is going great for you and you have God’s favor, never say, “It’s too good to be true” and dismiss your fortune as merely luck. Rather, say boldly and proudly, “Thank You Father!” Because you know that it was only made possible by His doing.

When life is going rough and it at times seems unbearable, never say, “I can’t go on” but rather say, “I need a moment to breathe and get my bearings right, so I can re-focus”.

We’re all going through something, right now, today. I know I am. Two days ago my fur baby, Bishop, took his last breath in that body. I know that I have family members and friends who are getting knocked around by the “waves” of life.

I know that there are times when it so hard to breathe. There are days when I can barely see through my own tears. There are days that the pain within makes my body ache all over. But I would rather us continue to pray for guidance, strength, courage, wisdom, discipline, and determination to move forward another day, than to give up and tell God that we can’t go on.

God has never put more on us than we can handle. He has always provided solutions to our problems; it is up to us to accept the solutions and with His guidance, get ourselves out of the compromising situations, by following the paths that He has placed before us.

I believe God can do anything. I believe that I can do anything through Christ. I believe that when I fall it is because of something I did wrong or something I need to learn, and it is up to me with God’s guidance to make it right.

I believe that before I can ask for forgiveness I must first forgive myself and then forgive those who have wronged me. I believe that God will never leave or forsake me. I believe that God loves me more than I can ever comprehend. I believe that He wants me to begin loving myself better, starting this very second. I believe that if it weren’t for Him I wouldn’t be alive today.

The tears that fill my eyes are created by Him and as they flow down my face I am gradually being released from my self-imposed bondage, and being healed from inflictions—some new and some that have been building over time. I believe this.

I also believe that God has amazing things in store for me and amazing opportunities for me to serve Him and His children. So each day I will take another step to humbly step out of my own way and let go of my issues so that His Truth can become my accepted reality. What do you believe about God, you, and His plan for you.

Embrace today. Embrace your life.


Father, today there are nations suffering from famine and living in ruins. There is crime, sin, worship of other gods, unethical and dishonest leaders, and people killing in Your name. Father forgive us.

Forgive us for our ignorance, arrogance, ego, pride, and refusal to obey You fully. Forgive us for making our own rules even though You clearly outlined Your own. Forgive us for marrying and divorcing like we’re buying and discarding clothes.

Forgive us for caring for our personal possessions better than we do our personal relationships. Forgive us for judging each other without Your guidance or permission to do so. Forgive us for thinking we know what we’re doing, when we clearly have no clue. Forgive us for repeating sins and even committing worse sins than of our predecessors and ancestors. Forgive us for using Your name in vain and for cursing using Your name. Forgive us Father.

Forgive me Father for the wrongs I have committed. Help me to undo the web I have created. Help me to restore my good name as Your child. Help me to repay my debts. Prepare me Father to be the child, sibling, parent, spouse and friend You see in me. Teach me how to be a better servant, neighbor, friend, advisor, mentor, sponsor, and person. I want to be better, I want to do better, I want to live better. Help me Father.

In Your name I pray and praise. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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