Breaking Bread For 4.5.21


Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you

Luke 6:28


Do not seek the level of those who behave worse than the swine we govern. They would rather bite off their own foot than humble themselves in love and peace. They would rather sit in the cold, go without food or shelter than to take the loving offerings you place before them. They would rather humiliate you than face themselves in the mirror and see the err of their ways. 

Pray for them.

Do not stoop to their level of foolishness for it only then proves you too are a fool. Instead, let God tend to them. Let Him remind His flock of His son’s example of love, light, and peace. Let God fight your battles and snatch the enemy out of the picture so that His child who is causing you grief and harm may be restored brand new. 

Wish no harm. Cause no harm. Curse no one who would revel in such wickedness. Instead walk in God’s Light and shine brightly each and every day. That Light will shine so brightly that those who walk in error will be blinded and forced to either repent and seek God’s grace and mercy, or run away to never be seen or heard from— and there, God will lovingly work to re-mold them. In your refusal to mirror ugliness you claim victory for yourself, but most importantly for God’s Kingdom.

We CHOOSE how to behave. We CHOOSE to lower or raise our standards and values, and we CHOOSE to either uphold or bring to question our character. If you act a fool, that was your choice. No one made you do it, not even the devil. Yes, you can be tempted, but you make the choice to act or not. So just because someone is acting a fool with you doesn’t mean you have to match their ignorance and prove yourself to also be a fool. Walk with honor and dignity, as a child and ambassador of God.

Embrace today and smile! God is always showing up and showing out, helping us so that we can help others. If you believe and know this to be true, reply “YES” in the comment section below.


Father, I want to thank You for giving me Your peace and strength today. I choose to embrace this peace and bless those who come in contact with me as well as those who come against me. I choose to walk in love and forgiveness so that I can honor You in all that I do. I know that Your love will always disarm the enemy. 

I pray for those who seek to steal my peace and the peace of others. Let Your Light shine brightly on them and cast out the darkness in their hearts. Let them feel Your presence Father. Let them see the smile of Your son Jesus as he shows them the way to You. I pray these things as not only a believer but as a knower of You and Your greatness. Amen.

Love always,


Copyright 2011-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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