Breaking Bread For 3.31.21


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

John 16:33 


Jesus has the calm assertiveness that does not require anger, yelling, threats, or cussing. His disciples followed not through pressure, coercion, guilt, or fear. They followed out of love and a belief that Jesus was the son of God.

They followed because through his works not just words—he proved through healing and demonstration, his ability to heal, raise the dead, cast out demons, and rid people of sickness and disease. They followed because Jesus showed them how to do exactly what he was doing. He showed them that they too had the power as granted by our Heavenly Father-Mother God.

By Jesus walking the walk, people learned how to do the same thing, imitating him and following his lead and instruction.

The disciples followed Jesus because he served them more than they served him. They called him “master” but he led as a servant, seeing only God as Master. Jesus was grace and is grace, and through him the disciples (those who were faithful and committed) expressed grace.

Once we overcome fear and reconnect with who we are as God’s children, and Jesus’ sheep, then we will open ourselves up to the unimaginable, and be able to do the inconceivable. So focus on your responsibilities in God’s Kingdom, and not what role or title you can play in the world. Live with grace and you will receive abundance.


Father, thank You for this beautiful day. No matter the weather or the circumstances, it is beautiful because You made it possible for me to experience another moment here on Earth, another moment with my loved ones, and another moment to demonstrate through servant hood Your love. Thank You Father.

Your son Jesus told his disciples that in him they would have peace even when the world brought trouble, but also reassured them by letting them know not to be worried with the world because by Your Power, he had taken care of it. Father bring me peace to trust without hesitation that in all times and circumstances, You have already taken care of things. When I call to You, You always answer; when I can’t find my way, You show me through—these things and more I know, but at times I get weak and blinded by fear, and sometimes forget. 

I thank You now for comforting, guiding and protecting me from what I have been through, am going through, and what is yet to come. Amen.



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Breaking Bread For 3.30.21


To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy—to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.

Jude 1:24-25


God is always there and always provides a way to help us whenever we need it, before we need it. We are not to analyze the who, why, what, where, when, and how—but be present in the ‘IS’ of our life.

Be grateful for those loving people in your life who are constantly encouraging and uplifting you in prayer and praise. Thank God for those people who want nothing from you but to see you be the best expression of God’s love. Be thankful for your life and all you have experienced, and for what is yet to come. Each day is a gift, how you see and embrace it is up to you. Just know that it hasn’t been given to you casually. God intends for you to have fully all that He envisions for you.

What more can you ask for?


Father, there are times when I am so self-consumed that I obviously must forget Your power, greatness, and omnipresence. I forget that when I am stressed out and fearful that You are watching and listening to me as I cry out. There are moments when I forget that I’m not alone, that I’m not lost, and that there is a solution to every problem and a straight pathway no matter which way I turn—and You provide the means to all that I need. 

Through Your son, You have provided the perfect example of how to deal with sickness, sin, strife, fear, pain, doubt, anger, envy, ridicule, and temptation. You provided Your children with a life manual for us to read, study, practice, know, and live by.

Father You have placed angels to watch over me, to steer me out of harm, to magnify Your glory. Lord, You have placed people in my life to grab my hand when I need a lift after stumbling, embrace me when I need to feel Your warmth, push me when I drag behind, and share words of wisdom when I need encouragement. 

Thank You Father. Amen.

Love always,


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Corrected Wrong Date For Today’s Message

Hello family!

My apologies. Today’s message had yesterday’s date on it, because I forgot to post yesterday and today I thought it was the 25th. I’ve updated my message with today’s date.

I don’t know about you but lately, if I’m not staring at a calendar then I don’t know the day or date. Ooh wee…

Well, now that I’ve cleared that up, I hope you will join me for today’s message.

Love you all!


Breaking Bread For 3.26.21


Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own. Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him. Has not Moses given you the law? Yet not one of you keeps the law. Why are you trying to kill me?” 

On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified. 

John 7:17-19, 37-39


When you place God first in your life then your eyes are always opened, and you are never blind to the truth. 

When you place God first in your life and keep your promise to follow Jesus’s example and direction, you are never lost or confused. 

When you place God first in your life you will not walk in fear, but through it.

When you place God first in your life you will not make decisions before praying to Him first to show you the answer, the path, and the way. 

When you place God first in your life it’s never about you and always about Him. 

When you place God first in your life you give him the credit and the glory for everything positive that you do and that comes to you. 

When you place God first in your life you are grateful for every thing, every person, every element of your life, and you never take it for granted or take on the condescending attitude that you could care less if you have it or not—nor would you walk in fear that someone other than Him can take those things from you.

When you place God first in your life then you know that no one can come between you and Him, or between you and His son Jesus.

When you place God first in your life you only surrender to Him and you only surrender to change by Him.

When you place God first in your life you learn to listen, obey, and follow Him without skeptical questioning or defiance. You do so because you believe and you know.

Stop being self-centered and learn to be God-centered!

I love you all so very much! May God continue to bless you and keep you!


Father, thank You for Your grace. Thank You for walking before me in every situation. Thank You for sending Your Son to show Your children the way. Thank You for blessing us with Your Holy Spirit so that You always feel close and we can always be comforted.

Father, let every decision I make, every word that I speak, every thought that I embrace, come from You. Always walk before me Lord; always bring the peace that I seek in every situation; always remove the blinders from my eyes and the eyes of all those I encounter; and always touch our hearts so that we can feel not just for and about ourselves but for others—even those we don’t know. Never let my heart harden where I no longer care about hurting or neglecting myself or other people. 

Never let me think that I accomplish anything without Your loving grace and will. Never let me be selfish, but rather mold me to be selfless. Never let me use Your Name in vain. Never let me use Your Name as a declaration of power over other people—specifically when I make decisions that goes against Your commands. Hold me in my place that I may be stagnant if necessary Father, so that I don’t enter or leave a situation without it first being Your command to do so. Lord may all things be by Your will and not mine. In Your Name and in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.



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Breaking Bread For 3.24.21


Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.

