Breaking Bread For 4.21.22

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Therefore encourage one another with these words.

1 Thessalonians 4:18


Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy wrote to the Thessalonian community and the verse/line above is in reference to the belief that when Jesus returned everyone would be reunited in Christ. This message was to reassure the Thessalonians to remain steadfast in their faith and to not be discouraged by the confusion, conflict, and chaos surrounding them. There was fear that as more people died and Jesus had still not returned, would those who had already died be able to experience Jesus’ second coming. That of course would stir up fear about their own deaths and the possible timing with Jesus’s return. This letter was also focused on calming their hearts and minds about the death of their loved ones, and possibly the thought of their own deaths. The Jewish people referred to the deceased as those who are “asleep”. There was hope that one day they would be awakened by the Messiah’s voice.

Since Thessaloniki (also known as Thessalonica) was in Greece, Paul et al, were also in a constant struggle with countering Greek beliefs and practices, as well as the influences of other cultures. It was and still is Greece’s second-largest city so just like other large and high-traffic cities, there tends to be more opportunities for traps and drama to fall into.

When reading this letter you can’t help but feel as though it inspired, encouraged, and recharged a lot of the Thessalonians. It was written to help them keep focused on God and on living the life that God desired for them. We can learn a lot from this letter.

When friends and family are having a rough day encourage them with the Word of our Heavenly Father. Turn to the parables, proverbs, psalms, and examples written in the Bible by some of His faithful followers. It is a tool that has the power to help in any situation. There’s always a story that a person can relate to. Then remember to grab that same Bible when you experience set backs, fearful moments, stressful times, and ignorant people.


Father, You planted the seeds, You gave us the ideas, You provided us with the tools and I thank You. When life gets dark and dreary, when times get so tough they seem too hard to bear, the answer to all of our issues are within You, and outlined within Your Word. Father, I don’t know why we search for answers elsewhere, why it is so difficult for us to rely upon Your guidance and wisdom; but I thank You for Your patience as we take the long route to eventually get where You pointed us initially. I love You and I praise You today and each day. Amen.

Love you all,


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