Breaking Bread For 5.3.22

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If I say, ‘I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile,’

Job 9:27


Job had hit some pretty rough patches, and there were some nail-biting moments where you can’t help but say, “Whew, I’m glad I’m not Job…” or “I don’t think I could’ve survived that.” In Job 9, we read his counterargument to Bildad the Shuhite, one of his three friends, who was trying to speak some sense into Job (in Job 8), and although Bildad said that God restores the righteous, Job was arguing in chapter 9 that no one is righteous before God. He outlined all of the ways he could think he was right, and God would slam him for being wrong. Job thought God was punishing him. How many of us fall into that trapped mindset?

In line 27 he gave the example that even if he told God that he would forget the complaint he had about how awful his life was, and made the choice to smile and be cheerful, he would still be miserable and in pain because God wouldn’t find him innocent (line 28).

Job was in one of those deep levels of the shame stage that most of us fall into and many of us are succumbed by. We blame ourselves, others, even God. We tell ourselves all the ways we are worthless and all of the reasons why God is punishing us. All while not hearing His voice speaking Truth to our lies. God wants us to be responsible and accountable, not shamed. When we choose shame, we blot out God’s Truths and all that He has said to us and promised us, and we substitute in destructive words and thoughts that shrink and minimize us. We don’t even realize we are reciting the words being spoken to us by the enemy. There’s a spirit that is actively feeding you that nonsense, and in your overwhelmed and weakened state your discernment is miscalibrated.

Your horrific circumstances may be facts but they aren’t your truth. That’s what Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar were desperately trying to help Job see and embrace. Job was too consumed by the flesh and what was happening to him in the natural.

I’ve been reading over some old reflections from a decade ago. It’s awkward because it doesn’t feel that long ago, yet it does. I think of the things I was worried over and complaining about, and naturally I compared them to my present, and I won’t lie—some guilt creeped in. The things I struggled with then are nothing in comparison to the rollercoaster ride that I’m dealing with now, and I’m being reminded that through it all there have only been two constants: God and change.

I’m also reminded of the family members and friends who prayed for me, even when they didn’t fully know what I was going through. They just loved me enough to pray. I noticed that when you pray for others and you’re open to God’s reality your problems, issues, and pain seem to be more bearable. You’re not focused on you and listening to that voice that points out every teeny tiny thing that isn’t ideal, perfect, and right in your life. When you’re focused on someone or something else, you put that voice in time out.

I don’t know about you, but something else that I experience is when I listen to uplifting music, the sun seems to shine brighter outside, the light on the trees seem to glisten more on the leaves, I begin to notice things that I overlooked, and I can’t help but to smile. I’m not looking for the flaws, I’m not anticipating bad weather, I’m not expecting the “other shoe to drop”. No, as one song pours into another, I fill with hope, gladness, and gratitude.

As we walk through valleys, struggle to climb up mountainsides, get knocked down and work to get back up, instead of grimacing in complaint and focusing on what sucks, let’s smile in anticipation of standing in victory, and declare it as so. No matter how big or small your problem—God is your problem solver. He’s already handled it, He’s just waiting on you to catch up slow poke!

Wow, now isn’t that something to smile about? 

Enjoy this beautiful day, take in all of your blessings, breathe in all of God’s greatness, and smile. This is your experience. Live it intentionally!


Father-Mother God, there are days when it gets tough, and my shoulders feel as though they can’t carry much more of the weight. There are days when I feel alone, lost, too uncomfortable to rest, and too tired to think straight. Today, I may walk into all sorts of unknowns, but one thing I will change is my perception that I’m in this alone—for I know, and You have proven countless times that You are always with me.

So today, I forget my reasons for complaining; I will ignore those feelings that build up inside when I’m under attack by others; I will put aside those things I cannot change—and instead of frowning, complaining, and crying as though I’m defeated, I will smile and rejoice in gladness, for I am blessed by You, Father. I know that no matter what I go through and no matter what someone says about me, it’s all right and all good—because You are my strength, shield, shelter, and nurturer. Thank You, Father, for a brand new day and a new outlook. I love You. Amen.

Love you all,


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