Jude 1:2


We go through ups and downs. We try desperately to swim through troubled waters. We must face people who can sometimes be selfish, bitter, cold, mean, unfair, and unkind. We must endure situations that seem to tear away at us. God never intends for us to be in situations that don’t make us stronger, wiser, braver, and more focused on Him for guidance. It is when we try to make up new rules, re-arrange and re-write His rules, and participate in His plan only when it’s convenient, do we feel the friction that is caused from us going against His grain. 

If you truly want mercy, grace, peace, and love then you must freely give it to others. You must pray that people receive them even when they are not showing you mercy, refuse to lead with grace, aren’t dealing with you peacefully, or not embracing you and reflecting God’s love. We must show mercy or grace, work to bring peace while walking in it, and love people wholly for who they are as God’s children—and not for who we want them to be. 

Our hearts must always be open and receptive, to give and receive, even when our feelings are hurt.

There is no human below or above us; we reign over no one except ourselves. We are to worship no one other than God. We are His servants and He is our Master. He is our Father and we are His children. His son Jesus, is our Savior and the example we are to follow, and God is our Heavenly Father-Mother who reigns supremely over all.

We have difficulties controlling ourselves and our own behavior, so who are we to try to control and manipulate others? 

Once we learn to let go and let God handle things, situations, and people—we will stop trying to do His job and just focus on doing our job. We must walk the walk and not merely talk the talk. We must stop placing labels on ourselves and others and believing that these labels somehow have meaning, relevance, and importance—because they don’t mean a thing to God—so they should not mean anything to us. When you have a genuine relationship with Jesus and our Father then you know this and you live your life accordingly.

Have an incredible day. Seek and show mercy, grace, peace, and love.


Father, I pray for Your continued mercy and grace, and for the ability to show and give grace and mercy to others. I pray for Your peace and love to fill me so that when I am faced with situations that are troubling I can be filled with a calm that quiets my restlessness, and allows me to be more receptive to You and less bothered by what someone else does, says, or fails to do or say. 

Father, when I am faced with people who are self-consumed and selfish let Your love and peace bring a smile to my face. Let me find the peace within to walk away without conflict, and without disappointing You. Not everyone sees themselves as others do and because of that they are less willing to change their ways to be more like Your son, Jesus Christ. 

I want to be more like Jesus and I know that the only way this is possible is to obey You at all times, doing what You ask of me and not making my own decisions because I feel uncomfortable. That discomfort is the molding process I must undergo to be transformed into the perfect example of You. So I humbly accept what I must in order to become what I am destined to be. In Your Name I praise and pray. Amen.



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Breaking Bread For 3.22.21


Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task. Now the overseer is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money.

In the same way, deacons are to be worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain. They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience. They must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons. 

In the same way, the women are to be worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything. 

A deacon must be faithful to his wife and must manage his children and his household well. Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus. 

1 Timothy 3:1-3, 8-13 


You must live a respectful life to wear the medal of honor from God. You must treat others with dignity; be careful not to harm feelings, be remorseful when you do; refrain from harboring ill will, grudges, and a laundry list of wrongs committed against you; love fully and without backup plans; and never place your wants before the needs of those you love. 

When you hurt someone keep a vow to never do harm again. Someone’s tears of pain and sorrow should never be something you are okay witnessing. If you control yourself you will never feel as though someone else is attempting or succeeding at controlling you. When you respect others you never have to fear losing respect. Put God first in all of your decision making, and watch how He makes things fall into their rightful place. 


Father, I ask that those of us who wish to serve, who have been called to serve, who feel the presence over us to serve, do so with a full understanding of Your expectations. I pray that You touch the hearts and minds of those individuals who attempt to serve yet fail to take care of their moral responsibilities. I pray that You touch the hearts of those who fail to be faithful to their spouses or good managers of their family. 

Curb my appetite for things I should not partake in. Strengthen me that I might always seek comfort in You and not in sinful activities. Turn me away from those things, places, and people that will only drag me to depths of darkness and despair. 

Let me not be self-absorbed, self-centered, selfish, superficial and shallow. Let me see past vanity and insecurity, to see the beauty within myself and others always. Let me always respect others, as this same respect is what I also desire. I humbly pray this to You today Father. Amen.

Love always,


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Breaking Bread For 3.15.21


A hot-tempered person must pay the penalty; rescue them, and you will have to do it again.

Proverbs 19:19


Once you have positioned yourself to be recognized and proclaimed as a person with an uncontrollable temper, you find yourself in situations that lead to negative consequences. We must learn to control our emotions, to control our anger and outbursts, to control our tendency to say and do mean things to others. Self-control requires strength and love; it requires a passion for life and for something greater than what we see before us today. It says that, “I am greater than my emotions”. In turn, when hurt or disappointed, we have to choose whether to explode emotionally, verbally, or physically, or take control of ourselves and look for more positive ways to express what we are feeling and thinking.

Yes, there are times when your spouse, significant other, children, pets, neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, employees, or the random man on the street will work your absolute last ‘nerve’, but our reaction to them shows more about our true selves, our inner self, and our heart, than anything else. What you do and say will create a domino effect that will impact a great number of people, possibly hundreds, in one single day. We also cannot be responsible for a hot-headed person who is quick to anger. If we always make excuses for their behavior, always let them get away with being mean and disrespectful, they will never change for the better— but only see their behavior as acceptable. You will then create an endless and vicious cycle of ugliness.

We must work towards ridding ourselves of darkness and staying away from people who are not mature enough to keep their emotions in check. No one should live in fear or under stress caused by others. Before ‘going off’ let’s work at walking away and calming down, and then reassessing the situation after we have calmed down.


Calm me Father. Comfort me in time of pain and anger so that I may control my emotions and actions. Touch my heart Lord so that I find the patience to endure and overlook the most unbearable of instances and people. Fill me with hope that things will get better sooner. Show me how to control my tongue Father. Show me how to simmer my temper, so as not to be an eyesore in Your Kingdom. Let me learn from Your son Jesus how to walk upright and never get taken aback so far that I lose my composure and dignity. In his name and Yours I pray. Amen.



