Day 75 of Seek Him, Volume 1

Hi family!

I’m not sure where you are in your Seek Him, Volume 1 journey, but I wanted to share with you my Day 75 reflection. I took pics of my book, lined up, bookmarked, and all! In case you’re wondering, I’m using one of my earlier edited book versions so the typesetting looks different than yours. Oh and mine has typos and little things that irked me before I changed them in your version LOL.

SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone

Anywho…I hope the Day 75 message resonates with you. When I read it I found that it was perfect timing for what I was going through.

SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone

If you just did a double-take after reading that last sentence, let me help you out.

As I’ve shared previously, when I write I’m just flowing, letting God do what He does best, and I just click clack away on my keyboard. That’s my process with my blogging and that’s what I’m doing with the books I write. I don’t really read what I’m typing. I kinda freestyle and see where it goes. I’m always amazed later on when I read what I typed, because honestly, it isn’t fully me. There’s some bold concepts, phrases, angles, and approaches that I would rarely or never use because I’m usually a little conservative when it comes to taking risk.

Heck when I read my Breaking Bread blog posts I would clutch pearls if I wore them. Taking big and bold steps isn’t my go-to strategy as fear would normally trigger me to go a different direction. That’s why when I read my book and workbook, SEEK HIM: Workbook 1, I find myself challenged and rolling my eyes with shock. See, I don’t write my blog posts and books just for you, I write them for me. My blog is my weekly journey. It’s me struggling and wrestling with God like Jacob. I just decided to bring everyone along with me to witness the showdown and my ultimate surrender. That’s what this SEEK HIM book series is all about. I’m testing myself and asking folks if they too want to take part in the experience. I’m not professing jack, I’m walking through each moment and trying to do it with complete faith.

SEEK HIM, Volume 1: Testing Your Spiritual Comfort Zone

I won’t lie, I’m terrified as to what is waiting for me in SEEK HIM, Volume 2: Going Beyond Your Spiritual Comfort Zone. And then what’s to follow in Volume 3. Because honestly, Volume 1 truly did test me. I wasn’t ready for some of the days. There were days I wanted a softly lobbed ball but I was instead thrown a fastball or curveball. Heck some days I felt a medicine ball was slammed into me. I’ve cried many days while going from the book to workbook. There have been days where I had to tell myself, “Put the book down, wipe your face, and come back later today to finish” and I did exactly that.

Of course, that may not be the case for you.

You may zoom through days that I struggled with. You may be more spiritually fit, secure, and healthier than me. You may trust God more and walk more securely with Him than I do. For you, you may say, “Bring it on sista!”


You may throw the book at the wall, like I wanted to do a few times (and did at least once) and scream, “I can’t do this you crazy woman!”

Either way, it’s all good.

God meets us where we are and lovingly guides us to where we need to be, and some parts of the path are more rigorous than others. Our endurance gets better over time and with consistent effort. I’m confident that by the time I complete SEEK HIM, Volume 3, I won’t be returning to this comfort zone. That’s too much work to backslide. I can’t get to the six-pack abs to return to the keg belly. No way no how. I’m in it to win it. I’m in it to finally be free from these shackles I placed upon myself.

How about you?

If you haven’t purchased my books, you can get them from local or online retailers. You can also find details at my publisher’s site:

I welcome you, wherever you are in your journey. Let’s break bread together as we seek Him!

Love always,


Copyright 2021. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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