Breaking Bread For 6.8.21


Honest scales and balances belong to the lord; all the weights in the bag are of his making.

Psalm 16:11


Sometimes we add more pressure, more responsibility, more drama, more headaches and heartbreaks upon ourselves because we want to control or fix something. Because we allow our flesh to overrule our spirit. The flesh is weak but we keep thinking it’s not. Except for those moments when we freak out because we can’t find a fast and plausible human solution. We then either turn to God and beg for His intervention because we know we were in the wrong. Or we take the fools route and we turn to Him with blame masqueraded as exhaustion, begging Him as though our screw-ups were His doing, or somehow out of our control—because “the devil made me do it”.

We are consumed with our stress, pain, and confusion, and we forget that God is always our Solution. He was our solution before we started interfering in a situation. He was our solution the moment we saw there was a problem. He is our only true solution. Sadly, we keep thinking that we’re the solution-bringers, problem-solvers, drama-tamers. Which is funny because we’re the ones creating the issues, problems, and drama.

What we would experience if only we stopped trying to balance the scale, stopped trying to be the scale, stopped trying to be the weight, stopped thinking that everything and everyone revolves around us. If we truly knew and embraced our truth, the Truth, who we are, what we are, why we are—oh how beautiful and bold our lives would truly be. True life would be experienced in all of its richness. Instead we settle for the confusion and chaos enabled through our arrogant and foolish interference.

What we need to grasp and rely upon is that we are merely vines and branches from the One true Source. If we want peace, balance, clarity, and more positive energy, we must turn to, tap in, and release ourselves fully to God. We must remain connected and stop thinking we can live disconnected. That’s not living, that’s called struggling, and in that struggle we will turn to whatever substitute that we think will satisfy our flesh. It’s like cutting a stem of a flower or plant and trying to repot it in artificial soil, pouring contaminated water over it. The stem will die. Even if it grew a little it can’t grow much. It can’t thrive without its life source.

We need to remain connected to our Source. He is our Life, Truth, and Protector. He places no limits on our growth.

Let the Tree do what only the Tree can do, with precision and accuracy, with proper timing and intense care. He brings the balance because He distributes the weights and counters any interference with Divine Authority. Let go. Surrender to God!


Father, I pray to walk in the Truth, that only through You and by You can I find joy and balance in my life. You control the scales, and You make a way out of no way. If I want peace, it must come from my reliance upon and devotion to You. I want to release my cares to You Lord. I want to be freed from my burdens that I subject myself to, and freed from the weight that I place on my shoulders. I keep trying to do things by myself, by way, defaulting to You only when I deem necessary. Father, You are my necessary every breath that I take each day.

Let me carry what You place on me, what You say is acceptable, and what helps me to carry out my responsibilities as Your ambassador. I want to focus only on that and nothing else. Everything else, I ask that You take away. I release my grip. I will refrain from meddling in matters that are for Your Divine resolution. I thank You for already resolving issues that I’m still struggling to see through. It is my clouded mind that keeps me near-sighted and confused. I release my limited flesh and lean on my spiritual Truth. I know what You are capable of. I know that my forest is merely a single twig from Your perspective. Moving forward, I will walk with this confidence. I praise You for clearing my way and I look forward to these seas parting, valleys lifting, traps collapsing, and mountains flattening.

In Your Name I pray. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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