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Excerpt from Day 49 of SEEK HIM, Volume 1

Here’s a look at Day 49 of my book SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone:

Day 49: God is Always Working

This image is not featured in the book. It is added here as an enhancement to the reading.

Even in the Old Testament, we had issues with trusting and believing in God. What must He do to prove that He’s here and ALWAYS working? I can understand the Israelite struggles when I take into consideration the historical context. Let’s flashback in time. When Moses helped lead them out of Egypt, he led thousands of people with various customs, beliefs, and religions. They didn’t just start worshipping gods and idols once in the wilderness. They were worshipping gods and idols in Egypt. So many of them had grown accustomed to life in Egypt. They knew and abided by the laws and customs. That is why when they became frustrated with Moses, they would argue that life was better in Egypt. Because at least they knew what to expect….

– Natasha L. Foreman, author of SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone [“Day 49: God is Always Working”]

Read the rest of this message inside of SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone. It, along with its companion workbook, SEEK HIM: Workbook 1 are available at,,, and other local and global retailers that you can find through my publisher, D.O.M.E. Life Publishing. Click any of these links to be redirected to their sites. I humbly thank you in advance for your support.


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Excerpt from Day 38 in SEEK HIM, Volume 1

For those of you who haven’t purchased my new book, SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone, and it’s companion workbook, SEEK HIM: Workbook 1, let me share an excerpt from Volume 1:

Day 38: Stop Resisting

This image is not featured in the book. It is added here as an enhancement.

God sent us His Son so that we may know Him (God). Many of us still don’t see the correlation, still don’t study God’s Word, or follow Jesus’ examples. This message is really for those of us who have grown up in churches. Those of us with a long history with the religious foundation, symbolism, and culture. We can quote, share parables, and pretend that we truly understand and embrace our walk. We can make bumper stickers and calendars, write books, preach and teach, and give speeches. All while living unrighteously.

We need to stop being hypocrites and start living the lives that God put us here to lead. We need to stop misleading others with our lies and deceit. We need to stop being selfish and start being selfless, putting others’ needs first before our own. We need to think of how we can best serve others rather than how we can best benefit from the equation. We need to focus intently on putting God and Jesus first before all others….

– Natasha L. Foreman, Excerpt from “Day 38: Stop Resisting” inside SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone

Read the rest of this message inside of SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone. It, along with its companion workbook, SEEK HIM: Workbook 1 are available at,,, and other local and global retailers that you can find through my publisher, D.O.M.E. Life Publishing. Click any of these links to be redirected to their sites. I humbly thank you in advance for your support.


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Breaking Bread for 3.12.21

Today’s message comes from Day 32 in my book, Seek Him, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone.

Day 32: Forgiveness

“For if you will forgive men their offences, your Heavenly Father will forgive you also your offences. But if you will not forgive men, neither will your Father forgive you your offences.”

-St Matthew 6:14-15 DRC1752

Carrying around the anger and resentment from what someone did to you will only make their issues your own. That is dead weight that you don’t need in your life. That is time you are wasting fixated on them. If you really thought about it, they most likely are so far removed from that situation, that it is no longer of concern to them. Some may not even remember the incident or simply don’t care. If we say that God takes care of our battles, then why don’t we release them to Him and allow Him to handle our grievances?

We must let go and free ourselves from that darkness. We must forgive and move on. Honestly, can you expect something you’re not willing to give in return? Can you expect forgiveness from God when you’re holding grudges, causing havoc, and seeking revenge? Let the healing begin, starting today. First, you must forgive yourself for carrying around this added burden. Then you must take the next step to begin forgiving those who hurt you. It’s a new day. You are blessed to be living, breathing, blinking, and thinking. Enjoy your day and your abundance of blessings.


Father, I pray for Your forgiveness. I am working at freeing myself by forgiving others who have sinned against me. I no longer want to carry around the dead weight from a cold heart and a closed mind. I know that I can’t ask for and expect forgiveness from You if I can’t find it in my heart to forgive Your children.

I also know that I’m not free from blame. I’ve harmed someone either through my words or actions, or both. I’ve harmed myself by the words that I speak about myself and by not taking care of my body as I should. I need to forgive myself for the harm that I’ve caused others and myself. I want to be free of the guilt, insecurity, and shame that I carry. Show me how to forgive as You do. In Your name—the great I Am—I humbly pray. Amen.

To read the rest of the Day 32 message and to take part in the the corresponding workbook activity (that is found in Seek Him: Workbook 1), be sure to purchase the books through a local or online retailer. I thank you for your loving support!


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Breaking Bread for 3.11.21


You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

Romans 2:1


The things you don’t like in others are oftentimes characteristics you also possess. It’s like staring in the mirror and being repulsed by what you see and then you strike out at the mirror. Passing judgment leaves you wide open to being judged. So think twice before opening your mouth, spreading lies and false prophesies, and claiming to be blameless.


Father, keep me focused on doing right, speaking with love, and thinking of how best to serve You and Your Kingdom. Hold my tongue before I speak ill of someone, pass judgment; and respond out of anger, fear, or envy. Place the mirror of Truth before me so that I always see my faults before I attempt to point out someone else’s. In Your Name I humbly pray. Amen.



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Breaking Bread for 3.10.21


There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD.

Proverbs 21:30


We see the darkness within the world and we feel terrified that it will only get worse with no relief, no resolution. But we forget the God that we serve when we allow that doubt to creep in. Do things sometimes not get worse before they get better? We see this throughout history, throughout the Bible. Looking at our personal experiences, don’t we see that with healing— where we’ve been diagnosed with something or injured and it has grown and worsened over time, and then one day we start to see the healing take over. The issue begins to shrink and be less noticeable. God had already healed it, we just took longer to see it because we were too consumed with what our eyes saw and ears heard. We were caught up in the fear when He wanted us celebrating with faith. God has the solution before the problem surfaces. If we believed in that without doubt, we would see the immediacy of His actions, in real-time, not delayed. Things take longer because we’re so caught up in our flesh and feelings, that our issues take precedence over Him.

