Breaking Bread For 12.6.21


(If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?) 


1 Timothy 3:5

If you can’t take care of your home, your family, and yourself, then how can you tell other people how to run their lives? How can you manage the church? Nope, this isn’t one of those scenarios where you can fake-it-til-you-make-it. If you don’t have it together then sit down, shut up, learn, and get realigned. Stop playing pretend when souls are in jeopardy.

There’s a huge difference between praying with and for each other, and prophesying to and against others.

Don’t Let the Titles Fool You

A preacher, pastor, bishop, minister, priest, nun, apostle, prophet, or monk is not closer with, more important, and doesn’t have an advantage over you when it comes to God. The same measurements He uses with you He uses with them. The fruits of the Spirit aren’t different for them than they are for you. God didn’t give them different commandments or waive them for these folks with titles. Some of them were called to serve and some of them chose to serve. The same is true of our everyday community leaders. You too may have been called to serve or you chose to.

They are still spiritual beings having human experiences just like you, so guess what? They are still exposed to many of the same temptations as you, and are attacked by the “liar” just like you. When we take on the added responsibility as servant leaders we are held accountable to and by God, and the flock of believers, as well as the nonbelievers. With that added responsibility shouldn’t they also have their personal lives in order just as they expect and preach to you?

Greater Responsibility and Accountability

They cannot ask and expect of you what they don’t accomplish and maintain themselves. They aren’t granted a pass by God because they wear a special-made robe, accessories, and other symbolic clothing. They aren’t granted a pass by God because of a fancy title that leads or follows their name. They aren’t granted a pass because they went to school and earned a degree or certificate, or isolated themselves with others like them. There aren’t passes for memorizing Biblical text and facts.

Satan doesn’t exclude them from tests and temptation. Satan doesn’t see them as untouchable. Actually they are even more vulnerable because we are more prone to egoism, pride, and greed as we become more visible and popular with congregants and members of the community.

Our Realignment

We all must take care of our mind, heart, spirit and soul, our family life, and maintain the level of goodness, joy, fidelity, honor, light, peace, and harmony that God expects. We must do this and keep this in our lives before telling others how to take care of their own lives and family. Stop giving advice you don’t and won’t take. Stop telling people what they should be doing if you don’t do it yourself. Stop claiming to have an insight when your own vision is blurred, blinded, or compromised. Stop being hard-lined about issues that you haven’t even resolved in your own heart and life.

Praying For Hypocrisy

Pray for those people who judge others. Pray for those people who judge addicts, adulterers, homosexuals, pornographers, and adult sex workers yet they also indulge and engage in supporting these acts and professions. They’re being two-faced hypocrites. You want a severe crime bill except for crimes you commit. You want a war on drugs with stiff prison sentences, except for the drugs you take and the sentences you risk serving. That sounds like the influence of Satan at work.

Pray for those people who call the adult sex industry smut, yet they have a collection of pornography in their homes and/or offices, they subscribe to or regularly view porn; or get caught with a prostitute, “escort”, or victim of sex trafficking. They have forgotten that those are God’s children and how you view them, you view Him, and how you treat them is how you treat Him. There’s no separation of the Creator from His creation. Look in their eyes and see Him.

Pray for the people who say homosexuals are “going to hell”, and then they get caught engaging in “relations” with the same sex; they’re closet homosexuals, on the “down low” yet they’re demonizing and trying to criminalize other people for living openly the life that that they choose, not lying and hiding like the self-righteous hypocrite. If homosexuality is a sin then who are you to bring judgment upon others?

Pray for the people who seemingly rebuke adultery, claiming fidelity in their own relationships, yet they later get caught cheating on their spouse. Marriage is sacred to God. We are His bride, first and always. How we engage in our human marriage should reflect our spiritual union with Him. Understandably we are flawed and mess up, that’s why grace and mercy are so beautiful. Remember that when you want to emotionally crucify people for doing the same things you are guilty of.

Pray for people who seek the death penalty, except when it affects them and their loved ones. If you want to place conditions and restrictions, then maybe you should resolve to leaving those life and death decisions to the One who created all of us.

If any of these examples reflect you and your failings, then please pray for yourself.

Because maybe it is better for us to be silent than stand on a soap box declaring one thing, yet living secretly another way. The same people who rant and rave about the “sins of the world”, and then get caught committing these same “sins”, don’t realize the negative impact they cause to their souls, their families, the congregation and communities that support and follow them. How can their families and community trust their own decisions in life, trust their relationship with Jesus and God, if the man or woman that was supposedly called to serve them has been a double-agent for the “liar”?

War For Our Souls

You can’t serve both God and Satan. But many of us are doing exactly that. Whether we know it or not. Our souls are being gambled by our recklessness. We have to choose, love or hate, grace or shame, tolerance or indifference, redemption or crucifixion, freedom or slavery, God or Satan.

If you want to turn people towards Jesus you must be more like him in your daily walk, even when no one is watching or listening. If you want to turn people away from Jesus then make your own rules and watch people’s reaction when you get caught breaking God’s rules.

If you can’t lead righteously then don’t jump to the front of the pack trying to lead the people to the promised land. You’re only leading them to Satan’s drive-thru.

Let us all work to take care of ourselves, our family, and our homes so that if we are ever in a position to give our opinion or advice, we can do so with a clean heart and no skeleltons in our closets. Something to consider in this social media narcissistic era.


Father, thank You for today and for the past, and I humbly give thanks in advance for the tomorrow I hope to see. Father, as Your servant I strive each day to overcome temptation, and to speak and act with love. There are some people who claim to be servants in Your church, yet they serve only themselves.

Father, some of Your children live double lives, demanding of others what they also aren’t willing to do or say. They are misconstruing and misinterpreting Your Word and the messaging of Your ancient servants. They are delusional in their self-importance and it is creating more confusion and chaos.

Father, some of Your children call things abominations, yet they have been caught engaging with and indulging in these same “abominations”. Their hypocrisy goes unchecked by them and their followers. Lord, I pray that You forgive them as You forgive me. Forgive their hypocrisy and forgive mine.

Forgive us for what we do, what we don’t know, and for those things we turn a blind eye towards. Father, forgive us for our sinful ways and for betraying one another. Forgive us for those moments we follow the “liar” instead of walking on the path You have created. Forgive us for not trusting in You. Forgive us for not being merciful, forgiving, and graceful, although we ask these things of You and others.

Father, realign our minds and hearts with Yours. In Jesus’ name I humbly pray to You. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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