Breaking Bread For 6.17.22

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and do not give the devil a foothold.

Ephesians 4:27


The devil is a liar.

The moment you acquire something and begin to use it without taking care of it properly, it loses value—whether it be an object, person, animal, or idea.

We desire what we don’t have, or think we don’t have enough of, and that desire can leave us exposed, weakened, and vulnerable. This means our minds are easy to manipulate, as we’re swayed in one direction or the other.

The devil would soon have you looking around for something “better” and not all the time with the goal of replacing it, but rather keeping it around like a trophy you dust off from time to time. We struggle with the temptation for more, more, more. More money, attention, sex, intimacy, knowledge, power, influence—whatever we think will fill the void we convince ourselves it’s needed.

Operating from the mindset of lack is a foothold for the devil. We create that platform when we believe that God won’t fill the gaps in our life. When we think He won’t do it all or on our timetable, we start obsessing over the lack and that lays the groundwork for temptation. The devil’s crew uses this intel.

Our pride, ego, shame, and guilt, are all traps that make us easily tempted. You can’t be tempted by things that serve no value and purpose to you. I can’t be tempted by liver and onions, for instance, but a bowl of pasta just might get my attention. Those are easy examples. But isn’t that how it starts? The little things. The so-called innocent slip-ups. The more we compromise in one area of our life we begin to compromise in other areas. The devil’s in no rush. He’s been waiting for the longest to grab ahold of you, so he will wait and strike when the time is right.

Don’t let your lack of belief in God lead to the temptation that will ruin your life. Don’t let your temptation ruin someone else’s life. Don’t let it steer you farther away from God. Don’t let the liar convince you that you can do and have all you desire without God. Make the decision to stop the madness. Pray to God for the clarity to discern bad seeds from good ones, temptation from His way, and wrong from right. Pray for the strength and courage to face the Truth, that our void is due to not being fully aligned with Him. We keep looking for substitutes for Him. We keep trying to fill that void with things and people who will never measure up to our Heavenly Father. We keep putting flesh over Spirit and that void grows larger by the moment. We keep trying to humanize every element of our existence.

Remember, when we’re so busy looking into the yard next to us, we fail to take care of our own! What looks and feels good in the temporary may bring us the most pain in the long term. The job or person you hate today may later prove to be Heaven-sent when you get to fully explore the realization of what else is out there. Just as the job or person you’re blindly chasing could very well drag you to the depths of internal hell.


The devil is a liar. Father, You have said it and proved it. The liar tempts us to go against You. It tempts us to stray from Your path, to disrespect Your Holy Name, to disrupt our lives, to lose a great thing for a few quick moments of ecstasy. It tempts us to change our righteous ways, to seek self-gratification and self-interests without concern for what You want and ask of us. Given the chance, its influence will ruin a marriage, a relationship, a family, a friendship, and a business—through our choice, we serve as its puppets.

Father, show me how to not give it power. Show me how to not give in to the emotional games it plays; how not to give in to depressing and oppressive thoughts and feelings. Father, I want to be fully aligned with You. Please show me how to follow Your Light, without wavering— even when the liar tells me that I’m too weak, not ready, not capable, too young, too old, or too inexperienced to handle what You are offering. Strengthen me Father. I thank You for the strength. I thank You for the discernment, wisdom, and joy to overcome the liar and the temptation and depravity it represents. I seek You always. In Your Holy Name I pray. Amen.

Love you always,


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