He’s always showing us that He’s here, working hard for us. He always shows us signs, but we’re oftentimes looking for theatrics and something entertaining to share as testimony. God isn’t here to entertain us. He wants a relationship with us. If you want entertainment, there’s plenty of performers you can watch. If you want a genuine, authentic, nothing-like-it-anywhere relationship, then God is your Partner.

Let me address something to the cynics and skeptics who tend to want to play devil’s advocate for some reason. Yes, there are times when we don’t heal, when we succumb to our injuries or diseases. Yes, babies and children leave this existence before we’re ready. It doesn’t seem fair when they transition. No, I don’t see it as God’s punishment nor do I see it as His oversight. I simply see it as part of our realignment and transition to our next assignment. I see it as part of the alignment that may spark our loved ones and future generations to answer their calling to do more and be more— maybe heading foundations, clinics, and projects as advocates in our memory. Maybe it inspires someone to answer their call to be a healthcare professional, researcher, etc. For those of us who have experienced miscarriages and/or stillbirths, I say to lean more into Him and less into your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5) because there is a reason for all things, and God’s love and care is never absent. Don’t carry that guilt or shame. Neither were assigned to you.

I believe that God’s original plan was for humankind to live forever, just like His other heavenly creations. We know that man fell and with that we’re supposed to be doing our part to be reconciled back to God, so that His original plan may be fulfilled. It’s taking us longer because we keep sinning, keep worshipping creations instead of the Creator, but that doesn’t mean God tosses away His plan. I don’t know if our loved ones who have transitioned from this life are in a holding pattern somewhere, or were reassigned to a life somewhere else, all I know is what I’ve read time after time through studying my Bible—God wants all of us to one day be together and I won’t stop believing that my loved ones look forward to reconnecting with me in the future, just as I will always expect to do the same. If you don’t see things the same way (or similar to) what I’ve shared, you are entitled to your opinion. Just don’t poo-poo on other people’s views and opinions simply because they don’t align with yours. No matter what we think or do, no matter who we pray to, nothing will stand in God’s way.

This Proverb of Solomon makes clear that no matter what someone does, God will always prevail. No matter what forces stand against you, nothing can overpower your Heavenly Father. Nothing and no one will derail His plans. So stand tall in victory, for God can and will make a way out of no way. He can lead you out of valleys and over the steepest of mountains, through waters you thought you could never swim, and along paths you could never independently navigate. It requires your participation. You’re going to have to walk with Him to be led into and out of situations. This isn’t a passive relationship. This is the most engaging and passionate relationship that you will ever have, if you invest in it. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Heck, He already knows everything there is to know about you—past, present, and future—so surrender yourself to His will, so that you can get the most of it and be positioned to invest the most of yourself in it.

There are forked roads, splintered paths, with so many options that you can get dizzy from the confusion. But God is never puzzled, never stumped, never without a solution. Do you trust and believe in Him? Do you believe He has your best interests at heart? Do you put your faith (support) in Him? If so, then seek Him in all ways and all circumstances, and walk with Him.


Father I follow Your plan for my life. There is nothing and no one greater than You. I worship only You. My efforts and disobedience can never overpower Your plan. All that I have ever earned was through Your will and loving grace. All that I will ever be is through Your love and favor. I want to be more engaged in our relationship. I want to invest more of myself into what we have together. I don’t want to be passive, entitled, expecting You to do all of the work. I want to do my part. I want to commit to You in all of the ways that You commit to me. Nothing compares to what we have and I love You more and more each day that this fact is crystallized. I thank You Father for everything, past, present, and future. Amen.

Lovingly your sister in Christ,


Copyright 2012-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

Breaking Bread For 3.9.21


“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”

Mark 8:36 TLV


Do the things we desire and dream about actually align with God’s plans for us? Are the things that bring you joy today also the things that could sustain you for a lifetime?

If you didn’t receive another tangible blessing, would it be enough?

Are you content with the life you have or do you want more, because you’re never satisfied?

Are you content with the life you have or are you just settling because you don’t think that God has greater in store for you?

Many of us walk around attempting to acquire and aggressively collect as much “stuff” as we can in fear that our time is more limited than we think; so we can’t afford to wait on God to take care of what we believe we need. Oftentimes we miss out on the greatest of blessings and experiences because we are too focused on lack, and how to turn that lack into gross abundance.

Yes, in our current physical state we have a limit of time before this flesh we wear as a tent/shell expires. But there’s no limit to what God can do. God has been trying so many different ways to make us see and embrace His Truth and Reality. He provides examples and speaks to us through different people.

He’s trying to remind us of who we are, what we are, and to Whom we belong. He’s trying to remind us to stop thinking through the lens of our will and begin desiring the movements and manifestations of His Will. He’s also trying to remind us that as long as we do things for our glory, the thrill and celebration is always short-lived. But when we do things for His glory, we have a lifetime of joy.

God wants us to take in the richness of relationships and experiences, not just the stuff He helped us to create.

Think about the consumer mindset many of us struggle with. Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. With this mindset, what are you willing to sacrifice to gain that abundance?
  2. What and who are you willing to neglect or use to make sure that every free moment you have is locked on reaching that ultimate goal of excess?
  3. What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want?
  4. At what cost?
  5. If you get what you desire will it truly be enough, or will you still want more more more?

We keep supersizing things and we’re still not happy, we’ve become hoarders of things and we still feel a void. That’s because we’re still seeking joy in all of the wrong places. We’re operating out of a state of lack because God isn’t the Chairman and CEO of these plans you’re executing. We’re still not satisfied with God being more than enough, so we begin to worship things like money, cars, jewelry, and stuff we wouldn’t have whether heaven is on Earth or in another dimension.

Consider your actions versus your prayers for God’s reassurance of action already taken. Are you a sell out to the world, or are you sold on God’s promise?


