Breaking Bread For 12.13.21


May you live to see your grandchildren. May Israel have peace!

Psalms 128:6 NLT


God determines the calendar days we walk this Earth. Live right, seek and share peace, treat others as you would want someone to treat the person you love most, and give God and the life that He has blessed you with, your all. Give what you hope to receive. God willing, you will be blessed with longevity and abundance.

We have war and conflict because no side is willing to give what they hope to receive, or one side kept giving and the other one kept taking, until the givers said “no more”. Either way, there’s no peace. God isn’t in the center of these exchanges. Only He can be the solution. People’s lives are being snatched away leaving children as orphans and grandchildren never knowing their grandparents.

In our personal lives we struggle with internal and external conflict. We seek peace in all of the wrong places. Turn to God. Look at and follow the examples that His Son lived and taught. Don’t let that struggle and strife kill your hope and take your life.

May you live to see and spend quality time with your grandchildren and as many generations beyond, as God permits! And if you don’t have children, may you live to see the generation that follows the youngest generation that you know, and as many generations thereafter.

Today’s prayer is going to be a bold one. It’s a declaration and affirmation. It’s a pivot to realign and stay aligned with God. It’s reaching outward to our Father who has been waiting for us. When you speak the words, mean it, or don’t say it. He knows your heart. God bless you all!


Father, thank You for another day. So much was done, so much I’ve seen, so much I have experienced and it is because of Your will that I am capable of waking each day. I am deeply humbled and appreciative. I don’t want to ever take our relationship for granted. If I do, I apologize, because that is never my intent. What I have with You I can’t have with anyone or anything else, and that means everything to me. If my mind is split and I’m straddling fences, I ask for refocus.

Father, You already know my struggles and the dreams I have. But I know that if I don’t speak with You about these things, then I’m not honoring You and our relationship. You know my heart and You know the things that I want to do to uplift my family, community, and beyond. I’ve become a slave to money, credit scores, creditors, lenders, and time.

You are not the author of this. My decisions have put me in this predicament. Choosing my way instead of Yours. I want to be the steward that You know I can be, the one You called me to be.

Father, I pray for positive abundance in all areas of my life and in the lives of my family and friends. Bless us to be free of the enslavement to things and people, free us from the debt that burdens us, heal us from the ailments that keep us weak and in pain, and provide us with the spiritual, mental, physical, and financial resources to bless and uplift others.

I know Who You are and what You have done and can do. If it is Your will then I know it shall be done, and I stand confident in that knowledge. I come to You as Your humble servant, boldly asking for the type of change that people could only call a miracle. I ask for these changes in the Name of Jesus. Giving You all of the glory. Amen.


Copyright 2011-2021. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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