Something to Consider…

I opened my Bible app and saw Hebrews 12:14 and I was about to move on and move forward with my Bible study lesson, but I felt this tug inside to pause; to focus intently on those words, the meanings, applicability, and consider the implications. So I began to reflect and then decided to share….

I intentionally made the background in the picture more difficult to see clearly. Did you notice that you had to adjust your eyes more?

That’s how I envision our interactions and relationships with each other, when God isn’t the clear center of our lives and He doesn’t have a prominent presence in our daily decision-making.

So, if people have to strain to see and focus on Him, inside of you, then they’re less likely to do it if you aren’t being loving, considerate, and sharing the fruits of the Spirit. And guess what? The same is true in reverse. If you don’t see Him in them then all you will see are the things you don’t like, which you will pick at and judge.

And in both of those examples, there is a struggle with connections to and with God.

People shouldn’t have to strain and adjust their eyes to see God in you. When you’re living your life and speaking God’s power to it, in partnership with Him—that’s holiness. Your commitment to Him, your marriage with Him, that unbreakable bond that you share with God, that is the holiness that you’re to possess and embrace with honor and dignity.

That is the energy and presence that disturbs and rocks the enemy at its core.

But with its absence or faded presence, the enemy attacks with a vengeance. When you leave openings in your life that resemble Swiss cheese, you create opportunities for the enemy to come in and cause havoc and chaos. Those holes can only be filled with and by God. The enemy knows this, so when he sees those holes he knows that you haven’t been committing yourself to the Father.

The enemy knows that you are vulnerable to attack and so he attacks. Sometimes attacking multiple holes at the same time; trying desperately to break you and to convince you to compromise, reject your relationship with God, reject who and what you are. The enemy can’t make you do or say anything. It’s always your choice. Daily you choose to walk with God or the enemy. Daily you choose to speak the words of power (God) or defeat (Satan).

How we live and the power of the words we speak each day, reflect our degree of holiness, and the health of our relationship with God.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this verse and my reflection? Share in the comments section below.



Copyright 2022. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.

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