Father, I am appreciative and grateful for all that I have, and thank You for blessing me with every idea, thought, skill and item. I thank You for each person that has been made a part of my life. It has been rewarding sharing and learning with them.

Let me always think of the impact of my decisions before I make them. Let me always weigh how what I might say or do could affect others. Let me always pray to You first for guidance and protection, and trust in You to guide me throughout circumstances. I only want what You say that I am worthy of, and I desire no more than what You believe I should have. If this very moment I took my last breath, I declare that You have given me more than enough. I praise You and Thank You. I love You!



Copyright 2012-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

Breaking Bread For 3.8.21


But who can discern their own errors? Forgive my hidden faults.

Psalms 19:12


Sometimes even when we look in the mirror we don’t truly see ourselves. It is not until we admit that we are blinded by fear and self, and fear of self, can we take the next step in making things right in our lives as God intends. It’s not about shame it’s about authenticity and being aligned with God.

What are you really seeing when you look in the mirror? Do you really hear the words that are coming from your mouth?

Do you think we can spend our lives analyzing, counseling and judging others, yet never truly turning inward on ourselves to address our own issues? We can’t tell others to get spiritual, psychological, or medical treatment by trained and licensed professionals, if we fail to do so ourselves. We must practice what we preach. That also means that we must turn to God to reveal our truths so that we can do, speak, and think right by Him. There are no excuses. Let’s stop short-changing ourselves.


Father whatever I don’t see please show me. Whatever ways I am not aligned with Your plan, please forgive me and then redirect me. I expect Your discipline when I’m not self-disciplined. I want to improve. I want to do better and be better in all ways, to all people. I don’t want to walk around judging, critiquing, and criticizing other people through my self-righteous lens. I am no better or no worse, and only through humility can I correct this imbalance that I carry within. Forgive me for my phoniness. Forgive me for the shame I carry and the shame I cast upon others. It is not of You and I want to be free from it. I ask for deliverance. I thank You now for my realignment. To You I give all the credit and glory. Amen.

Lovingly yours,


Copyright 2012-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

Breaking Bread for 3.5.21


Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:30-31


We all get tired, but God will reenergize us. He carries us when we stumble, fall, or are too weak to walk. Isaiah 40:28 says that He never grows tired or wearing and we can’t possibly fathom His understanding. Verse 29 says that for those of us who are weary He gives us strength and He increases the power of those who are weak. This isn’t something that just happens to the older folks, nope, verse 30 shows that even youngsters can grow tired and weary. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. What God wants us to do when we get tired and weary, when we stumble and fall, is to believe in Him, hope for Him to renew our strength. There is not a need He cannot meet, a wound He cannot heal, an issue He cannot resolve. But do we truly believe this? Do we have the utmost faith (support) in Him that He can do all things? Do we trust and believe what is written in verse 28, that He is the everlasting God, Elohei Olam, the Creator of the ends of the earth, Boreh Ketzot HaAretz? Oh imagine life with total faith, trust, dependability, and worship of God and only God. Now that’s living! That’s soaring, never growing weary, never fainting no matter how long and far we walk. There’s no worries because we put all of our trust in our Heavenly Father!


Father, thank You for my renewed strength. Thank You for always revealing Yourself to me in different ways and scenarios, and showing me that You are always here. The things that many would see as coincidences I know to be You, the loving Parent, standing nearby looking after me. Thank You for the angels and messengers that You send to guard, guide, instruct, and enlighten me. There is no greater than You. There is no other place that I would rather be than with You. Thank You for loving me. I love You, Father. Amen.



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Breaking Bread For 3.4.21


Sing to the lord with grateful praise; make music to our God on the harp.

Psalms 147:7


I don’t know about you, but I love love love music. I love all types of music. I love classic rock, 80s and 90s pop, R&B, funk, soul, classical, EDM, country, jazz, blues, Neo soul, gospel, gospel rap, alternative, and Hip Hop (but not today’s mush mouth rap). If you didn’t know, I teach college business courses. Before I get my classes started, I play the DJ for my students, and I crank out some music to get their spirits lifted, minds engaged, and bodies energized. It’s amazing how many of them could have entered the classroom tired and drained, but within two minutes they are pumped up and feeling great. I usually select classic rock, 80s pop, EDM, or instrumental Hip Hop (because I can’t risk the lyrical content just because we like a funky beat). I make sure to end our class the same way, with music playing—and my students absolutely love it.

Music is unifying, it crosses all barriers, and can reach all people. It can alter our mindsets and depending on the music you play, that can be a positive uplifting thing, or a negative. I mean, I don’t feel like hugging folks and skipping down the street when I’m listening to music that was designed to trigger my anger, outrage, or hostility. To keep it real with you, gangsta rap makes me want to slap someone not hug them. Songs about the cheating spouse doesn’t bring me peace, it makes me roll my eyes in disgust. And ratchet music, well, it’s just ratchet. So I’m mindful of the music that I play and the intention behind my music selection. What am I trying to do by listening to the music, singing the lyrics to the song? Is my spirit uplifted or does it feel dragged to the depths of darkness?

Don’t make the mistake of playing gloomy or rage music just because you’re down in the dumps. You’re supposed to play the opposite. You’re supposed to be declaring your belief and faith in God, not succumbing to your circumstances. When life gets you down, holler out and praise the Lord that you are here to experience one more moment. Crank up the music and sing songs that honor Him and make you want to rejoice the life He’s given you. If you can, clap your hands. If you can get up and dance. Let your body sway to the sweet harmonies inspired by our Heavenly Father. I feel uplifted like I’m flying. That’s the kind of high that we should be aiming for, not that artificial nonsense. Feel the love. Feel the vibe. Feel the life. Feel the light. Feel the Spirit running through you with glee, and smile!


Father I praise Your Holy Name. I praise You for the blessings You grant me that I know that I don’t deserve. I praise You for the lessons You teach me and the people You bring into my life. I praise You for each moment that I’m given to learn and experience new things, meet new people. I praise You for the gifts of song, music, lyrics, melody, and instruments. Let me never take these gifts and blessings for granted.

