Yay… Time to Celebrate!

Hi Breaking Bread Family!

I have a two announcements to share but I’m going to start with this one today, and save the other one for tomorrow. Ah the suspense!

As I shared last month, I presented the audio version of this blog through SoundCloud, and although it is a great source, a few days ago I reached the conclusion that it just wasn’t the right source for what I’m trying to do with and through this blog. So, join me in welcoming AudioMack to the Breaking Bread family, and celebrating this blessing!

If you saw today’s Breaking Bread message then you saw the AudioMack audio player embedded in the blog post, allowing you to remain here and not be redirected elsewhere, or feel as though you need to sign up to a source to listen in. I hope to remain with AudioMack for as long as they keep offering the great features and resources that they currently provide, or unless God redirects me. Either way, we will embrace those blessings. Yesterday, I uploaded all of our audio messages to AudioMack, which you can easily access through this link, if you choose. I’m just grateful for having access to resources to share God’s love and light with all of you each week.

Make today an awesome day and be a blessing to others!



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