Breaking Bread For 1.6.22


“Many a man proclaims his loyalty, but a faithful man who can find?”

Proverbs 20:6 TLV


To require loyalty and faithfulness in others requires the same in return. God has and is faithful and loyal to us even though we teeter totter from being faithful and doubtful on a consistent basis. If we aren’t faithful and loyal to Him then how can we be these things to others? And how can we expect these things in return? It’s a good thing for us that we don’t get from God what we give Him, and that He’s not waiting on us to give before He gives to us. If so, we would have a “whole lot” of nothing. Praise Him for giving us what we don’t deserve and can’t earn.

Our human relationships often mirror our relationship with God—in the ways we neglect Him, ration our time with Him, choose substitutes over Him, prioritize other things and people over Him, come to Him only when we need something, and don’t give Him proper and adequate credit for His blessings. Then in our relationships with humans we’re doing the same things and the same things are being done to us, and we wonder why there’s so much chaos and confusion.

We haven’t been nurturing and attentive to our first and most important relationship.

Although He shows us grace and mercy, the world does not. He is energy and all that He created and creates is energy. We take what He pours into us but we don’t glorify Him by paying it forward to others, allowing our cup to be emptied for His refilling. We take, ration, hoard, and expect our cup to always remain full because we’re operating from a state of lack. We’re saying we don’t trust God to keep us full so we turn to our own ways. There’s our lack of faith and loyalty.

Being that it’s all energy, we must realize that what we invest or withdraw impacts those energy channels, circuits, and portals and how they interact with other channels, circuits, and portals.

We can’t ask from man (and expect to receive) what we don’t give to God. Let us give freely of ourselves (in all ways and at all times) to our Heavenly Father so that we might build with Him the healthiest relationship, receiving the blessings of the fullness of love, peace, and joy. Then we can be aligned with loyal and faithful friends and family, to whom we are loyal and faithful.


Father, I pray for internal peace, discernment, clarity, and for the strength to endure and outlast life’s challenges and the enemy’s attacks.

I pray that through my increased faithfulness I will find myself surrounded by the faithful. I surrender the handling and alignment of the unfaithful. Whether they remain active in my life or I walk away, I will depend on Your directive. Let all things be Your will not mine. I’m not sure if You will want me to pour more, less, or an even flow into them. I will wait for Your direction when that time comes.

You are my Father, Your son is my shepherd and I loyally will follow as Your sheep. Humbly I submit myself to You. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2022. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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