I love You Father. I sing and dance in Your Name, giving You all of the glory. No matter what comes my way I know that You are always here for me. No matter who steps in my path trying to block my progress, You always deal with them as only You can. I worship only You, Father. I trust You, Father. You are Jehovah Jireh. You are El Shaddai. You are the great I Am. In Your Name I pray and praise. Amen.

Love you all!


Copyright 2011-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

Breaking Bread For 3.3.21


For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh: That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Romans 8:2-4 KJV


God sent Jesus to prove in the “flesh” that man’s laws and thinking would always be dwarfed by God, and that man’s mind was limited in capability and power compared to God’s Mind. Jesus had to come in the flesh and demonstrate the daily walk that we are called to follow, for had he arrived solely in the Spirit, humans would have immediately felt it impossible to be like him for they would always be limited by the mortal mind. It would have been expected to see a Spirit walk across water, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, cleanse lepers, and be perfect in all ways. But when you see another human doing these things, through the power of God and not sorcery, that was mind-blowing for the people. Just as it would be for us today.

Jesus did the will of our Father and proved that man’s devices and authority was limited, flawed, and false. He healed sickness and disease through God’s law of Mind. The power of the mind to heal is the same power that we use to become and remain sick. Jesus even showed his disciples how to heal. Yes indeed. Regular Joe Blow, the farmer was healing people by applying Jesus’ teachings and guidance, and believing that he could. Most importantly, the people being healed believed that healing would come. This proves the power of Mind over matter. What we believe most in we give power but nothing is more powerful and expansive as God. So when we believe in God’s healing touch, blessings, and redemption, nothing can block their manifestation. God wants us to be free of sin, he wants sin to die so we can stop being spiritually dead. Death comes from sin. There is separation from God in sin. Jesus came to help us see this, to help us see the importance of realigning, atoning, repenting, and living as we should. He showed us how to deal with the temptations of Satan and how to be successful with the tests of God. Satan’s temptations are to destroy while God’s tests are to correct and strengthen us. 

God sent Jesus to demonstrate that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around. It is implied, teased, subtle, lightly woven throughout parts of the Old Testament. But it is not boldly stated and embraced, for the people were being conditioned to see, think, and worship differently. They were being transitioned and transformed from their old self with their old ways, to new believers and practitioners. Everything was done when it needed to be done. Too soon and it would have been too much. Even today, I don’t think that most of us can truly grasp, fathom, and accept what it means to be a spiritual being. We are still very much caught up by the flesh and this shell we carry around. When you read the New Testament accounts of Jesus post-resurrection they did not actually recognize him. He had to make clear that he was their rabbi (teacher). When he transformed at his resurrection there was something clearly different about him. That first level of transformation. Then right as he was ascending he was no longer limited and bound in and of the flesh. He reached the level many of us wish to achieve one day. If you believe the Book of Revelation, if you believe some of the statements that Jesus made (as recorded by Matthew, Luke, and John), some of us will not be blessed to transform and see our true selves. Our failure to stop sinning, believe, trust, and have faith (support) in God, may keep us cut off from a beautiful reality that God has wanted for each of us. Ponder that.


Father, You have sent countless messengers to show us the way and Your Truth. You sent Jesus to make us see, to show us how, to prove what we can do, and to show that we give power to darkness when we give in to the flesh. You have proven to us the limited reality of our human flesh and the lie that we keep buying about who we are.

Father forgive us for choosing man’s laws and limited thinking over Yours. Forgive us for buying into a man-made story for our lives. There is no greater than You, no truth but Yours, and no better place to be than with You.

Forgive me for my weakness, fear, and lack of total faith. Forgive me for not always wanting to see what awaits me in the forest, for complaining throughout my walk, for being fearful when You told me to be strong, and for thinking I’m too tired to do what You ask but then finding the energy to do something that satisfies the flesh. I pray to be made whole in and through Your Love. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Love always,


Copyright 2013-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman. 

Breaking Bread For 3.2.21


“Too long have I lived among those who hate peace. I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭120:6-7‬ ‭NIV‬‬


This verse is as appropriate and applicable now as the era when David wrote it. I’m about to go deep here folks. Are you ready? Let’s go!

We have people who claim to be spiritual, religious, and God-loving, yet they are filled with so much hate that you have to strain to see and feel God’s Light within them. There is no peace in them. They have placed so many walls up and deflected and rejected God on so many levels, in so many instances, that you wonder why they even claim to be a servant of God.

It’s 2021. We have not learned much about history except how to repeat a lot of it. We are surrounded by hate, fear, greed, lust, and pain. This is when we must pray more, remain focused and determined, and continue to strive to do better and be better servants in our daily walk.

It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or anything else—if you are being unloving and oppressive of others then your religion means absolutely nothing. Heck, if you’re a Christian then you should already know that Jesus despised organized religion for the very reasons why we see the turmoil in churches today. Congregants are too self-absorbed to serve as Jesus did.

What Christians Can’t Keep Doing

If people who call themselves Christians want to be fully aligned with Jesus, want to be chosen as righteous on Judgment Day, then you have to stop repeating the mistakes, sins, and crimes of the past. Stop denying the truth.

You have to stop being racist, sexist, and xenophobes while denying you are. God knows your heart. He sees, hears, and knows everything. Your oppression of others is a sin against God. If you hate His creations then you hate Him. There is no peace in hate, oppression, and sin.

We justify it by saying we’re Christians and we wave our Bibles, crucifixes, and “WWJD” keychains proudly, as though we’re honoring God and Jesus. Forgetting that Jesus was and is a Palestinian Jew. His family were Arameans, all the way back to Noah. How can you say you love Jesus but hate his people?

Perverting History

Christians think that Jesus is exclusive and solely theirs. He didn’t create the formal religion of Christianity. His followers organized and created groups as part of a Second Temple Judaic sect in the 1st century. After he ascended his believers expected a second coming that helped with mass conversion of other Jews. Then after attracting God-fearing gentiles to the sect they began to distinctly separate themselves from Judaism after AD 70.

Somehow as it spread throughout parts of Europe, hundreds of years later, Christians and Catholics tried desperately to Europeanize him and his family, they tried blotting out the Jewish and Aramean culture clearly present in the Bible. Some of you have no cultural context in the translations you read. They have been so watered down and Westernized that it’s sad. But no matter how much you try, you can’t change the truth. You also can’t change the principles, practices, and laws of God that Jesus and others taught and lived by. God will prevail.

The Hypocrisy of the U.S.

People have verbally, emotionally, and physically attacked others in the name of God, Jesus, and Christianity. Some even stoop desperately low, and attempt to create legal ways to attack people of various races and religions. Our country was formed as a nation out of fear and lack. It has operated ever since out of fear and in a constant state of lack. That is why we are the biggest consumers of everything. It is also why we don’t feel and experience peace and joy.

Sadly and quite obviously, God is not the foundation and center of this nation. Our nation picks and chooses when God is part of us. When we’re doing good, coming together during natural disasters, working to restore our homeless—God’s Hands are all over it. When we’re doing evil and claiming it’s for God, He has no part in that. You have to know that it breaks His heart to see the ways we align with Satan. We have a conditional relationship with God and that’s why we have no peace.

What God is Not

God doesn’t operate out of fear or lack. He doesn’t oppress. He doesn’t enslave. He never has and never will condone the enslavement that took place on this and other lands, and the mass incarceration that continues to take place—modified to look as though it’s not slavery.

How are we following God’s commands when we’re too busy making up our own rules as we go along? The Bible tells us we are not to serve as judge and question the faith of a person who declares to be a follower of Christ, for it is their actions and character that is most important in proving their walk and devotion to God. We are to be reconciled to and by God, not man. We are to answer to Him not His creations.

Why People Are Turned Off by Christians

Supposedly we want people to be Christian, yet we act like savages waiting to attack anything that doesn’t look right to us. Christians travel the world trying to convert people to Christianity. Thankfully, learning from the past not to do it by force (like they did for hundreds of years). But let’s be honest with ourselves and each other.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who would want to be affiliated with a group who hates and oppresses others because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, gender, or their name?
  2. Who would want to be affiliated with a group who wants to convert people to their religion while still hating and oppressing people who are of the same religion?

African Americans for the most part are Christians (made up of several denominations) yet look at their continued mistreatment, exclusion, and oppression.

Let’s look at the Irish, Scots, Poles, and others who were mostly Christ followers. What did they do to deserve ridicule and humiliation? Nothing. They were just different than the British. And maybe because the Irish, Scots, and Poles were Catholics while the Britts were and mostly still are Protestant Christians (which reject many tenets and practices of Catholicism). Other than that, only a classist mindset of superiority could be the reason for seeing them as inferior.

And since the US was founded on British culture, norms, practices, and led by Protestant Christians, it carried on the discrimination of differences—while using God as the flag they waved, until they found some substitute flags they would later choose to die for (the nation’s flag and battle flags of the confederacy).

One thing is clear, God is not in the hearts and minds of anyone who walks around with evil intent or acceptance of evil consequence.

So-called Christians are walking around spreading hate in the name of God and Jesus. They’re obsessed with symbols, flags, and re-translating the Bible to fit their narrative and purposes. Remember, that flag you give so much power to becomes your idol, and you know what God thinks about idols.

Over the years and especially the past few months we have seen some folks blatantly telling and spreading lies, covering up sins and crimes, committing evil acts—yet they have the audacity to call themselves followers of Jesus, and recite God’s Word without flinching.

Idolatry and Deification

We see thousands of Christians basically worshipping former President, Donald Trump. Some have said he’s “God-sent”. He most definitely can be used by God but he’s not the “helper” Jesus was talking about. People have even created flags with Trump’s image on them. Some are delusional to believe that he will be sworn in again for a second term in two days. We have politicians that fear his wrath so much that they go against logic to rally for his cause and every whim. Some people tried to overturn the government as they followed the commands of Trump. Insurrectionists stormed our nation’s Capitol yet people justify it. Some even took to the Internet and television speaking words and stringing God through their speeches to rationalize the crimes the world witnessed.

In a lot of ways Donald Trump has been idolized and in some ways deified. We all know how God feels about humans being worshipped as gods.

Study your Bible. Some of those Caesar’s and Herod’s started believing the hype and said they were gods, and the statues, art and currency depicted these claims, and people began to treat them accordingly. Those who rebuked these claims were enslaved or killed. Plenty of Jews refused to bow to these men because they believed that they were to only now to God, and for that they lost their lives. We have to be careful how much we invest our attention and power in people and things.


What does God think of our country and our world? What does God think of the racists, child molesters, abusers, slave traders, religious zealots, false prophets and pretend followers? What would you do if you were Him? Thank goodness you’re not responsible for carrying that burden. Thank goodness you know your role and you stay in your lane, letting God handle what only He can, and being obedient to Him when He tells you to align to Him in all the ways expressed in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. God is love. Recite these verses and swap out “love” and put in “I am” and measure where you are compared to where you need to be for full alignment with God.

We must pray family. Pray for each other and pray for ourselves. Pray that God continues to show us mercy, grace, and favor. We can live in this world but not be a product of it. Let’s do our part each day to walk in love and to reflect God’s Light through our words and actions.


Father I pray for Your children who spew hate from their lips yet claim to be Your faithful servants. Father heal them of their infliction for they are blinded by ignorance and fear. Father heal those who stand proudly in hate, and those who hide when the light shines their way.

Father, heal those who always seek war and vengeance, and those who do so in Your name. Heal those who conditionally want to acknowledge You and use You for personal gain, but then reject You when in their twisted mind the moment doesn’t serve them. Help them to see the Truth.

Touch their hearts Father, and touch mine any time it isn’t aligned with Yours. This I pray humbly and sincerely. Amen.



Copyright 2012-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

Breaking Bread For 3.1.21


“Yeshua (Jesus) said to them again, “ Shalom aleichem (peace be unto you)! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” And after He said this, He breathed on them. And He said to them, “Receive the Ruach ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit)! If you forgive anyone’s sins, they are forgiven; but if you hold back, they are held back.””

‭‭John‬ ‭20:21-23‬ ‭TLV‬‬


Jesus (Yeshua) returned to his disciples after being crucified and placed in a tomb where everyone assumed he was dead. The disciples had hidden themselves out of fear of persecution. Mary had already told them that Jesus had resurrected, but they dismissed her. Then Jesus walks in and shows them (all but Thomas, who wasn’t there that day) the proof their eyes needed to see for their minds to accept that he was Jesus. He had already began his transformation and their limited minds could not see past what they thought they knew to embrace what he had taught them. They couldn’t see past the flesh to realize the spiritual body. He breathed on them and told them to take in the Holy Spirit. Even then they didn’t understand what he meant. They were more elated with him being back with them than with what he was trying to impart before the next stage in his transformation.

Jesus came in with a purpose to further embed in them his teachings so they saw the urgency to remain engaged, committed, and faithful. Had he not returned we would have no branches of faith called Christianity. The disciples would have fearfully dismissed and tucked away all that they knew, learned, and practiced in order to avoid persecution and death. To further fulfill prophecy, Jesus returns as a testimony that has to be shared.

He leads the conversation with forgiveness of sins. Let’s think about that. He’s reminding them that if they don’t forgive each other, forgive other people, and the underlying reminder to forgive oneself—then those who they don’t forgive are held back from receiving grace and the richness God has to offer. That richness is a relationship with Him.

Without forgiveness we feel nothing but lack and darkness, and in that environment it creates the perfect pathway for the enemy to create greater havoc. God wants to reconcile us in His love and in His ways. He wants us to heal and be healed in Love. Jesus was reminding his disciples that on the cross he asked God to forgive the persecutors, hecklers, betrayers, liars, cowards, and hypocrites. Jesus asked God to forgive the people for not seeing who he was and Who sent him; that he was the King they prayed several hundred years for; he was the Messiah they kept eagerly hoping for. He was asking God to forgive them because he knew that they wanted to see proof of who he was through magical theatrics. It was all about wanting him to prove himself, wanting God to prove Himself—when faith is all about believing without having to see.

They killed his human being-ness yet were too blinded by the flesh to see, hear, and feel his spiritual beingness—the Truth of him—the Truth of all of us.

Jesus tried embedding into his disciples the way to live and lead, to gain eternal life, to restore life before the Fall of mankind.

To save the people, the people must open their spiritual eyes to see that being in the image and likeness of God isn’t what’s on the surface, but what lies within. The outside is a shell, a tent we carry from location to location. Our life force is within. Our being-ness is within. The revelation is the awakening of what lies dormant in so many of us. We don’t allow our minds to go beyond the boxes and limits we have created and accepted from society, religions, churches, and family. That is why God sent Jesus to disrupt and divide our way of thinking, processing, seeing, and feeling things.

It takes courage to dig inside and reveal your truth self, especially in a world that is bloodthirsty and is always seeking destroy that which it doesn’t understand.

What makes it possible to have Heaven on Earth, is the full embrace of who and what we are, and the full understanding and enlightenment that this so-called life we have been living has all been the aftermath of sin not reconciled, and the daily battles for our souls between the Creator (with His army) and those (Satan and his crew) who didn’t like not being the chosen ones. The debits and credits must be reconciled. Those on team God must be reconciled to Him. The love, light, and goodness that God has been trying to help us align to is what will help us to see and understand our true identity.

Satan claims he wants humans to know their truth because he says God has been blocking it from us (like the Tree in the garden), and he wants us to be free in knowing that we are equal to God. But look closely at one of the vines that is woven throughout the Bible.

Who was God thinking about when He created this planet and filled it with all of these wondrous things? Who did He create to steward this planet and everything on it?

Us. Humankind.

And if you look closely at the vine, the lesser (humans) would inherit God’s Kingdom, while the greater (angels) were called to serve and protect us. They would get gifts—just like Ishmael (and his half-brothers), like Esau, and Joseph’s brothers, etc. The firstborns received gifts but it was the younger sons that inherited the wealth, the greatness, the legacy, and all that helped in building God’s Kingdom.

God’s plan succeeding means Satan and his crew are destroyed. Peace is restored. Alignment is fulfilled. The disease is uprooted and plucked out, to never return.

Do you really think Satan and his crew want a life where they play second fiddle to those who were created after them? Heck no. He didn’t reveal the truth to Adam and Eve for their benefit. It was to start a coup and his plan backfired somewhat. That’s why we’re surrounded by chaos and destruction. That’s why we’re encouraged not to forgive, be vulnerable, honest, inclusive, merciful, humble, and graceful. We spend our days seeking revenge, judging, oppressing, suppressing, and persecuting others. Satan is trying to recruit us, make us minions in his twisted ego-driven plot against God. Do you really think that you can trust someone who would betray his own Father?

Whose plan are we executing? That’s not God’s plan for us and Earth. That’s not how Heaven and Earth will be merged. Don’t confuse God’s Light with other sources. The enemy can trick you into believing it’s God’s Light when it’s actually a consuming flame. Strengthen your discernment and call Truth to lies!


Father, thank You for the gift of today. I pray to be present and actively engaged. I pray for discernment to distinguish the vines, branches, and paths that align me to You versus those that align me to the enemy. Help me to see and avoid the tricks, traps, and games. I pray for revelation of self, used for goodness and Your glory, to restore order and reconciliation with Your plan.

Use me in whatever way You see fit because I want to enjoy the promises that You have made for a life free of darkness, disharmony, sin, disease, and death. I want the world to be free from the enslavement of sin. I want to do my part by forgiving myself and others of our sins, and remembering my role as servant not Lord. I pray that I walk in humbleness with a laser-focus on my daily responsibilities as Your servant, steward, and builder. Father, realign me when I misstep. I praise You always. Amen.

Copyright 2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.